15th ISSPA Biennial Hyderabad Conference : GST council considering proposals to help MSME Sector

Excerpt: The 15th ISSPA Biennial conference, the traditional meeting point for all MSME paint manufacturers was held on 27-29 December 2018 at Hotel Marriott, Hyderabad with an attendance of over 900+.

The 15th ISSPA Biennial conference, the traditional meeting point for all MSME paint manufacturers was held on 27-29 December 2018 at Hotel Marriott, Hyderabad with an attendance of over 900+. The event had a grand opening with National anthem followed by the lighting of the Knowledge of lamp by all the dignitaries on the stage accompanied by the past ISSPA presidents. Welcoming the delegates to 15th biennial Conference at the luxurious and sylvan surroundings of the Pearl city of India of Hyderabad, the convener Mr H C Satyanarayana, thanked the ISSPA Parivar consisting of the Paint Manufacturers, fellow suppliers and speakers for turning up in such large numbers to reinforce their faith in the largest paint association of the world. On this occasion all the past presidents were specially recognized and welcomed.

ISSPA President, Mr Milan Parekh, spoke about the recent achievement of removing Paints from the sin category to the 18% which was attained due to the sustained lobbying at the highest levels by Team ISSPA across the nation. He ended his speech by offering sagely advice on how one should burn the 'backpacks' which weighs down every one tonight, and become refreshed to start the conference day “with nothing weighing you down”.

The much awaited 3 ISSPA Awards were given off with the reading of the citations. ( See box)

 The chief guest Mr S Kannan, IRS, Commissioner GST, giving kudos to the ISSPA Parivar, said that with this kind of unity displayed by MSME manufacturers, there is no way the MNCs can beat them. Talking about paint, he said: “From the time we are born to our last breath we are looking at paint, which is the last visible thing that is on the product. And that is the greatness of the product that it brings about happiness and enlivens the whole world. Paint brightens the perspective and the colours painted controls our moods. It is in the smaller and niche markets where the details are there. If you can evolve your local colours then evolve it. If you can bring the whole family into this celebrations called painting then you will ring closer to the customer and his family and this can be catered by the nimble MSME paint manufacturers. One thing that GST can do to the manufacturers is to ease the long pending credit situation, which will help get the payments cycles becomes faster.”

He also called upon ISSPA to harness its strength in numbers to collectively invest in R & D efforts and exhorted the members to focus on niche areas and develop select technologies where they can excel. Local painters are the big influencers in selecting paints and members could well focus on wooing them on their side. The other big idea is the providing touchup jobs which could be promised as post painting bonus for areas where they can be damages. Mr S Kannan further revealed that the “GST council is considering a proposal to make payment of GST quarterly for MSME Sector”.

The keynote speaker of the night was Mr KAS Menon, strategic advisor, HNG Float Glass gave a broad perspective of the construction industry and spoke about the wide variety of opportunities that are there for the paint industry along with the challenges that are likely to be faced by the MSME sector. The smallness of the business is in the mind. One should always think of “how to scale up and grow'. He gave an overview of the construction sector and its growth. The enormous size of this sectorparticularly the real estate sector which is growing at a steady pace of 8 percent has thrown up opportunities for the paint sector which will ensure a pie of the business for all the stakeholders, he said. The growth in the tier 1 and teir 2 cities has the potential for all of us to grow, he said. He emphasized specially on the need for offering consistent and quality products backed with efficient and prompt servicing which alone will stand in the long run. He also gave the strategies that they should adopt for meeting these challenges so that they can emerge successful, with special emphasis on quality,

In the end the Co-Convener the indomitable evergreen Mr Mukund Hulyalkar gave the vote of thanks

Technical lectures

The second day started with the inauguration of the Business Lounge by the ISSPA President Milan Parekh, Convener HC Satyanarayana and other dignitaries.

The technical session started with a talk focussing on theme 'Zero Defects-Quality Speaks' by Dr Girish Nagarkar, Drychem Solutions Private Limited. The three zero principle consists of zero defects, zero waste and zero delays. The cost of poor quality is lower customer satisfaction, lost customers, increased cost, lost productivity, lower profits and damaged brand and reputation. He then gave the reasons for not achieving zero defect and how one can come out of it. Later he introduced a 'unique product' Mastermix which he said would accelerate the 'Zero defect' product development journey. This product he said would reduce cycle time, minimise cost of storage inventory and improve consistency of the product. It is used in a wide variety of putties, readymix plasters, primers, mortars, tile adhesives, crack fillers etc, he said.

