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Fabcoat- WH

Fabcoat-WH from Sarex is a water based white coating agent which gives high covering property and opacity on various fabrics. It gives fluffy touch on the fabric. New effect and style can be obtained when mixed with other water based agents.

Unique Features of Fabcoat-WH:

  • Easy to coat
  • Forms tack free film
  • Good covering property - Anti UV coating

Application process of Fabcoat-WH

  • Pre-impregnation with fluorocarbon is recommended before coating
  • Fabcoat-WH can be applied by Knife on Air
  • Coating is to be dried at 100-120oC
  • Curing should be done at 140oC for 3 min.
  • For achieving high % Add-on, Fabcoat-WH should be coated in 2 pass
  • Cross linker should be added when mixed with other agents.
  • Soft type bottom coating agent should be done prior to application of Fabcoat-WH for soft feel.

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Clariant to unveil two new non-staining dyes

Clariant, leader in specialty chemicals, unveiled an intense red and a sunshine yellow non-staining Sanolin Lave Liquid dye at SEPAWA 2018 to support the trend for emotive colours and fragrance/colour matching in fabric softeners and acidic cleaners. SEPAWA 2018 was held in Berlin during October.The two dyes are stable in acidic formulations.

Sanolin Lave Red A Liquid and Sanolin Lave Yellow S Liquid polymeric colourants are specifically stable in acidic formulations such as liquid softeners and cleaners for bathroom surfaces, fixtures and toilet applications. With industry reports projecting global growth in fabric softeners and in household cleaner markets over the next five years, Clariant's new dyes offer a fresh option for brands to differentiate their products, respond to consumer preferences, and drive growth.

Courtesy: Clariant

The attractive red and sunny yellow dyes are the latest additions to Clariant's ever-evolving range of brilliant Sanolin Lave Liquid colourants. The dyes are highly-valued for their high tinting strength, outstanding transparency and luminosity, and easy rinseability from skin, fabrics and surfaces. All colourants in the range are suitable for the formulation of ecolabel-certifiable, for example EU Ecolabel or Nordic Swan, cleaners and softeners.

Angela Lachmann, global key account and marketing manager Consumer Care, Business Unit Pigments at Clariant comments: "To attract today's consumers, home care brands are focused on turning laundry and cleaning chores into convenient, enjoyable experiences. As part of this, they are appealing to the senses. Colour is recognised for its emotional associations and the matching fragrance completes the sensual impression given to the product formulations. A citrus yellow scent/colour combination builds on the impression of freshness, while the link between red and power can visualise the bacteria-killing properties of the formulation. The new additions to our portfolio help formulators of fabric softeners and acidic cleaners to easily achieve such connotations.”

Colour solutions from Archroma at Premiere Vision

Archroma displayed various colour and effect solutions at Premiere Vision Paris, the global expo for fashion professionals. The company is a global leader in colour and specialty chemicals with approximately 3000 employees in over 35 countries, headquartered in Switzerland.

The company aims to provide a cleaner and more sustainable industry through innovative chemical and industrial processes. Archroma presented its innovative colour palette for the textile industry, the 'Color Atlas by Archroma', which contains more than 4,300 colours on cotton poplin, and an online version compatible with mobile tools at the expo, according to a press release.

Courtesy: Archroma

The company recently announced a partnership with Carlin, the world's first trend office founded in 1947. The agreement aims to promote the use of Archroma's exclusive colour inspiration tools for fashion designers and stylists in France. Carlin and Archroma will be neighbours at the show, allowing visitors to benefit from immediate access to the expertise of both companies.

Archroma also presented a colour inspiration booklet created with Annflor Sangan, a member of the French consultation for the Première Vision exhibition. The booklet presents Autumn-Winter 2019-2020 trends inspired by a visit in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, the former resort of the popes in Avignon, where Provence wines of exception are produced.

Under the terms of its collaboration with Archroma, Carlin will use the 'Color Atlas by Archroma' colour references in the Carlin's 16 publications per year, including the InMouv trend books. Carlin will also use the Color Atlas during its colour workshops, and Carlin and Archroma will organise regular conferences and events for fashion brands in Paris and other major French cities.

Carlin has announced an event in collaboration with Archroma themed 'Color Thinking' that will take place during Premiere Vision. Color Atlas by Archroma provides tools aimed at opening new creative horizons for designers, stylists, and brands. It includes the six-volume physical reference of 4,320 colour swatches and cotton poplin; a compact edition in a two-volume set for easy portability; and a mobile-friendly online version with 'on-the-go' features to capture an inspiring image.

