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Excerpt: Let me dwell on the famous quote of Vince Lombardi: "Quitters never win and winners never quit."

Our Columnist will now address important issues occasionally in this 'on and off' addendum to "TELLING" Tales for Towering success. In this issue he addresses the pink slip problem currently faced by paint personnel and offers the advice of continuous learning, competence upgrading and upskilling

Are you a quitter or a ‘stander?’

Employer or employee – one thing that is in focus is the attrition rate, employers talking of employees deserting and employees talking of termination notices – Robin Sharma, the management guru and motivational expert seem to have the answer with his exhortation “Everything that scares you is an opportunity to know your best self better”.

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The business world of today is kaleidoscopic in that various hues are visible, opportunities and challenges, disruptions and innovations, creations and destructions, new arrivals and extinction of well entrenched practices and beliefs. Jobs are lost and job seekers are on the increase. Skill set required is different from what it had been. “What do I do? Quit or persist? If so for how long?” - If you are on the horns of dilemma, you need to choose between two things, both of which are unpleasant or difficult? Is there yet another option. One can take the left horn; one can take the right horn but there is yet another way and that way is go between the horns. Let's explore.

Let me dwell on the famous quote of Vince Lombardi: "Quitters never win and winners never quit." Connotation of QUITTING encompasses not just the employment scenario but activity or pursuit of any objective. Today's context requires quitting and learning--learning while earning, so as to acquire skill sets of different kind in tune with the changing world – consumers are different, their needs are different, their aspiration levels are different – if winning is your objective, skills need to match the context of different environment.

Loosing job – you have lost nothing!. Loosing conviction and confidence – everything is lost!!

In an age of transformation, knowing “how to” is everything. What is to be done when one is faced with job loss scenario?

  • Let people whom you love know the situation. Let them know why you are taking this break
  • Eat healthy food, find adequate rest and sleep
  • Go to gym, swimming pool for a swim and walking trails for an hour of walk. Walking for an hour releases endorphins that brighten your mood.
  • Avoid getting into emotional junk

This break is to reflect your competence, understand your pluses and minuses, opportunity to work on your weaknesses. In short, this is a period of reinventing yourself.

  • Say to yourself and others as well that you are planning this break from your job so as to look at opportunities in an environment that is not encumbered with obstacles and difficulties.
  • Getting into deep breathing exercise and breath watching techniques that would quieten the mind; new ideas would emerge creating ambience of tranquillity. We are very, very small, but we are profoundly capable of very, very big things--Stephen Hawking

Great thoughts speak only to the thoughtful mind, but great actions speak to all mankind.--Theodore Roosevelt

Know what's happening around you.

Workforce transformations are no longer an aspect of distant future. It's here and now. Machines will rule workplace by the year 2025. More than 54% of India's employees need reskilling by 2022, says WEF- World Economic Forum. In 2018 humans performed an average of 71% of total task hours across industries spanning manufacturing, high tech and services. By 2025, this will drop to just 48%, according to WEF. WEF identifies re skilling and up skilling of employees as an urgent imperative.

From What I see in Singapore, they are upfront and preparing employers and employees alike to embrace technology, encouraging governmental help and assistance to ensure that they emerge as a Country of competence in fields of technology and skill. Tremendous awareness is getting created even among labour and lowly placed jobs with Labour Chief urging workers to deepen skills to reap benefits of fast-changing world. “ If we can deepen the skill of our workers, if employers can embrace technologies, our productivity levels can go up” – Labour Chief NG Chee Meng in his recent address to 1500 participants at the NTUC Future Leaders Summit in Singapore. One can't but be impressed with the proactive emphasis of labour asking employees to provide technology and upgrading skills of employees. Prepare for the future happenings and demands. We need to look and adopt technology and up skill our ability to meet future needs. Be it employer and employee – this is imperative of emerging scenario.

From “e” to “E” - is it possible to transform from an employee into an Entrepreneur? Why not? Paint industry has seen any number of employees turning into successful entrepreneurs? The happenings of the day provides excellent ambience for such transformation. The 21st century definition of a techno person is a person who leverages technology to his advantage to achieve faster, better and smarter execution capabilities so as to be wanted any where and everywhere in the world.

Are you a “Quitter” or are you a “Stander”? Find for yourself. Either way, decide to embrace technology to conquer all that is there to conquer. The World of opportunities beckons you to explore!

“Let's put belief before behaviour. Belief is the foundation of confidence, without confidence, we have uncertainty and fear” let me bid adieu with these words of Robin Seiger.

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D. Hariharaputhran