The next talk was on 'KMML Present and Future' by Mr. Arun B. Kumar, HOD Marketing Kerala Minerals & Metals Limited. He said that KMML is one among the few integrated units in the world which carries out activities from mining of the beach sand to production of the final products like Titanium Tetra Chloride, Titanium dioxide and Titanium Sponge. He revealed that expansion in titanium dioxide capacity will be carried out in two phases -- expansion from current 40000 TPA to 60000 TPA, completion by 2020 Dec and Second phase from 60000 TPA to 100000 TPA by 2022. They are also adding new products & improving existing products like RC 829- New universal grade pigment; RC822 + etc

'RAK White Cement now in India' was the title of the talk by Mr.Mohammed Zayed Al Houti and Mr Jitendra Sharma from Rak White Cement. Explaining on 'Why Rak White Cement', he said that Ras Al Khaimah white cement company boasts of expertise accumulated over three decades in producing the highest quality of white cement globally. Ras Al Khaimah white cement has a higher whiteness than any other white portland cement available in the market and with a global distribution network they supply their products over 25 countries all over the world, he said.

Dr Prashant S Samant, Grasim Industries Limited gave a comprehensive lecture on 'Technological advances in Epoxies'. He started by talking about technologies for 3d flooring, water based epoxies for flooring; how the water-based products are superior and better in terms of cost, quality and eco-friendly was explained with different formulations like water based primer, self levelling mortars, self levelling top coat; comparison of properties was shown vis-à-vis solventless epoxy coatings. He also dwelled upon waterbased metal primers for 'container coatings; which is a requirement today in China market and is growing tremendously. He also touched upon 'high resistant hardeners' & systems for chemical resistant coatings and floorings

The post lunch session started with a talk by Mr Jagdish Acharya, Paints and Coatings Skill Council on the benefits of collaboration between PCSC and ISSPA. He said that as an industry body representing the largest number of members, ISSPA must be in the forefront of Skill Development. Paint industry will be heard only when we make significant contribution to nation building. He spelled out various ways by which ISSPA and its individual members can play a role in skill building and how the government is also providing help in the form of subsidies.

Mr.Jayesh Solanki and Mr Sahoo, Shree Ram Minerals spoke on the topic 'Intelligent Wonders of Kaolin'. Calcined Kaolin, he said, is produced by giving thermal treatment to selected refined kaolin at a controlled temperature which gives crucial effects on morphology of kaolin. Air voids resulting during calcination process improves opacity, gloss, brushabllity and gives better hiding power as well as scrub resistance to the paint film. Calcined Kaolin is better in its performance in protection of steel than hydrous kaolin. Thermally treated kaolin is environmentally friendly pigment, which can impact high anti corrosive behaviour to paint film. High reactive metakaolin (natural pozzolan) - produced from the special grade of processed kaolin calcined at temp. 650 °C to 800 °C to yield mullite or non-reactive mineral free high reactive metakaolin, he said. Shree Ram Minerals is India's leading Kaolin Company since 1977 offers a wide range of China Clay Kaolin Hydrous kaolin powder & Calcined Kaolin; Specially Engineered Kaolin for wall putty water base, decorative & Automotive Paint, he said.

Harish Balasubramaniam from Corob India Pvt Ltd gave an interesting lecture on 'Automated Dispensing & Batching Solutions for Decorative and Industrial Paints. He said that Corob India has developed into the Standard & Mid Level Dispenser's Hub. He then introduced the new machine--Novaflow – Automatic Dispensing in a Batch Accurate Gravimetric Dispensers and explained its working in details. It had a hardware advantage – adaptable suction/return hoses. He also explained about the Intelligent Novaflow Dispensing Software. In the end he discussed about the benefits of automated dispensing.

Ms Deepa Mohair, Raj Specialities Additives Pvt. Ltd. the next speaker talked about 'Make life easy' for the paint manufacturer. She started off by giving an analogy of a housewife who while cooking makes the correct and exact choices of the ingredients and cooks them in the correct manner to get the perfect dish, similarly RSA production processes through automation and digitisation have the correct ingredients with lesser inventories gives the correct products. She also talked about their newer product introduction—Mark DC 1520/1530 a multifunctional additive which will replace seven ingredients that go in the paint formulation, which would remain most of the pain points of paint companies.