Kingpins show: Garmon Chemicals shows OVD direct dyes

Garmon Chemicals presented OVD dyes collection at the Kingpins Show, which was held on October 24 and 25, 2018, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The new range of direct dyes delivers shades of style and brings garment dyeing processes to the next level. Showcased for the first time at the expo, the range includes 22 direct dyes with extraordinary colour effects.

The new proposal makes the most of Garmon unique know-how on garment finishing to broaden the perspective while offering a complete range of solutions. The result is a product range of superior quality aimed at satisfying requests from the most demanding buyers, according to Garmon.

Courtesy: Garmon

The new collection offers a selection of dyes with excellent dischargeability, to achieve perfect results without aesthetic compromises. OVD dyes are used in cationised dyeing processes on garment, where surface deposition of the colour on fabric is required. They deliver amazing vintage looks characterised by high contrasts on abraded areas.

Moreover, OVD dyes are pillars of conventional direct dyeing processes, where capability to directly dye the fibre is tested, providing a deep and even distribution of the colour. This new proposal combines a perfect aesthetic output with enormous advantages in terms of sustainability. When comparing conventional direct dyeing with reactive dyes (the most adopted on the market), direct dyeing with OVD dyes allows for significant process improvements like only five process steps instead of eight (on average), minimum number of auxiliaries, lower quantity and higher performance of both dyes and auxiliaries, and much easier corrections for final shades.

Garmon also displayed new features from the Stretch Care collection as well. Launched in April 2018, the line dedicated to the world of finishing on denim stretch is enhanced with new developments. They have been brought in by The Italian Job, Garmon creative lab, ensuring the inimitable Italian touch matched with a striving attention to detail.

In this way, two products that until now were in a pre-launch phase enter their final stage: Elam Sense and Fortres Flex. Elam Sense is the softener for high-quality finishes on super and hyper stretch fabrics, completely aminoethyl-ethanolamine (AEEA) free. Fortres Flex is an outstanding dispersing agent that performs at its best even at low temperature. Thanks to the selection of innovative raw materials, the product proves very effective for the protection of fabrics elastomer.

Sam Vegetable Colours launches Herbal Dyed fabrics

Sam Vegetable Colours Pvt Ltd, which has a unit in Moradabad city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, has recently launched Herbal Dyed fabrics. These fabrics are 100 per cent cotton dyed with GOTS certified natural dyes. The fabric is weaved on handloom and available in plain, checks, stripes and jacquard weaves. It is available in 80gsm to 350 gsm.

The Herbal Dyed fabric is made from two kinds of materials—cotton and linen. The company uses high quality herbal dye to colour its fabrics in order to make them allergy-free, skin-friendly, highly-absorbent, etc.

The fabric is perfect for summers because of its qualitative properties such as smooth texture, seamless finishing, alluring colours, etc.

“Till now we have been manufacturing and exporting natural dyes, but now we have recently started 100 per cent cotton fabric dyed with natural dyes and this fabric is weaved on handloom,” Sam Vegetable director Rachit Jain told Fibre2Fashion.

“Our new Herbal Dyed fabrics are available from 32" to 120". There is a very good market for such kind of fabrics, especially for shirting and home furnishing in the US, Europe and Australian markets,” Jain added.

Nanollose makes test garment using Nullarbor fibre

Nanollose has made a test garment using its Nullarbor fibre, marking the first time clothing has been created using its tree-free rayon fibre. This is in contrast to the clothing made from traditional rayon fibre that is produced through environment challenging wood pulp processing. The garment was created using the latest 3D sweater-knit technology.

The development marks validation of commercial fibre-to-garment technology. The fibre performed extremely well and successfully withstood the industrial manufacturing process.

Courtesy: Nanollose

This milestone is a significant step in Nanollose's journey from converting its Nullarbor fibre into a piece of clothing, validating that the company's technology could offer a commercially viable, eco-friendly manufacturing solution for the clothing industry which is seeking alternatives to rayon and cotton fibres. Throughout all steps the fibre, fabric and garment were produced using standard industrial equipment currently used by textile and clothing manufacturers

Nanollose managing director Alfie Germano said; "This garment represents another world first achievement for the company and takes us a step closer to offering global clothing and textile manufactures with a sustainable fibre alternative. The textile and fashion industry are very sensory and tactile, to them seeing and touching is believing, so having the ability to produce garments will assist in securing commercial and development agreements. We now plan on refining our fibre-to-garment manufacturing process by implementing critical learnings uncovered during the process, with work already underway to create a showcase garment for clothing and textile groups.

