PlusONE Initiative – Design for Humanity

Excerpt: This is a great initative to repurpose non recyclable materials using creative design intent for those in need…

This is a great initative to repurpose non recyclable materials using creative design intent for those in need…

Today 'Flex Banners' have replaced traditional static mass advertising options. Flex Banners are easy and cheap to print on have great strength, good color retention properties, and are also waterproof. But the base material PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) is impossible to completely recycle. Burning of PVC releases cancer causing gases into the environment leading to severe health hazards.

The idea to repurpose these non recyclable materials came from Amit Inamdar the founder of this start up! He did something worthwhile with these banners.

Knowing this, the task of finding a second life for this material started. The first step towards solidifying the idea was to understand and identify capabilities of this material. Next was to apply creative thinking and strategy to design utility products which are not only environmentally friendly and appealing, but also serve a social cause by catering to those most in need.

Since the flex material is very durable and available in varied colors, the obvious target audience was children. It is understood that their most prized possession is: books. This proved to be a great starting point by designing bags for school going children from low income families.

Further, to involve the socially aware youth in this cause, trendy and stylish utility bags were designed which would enlist their support for this movement. Also, the funds generated by the sale of these bags would help push and accelerate this initiative further.

This year, PlusONE took the next step to help specially-abled individuals to come into the main stream by involving them in our project. PlusONE is training specially-abled individuals to manufacture their products. By selling these products, PlusONE is not only helping them to become financial independent but also socially acceptable

Today PlusONE has more than 40 products on its portfolio, has up-cycled more than 80,000 Kg of discarded flex banner, and along with helping more than 5000 kids in need is generating employment for abled and specially-abled individuals in need

The PlusONE Initiative is giving a new lease on life for a discarded material, while making a colorful impact on society and the planet for a better tomorrow.

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Dr Sameer Joshi

Environment and Plastic Image Committee