Prof Samish Dalal, SP Jain School of Global Management had a interactive session on Quality and its relation to business. He started the session by charging up the audience with simple exercises. He dissected the word Quality

Q=quest. Identify and find the business opportunities, Make an effort to find something radically new away from the routine. Go out and get business. Persons who reach a certain again start stagnating. This is a good time everything is growing fast and faster. We are family business owners delegate and go out and find new opportunities, find new businesses product market, find the gap in the business

U = uniqueness identify that can make you 100 percent different in your industry, your product, your business. Identify the pain point and address it. If you can find it you can survive for the next five years. The younger generation is very fast

A = create attraction of your own business. Attract customers, attract the younger generation in to your business. Family business needs to be

L=have a long term plan, Don't think short-sighted.

I=think something which is more Indigenous. Have pride in being indigenous

T=Time commitment is most important in business

Y= You should become the most important person in business for the customers

The spell bound audience gave a standing ovation in the end

The Ladies program had Mr Deepak Doshi, past president ISSPA as the speaker who stressed on the need to live up for today and not postpone your desires and goals to some other day – 'it is Now or Never'. Mrs Shilpa Raveshia also joined and supported the motive of the talk and also related her own experience wherein she had come from being an non entity to some one now in the business and social scene. The final day of technical presentation started with an almost of full house audience of interested delegates eager for knowledge.

Mr Ravi Mohan Debral, OSCIAL started the third day's innings focusing on the current buzzword Nano materials and technology with special emphasis on 'Graphene tubes for enhancing electrical properties for paints and coatings'. OSCIAL, represented by Vimal Intertrade, are the world's biggest producers of Graphene tubes or SWCNT which were first discovered in 1991. Whereas other additives are used in percentages, Gtubes are used in PPM's and it benefits the formulator as original formulation remains intact and the commercials do not go off the chart, he said. Discussing several application cases of their product Tuball – the single wall carbon nanotubes, he said that they are used for solvent-based acrylic primers, anti-static powder coating, anti-static coil coating, tank lining coating, anti-static acrylic paint, solvent-based epoxy primers, conductive epoxy primer, transparent clear coats, anti-static epoxy/PU floor coatings etc

The next presentation was by Mr. B Ganesh, Chromaflo Technologies on 'Pigment Dispersion- the strength of Chromaflo'. Mr. Ganesh introducing Chromaflo, said that the company creates colorant solutions and technologies that combine the art and science of color to meet customer demands for color, appearance and performance challenges with consistent quality. He talked about the products Colortrend Monicolor A, popularly used in Indian market; Colortrend 872 Inplant; Temacolor T for Integrated Tinting and Innovatint Lab. He also discussed about the classical dilemma of 'to make or buy is the question'. Speaking about Chromaflo India, he said that they have the state of the art manufacturing facility and advanced R&D facility to fully meet the needs of the customer.

Mr. Subash Naik and Uday Kale of Datacolour Solutions were the next speakers who spoke on 'the effective use of control module for paint application'. Giving a technical lecture on the science of color and its relation to the paint industry, he said that in Quality Control for paint, pigment, colorant and allied industries the following are the important aspects commonly evaluated: color difference with appropriate tolerance; strength and metamerism. He then spoke about Datacolor which helps improve the speed to market by reducing the time it takes to create colors, he said. For the paint industry the company provides smart match to meet the global color needs of performance monitoring, application support, hardware services, education/training. He then gave details about the products: New Datacolor 800 and 500 Family of Benchtop Spectrophotometers; Datacolor 200; ColorReaderPRO; SpectraVision etc.

'Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Paints and Coatings Additives' was the subject of the lecture by Mr Shobhit Srivastava, K-Tech(India). He started by giving an overview of world coatings, paints & printing inks. Additives, he said are special chemical substances that are added in small quantities (< 1 % & seldom > 3 %) to coating material to improve, modify certain properties of coating so as to enhance performance at various stages. He discussed in detail about the K-TECH range of coating additives and the problems and solutions provided by K-TECH coating additives. In the end he concluded by saying the right additive system is one that adsorbs well on colourant system, associates well with resin system & disperses well in solvents/diluents while performing well to add value and is available in right quality, right time, right price & right service.