Nanollose has been recognised as a next generation solution provider by Canopy, a global leader in forest conservation. Canopy works to protect the world's forests, species and climate by collaborating with business leaders, scientists and decision-makers to help create sustainable supply chains and foster innovative solutions to environmental challenges.

Canopy works with over 750 of the forest industry's largest customers, from book publishers and printers to leading clothing brands and fashion designers, to help shape their purchasing practices and create permanent solutions for the world's threatened forests.

Neeman's, the first Indian start-up to introduce Merino Wool Shoe

Neeman's, an innovative Indian Start-up based in Hyderabad, Telangana is introducing India's first range of men's shoes made with natural Merino Wool fiber that are conceptualized in America, designed in London, and made with the finest merino wool from Australia to give perfect comfort throughout the year across all seasons. The eco-conscious company is introducing men's shoes collection comprising of lightweight joggers, classic sneakers, and elegant loafers.

Neeman's is breaking the myth that wool is only a product of winters because it is bulky, heavy and itchy on the skin, by using a form of natural merino wool sourced from Australia which is superfine, lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable. The Merino Wool fabric used by Neeman's is developed in collaboration with Woolmark, the global authority of Australian wool. The timelessly elegant shoes are odor-resistant and sock-free, which keeps the skin cool and dry even in extreme temperatures.

Neeman's have reinvented designs using a more classic and simplistic approach that is good to go from work to play, day to night, casual to occasion as well. The company works with the best design companies, manufacturing units, and spinning mills to create its ultra-soft Merino Wool fabric used in its exclusive shoes. These high-quality, natural fiber shoes will be available at a very wallet-friendly price of 8000 INR on their online platform.

Mr. Taran Chhabra, Founder, Neeman's says, “Neemans is here to create shoes that look good, feel good and are good for the planet. We wanted to move away from the norm of using synthetic fibers in shoes to natural sources to preserve the environment and bring truly comfortable shoes in India.”

“The journey with Neemans has been very thrilling for me so far. The question we were pondering with is if we look for better, nutritional and organic food, why don't we look for similar qualities in our shoes. This led us to the path of natural sources and Merino Wool is the one we selected because of all its amazing benefits,” adds Mr. Amar Preet, Co-founder/Director (Operations), Neeman's.

Neeman's ( envisages taking undervalued 'Comfort' for wearers to the epitome of shoe industry following nature's path of environmental sustainability using natural fibers, recycled and renewable materials. With the launch of its revolutionary shoes, Neeman's hopes to build a culture of sustainability and keep improving the product manufacturing by choosing better natural fibers. It also will be looking to add shoes made of other natural fibers to its collection. Neeman's is India's first shoe brand to use a natural, renewable and sustainable fiber in its shoes-Merino Wool.

Two Devan Technologies selected by Performance Days jury

As the tradition goes, twice a year the functional fabric fair Performance Days selects the most innovative fabrics, accessories and finishes for their Performance Forum. This year, two functional finishes from textile innovator Devan Chemicals (Moov&Cool & R-Vital) were chosen. R-Vital was awarded with the '100% Jury Like' stamp, meaning all the members of the Jury selected the sample, a recognition only granted to a handful of the 1400 applications.

R-Vital – '100% Jury Like'

R-Vital is a range of microencapsulated active ingredients that boost textiles with anti-oxidative effects. The microcapsules, attached to the fibre, deliver antioxidants to the body upon friction. The '100% Jury Like' sample is treated with a well-chosen blend of Ubiquinol (Q10), Sea kelp and Thyme oil, which enhances recovery after sports performances. As R-Vital is also suitable for other market segments, such as bedding textiles, Devan enables its customers to compose their own blend, allowing them to create truly unique products and hence properties.

Marleen Van der Auwera, BU Manager Health & Wellness is happy to see that R-Vital is getting some more attention. “When the technology was first launched about a year ago, we noticed people had some difficulties understanding the concept because it was so revolutionary to them”, she says. “But this recognition really indicates more and more people are seeing its potential.”

Moov & Cool

Moov & Cool is a patented polymer technology, providing a cool comfort feel through a combination of durable heat absorption capacity and a unique, balanced moisture transfer system. By lowering the body core temperature, the finishing treatment helps professional athletes to take their performance to the next level. Furthermore, the technology is also designed to enhance comfort during physical activities of recreational athletes.

Moov & Cool was first launched at Performance Days in April and will be presented in full detail at the upcoming edition, which will take place on November 28th & 29th in Munich, Germany.

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