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Packaging 360: Establishing a credible knowledge driven community

We have spoken in our past pieces about the need to establish a comprehensive knowledge based forum and a focussed community of packaging professions, and the resultant emergence of packaging 360 (P360) as a forum for the same.

We had promised that P360 would offer its expertise and services to the industry using the print media, online forums, trainings, webinars, seminars and consultancy as delivery mechanisms. In the few months since we have launched we have already begun a fair roll-out of many of these in the form of publication (which will soon be carved out as a separate entity), the website in its initial form (which will now begin undergoing continuous upgradation) already has the desired and committed spread across segments with a mix of technology and features, a few companies have already acknowledged our gravitas and engaged with us in terms of consultancy, and in what has probably been our largest specific success to date, we have conducted 2 successful industry conclaves at Bangalore and Mumbai in the last 3 months. Both of these attracted the relevant brands from the food and FMCG segments and witnessed content of the highest quality from leading companies.

We will now build upon this success and work with a greater sense of purpose and speed in realising our goals. The above elements initiated will now be refined and scaled up. We are also looking at convening a forum on Industrial Packaging, and also a curated Theme Pavilion on Packaging Innovations in Cosmetics and Home Care at the industry-leading HPCI exhibition in Mumbai in mi-March 2019. We look forward to the active participation of the industry and stakeholders in this, and other similar initiatives.

Amidst these successes and vision, these is also a deep sense of sorrow towards the untimely demise of our Mentor and Industry Veteran, Prabhuda Dasgupta, who left us for the heavenly abode a few days ago. His knowledge smiling demeanour and inclination to always help anyone who came to him for assistance for advice defined as magnanimous personality. While we are left shocked and anguished at his untimely demise, we are also determined to dedicate all our activities and vision of Packaging 360 to him and his memories. The best tribute we could pay to him is to work hard and help shore up the packaging industry that was so dear to him.

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Dilip Raghavan

Editor, Publisher

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