'Products from Natural Resources for Water Based Paints' was the topic of the next speaker Mr Mayur Ved, S.Amit Speciality Chemicals Pvt Ltd. With the world moving towards natural resources, Raseda has combined technology developed using plant based ingredients similar to existing Colloidal Technology and Micellar Technology optimizing process and formulation, he said. The process involves pushing the water insoluble plant based extracts into the hydrophobic core of a micellar matrix with hydrophilic outer ring. The hydrophilic surface readily dissolves in water thus binding the hydrophobic ingredients tightly into the water solution. On demand when the pest or the micro-organism is in the vicinity the actives in the core or released to control them. The micellar matrices used are 100% from the plant extracts characterized in the formulation for optimal loading of the hydrophobic molecules into the core, he said. They are their partners to market these products from Reseda Life Sciences which is a Research & Development innovator dedicated to an organic way of life

Dr. Anil Bansal, GM- Technical, 20 Microns spoke on 'Optimization of Paint Formulations with Speciality Additives'. He gave details about Buff TiO2 – Glowtox; Matting Agent (High Performance Silica)-FMSIL Series; Inorganic Thickeners and Micronised Wax & Wax Emulsion from their stable. Glowtox is a surface treated rutile Titanium Dioxide that is beige in color and offers comparable performance characteristic such as opacity to white titanium dioxide. He provided Guideline Formulation for each of the products. He also gave details about the Hydroxyl gel Series for water borne systems and Riobent series for solvent borne system; innovative inorganic rheology modifiers for paints & coatings.

Mr. B.K.Chinoy & Mr. Naveen Hegde, Expert Vision Labs discussed about the 'Importance of Particle Size & Shape in Paint Performance' in the next presentation. Answering the question - Can one get size and shape together in one instrument, he discussed about the Biovis Particle Size and Shape Analysis System which automatically calculates various measurements simultaneously on thousands of individual particles in very short time duration. It provides a simple user interface and requires minimal operator intervention in performing analysis. This allows the users in labs and manufacturing facilities to save time and improve productivity. The particle size analysis and reporting is performed as per the governing standards. The measurements are accurate and repeatable on multiple analysis of same samples.

Mr S K Vats, Tuyan Industries and Mr. Mukund Hulyalkar, spoke on the topic 'Meaning of Machinery' in terms of physics, thermodynamics, chemistry, arithmetic and last but not the least common sense. Mr Hulayalkar remarked that the word Grinding is wrong, it should be Dispersion. “It is not a rocket science only removal of air from algomerate and entry of binder and solvents; Therefore, foam is enemy of dispersion. Some pigments are sensitive to even Stainless Steel e.g. Violet → Ultra White Stabilisation”. He spoke about Pigment shock; Dispersion Reversion; Role of Grinding Media. Proper Pigment wetting improves gloss and excess pigment wetting creates problem of vehicle separation, he said. Mr Vats gave details about Tuyan Industries and the various different machines they are offering and their features. Mr. Swapnil Kasar (Chief Marketing Manager), Toyal MMP India Private Limited gave the final technical lecture on 'Moving together as one along with customers'. He gave an introduction about Toyal Group - Asia Pacific, their products, Toyal MMP India, Toyal Zhaoqing Co. Ltd., China; Toyo Aluminium K.K., Japan which are mainly in the Paste (Pigment) Business. Toyal MMP India, a joint venture between Toyo Aluminium K.K. Osaka,Japan and MMP Industries Ltd., Nagpur, India started production in January, 2018 with a production capacity of 200Mt/year in the first phase and 3,000Mt/year in the second year for aluminum paste catering to the paints for industrial, decorative, two-wheeler, automotive, etc., he said.

The grand finale of the conference was the closing ceremony which had a full house attendance showing the love and affection of the participants for ISSPA. Convener Satyanarayanaji in his closing speech individually thanked each and every team member who had made the event memorable. President Milanji summarized the conference proceedings and thanked all the participants, speakers, event partners and all other persons who had made the event successful. This was rounded off with the much awaited Lucky draw and grand entertainment program, along with a sumptuous dinner. n

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