23rd AGM of Indian Resin Manufacturers Association

Excerpt: The 23rd A.G.M. of Indian Resin Manufacturers Association(IRMA) was held in Mumbai on the 29th September 2018

The 23rd A.G.M. of Indian Resin Manufacturers Association(IRMA) was held in Mumbai on the 29th September 2018. The meeting started with the national anthem and on the dais were committee member Mr,Bhupendrabhai Sakaria,Vice President, Mr.M.N. Challawala, Hon.Secretary Mr.Hiren Shah, Hon.Treasurer, Mr.S. Mahadevan.

Mr Siddarth Shah President, IRMA started the proceedings with a two minute silence in memory of the late Mr.Ashwinbhai Choksi, Executive Chairman of Asian Paints Ltd., Dada Narkhede father of Dr.M.N. Narkhede of Mack Coating and Mr.Ashok Dalmia of Wada Resins.

Speaking further Mr Siddarth Shah said “During my tenure I have tried my best to maintain in carrying on the trend. Today we feel proud of being the member of IRMA. Our association has not only grown in numbers but also in activities. I still feel that still we have to be more active.

“During the year 2017-2018, in the month of June 2017 we had a seminar on the topic “Emerging Trends in Resin Industry: under the series of “Resins – Today & Tomorrow – X at Fariyas Hotel, Lonavala which was a grand success. 200 delegates attended the Seminar. We had five sessions and had honored two of our Past Presidents, Mr.D.G. Parikh and Mr.Ashok Mehta with Life Time Achievement award. The Convener of the Seminar was Dr.Prashant Samant. During my tenure we have started publishing digital version of Irma e-Newsletter. Mr.Aditya Chandrachud is the Editor. We did get lot of response from our members for appreciation. We at our end are making every effort in sending information related to our industries.

“We had three General Meetings during the year 2017-18. On 10th May 2017 we had lecture by Mr Shailesh Sheth, a well-known figure, Advocate & Expert in Excise duty, Sales Tax, Service Tax & GST who spoke on the topic. “GST New Horizons, New Challenges”. On the same day we had another lecture on the topic “FX Risk Management, Your Insurance against Volatibility” by Mr.Sajal Gupta (Head FX Rates Desk) and Mr.Ankur Jhaveri (Co-Head FX Rates) of Edelweiss. On 20th January 2018 we had a presentation by Mr.Aditya Chandavarkar on the topic “3 Dimension Printing.” We had a Meeting on 8th June 2018 and there was a presentation by Mr.Rajesh Kamath on the topic “Chanakya's Teachings on Self Mastery”. The members appreciated and requested IRMA to have more such interesting lectures.

“During my tenure we had organized One Day Workshop on 'Focusing on Quality & Utility for Better Profitability' at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Matunga, Mumbai on Saturday the 28th April 2018 with an attendance of 40 delegates. The Convenor of the Workshop was Mr.Ashok Goklani-Past President of IRMA and the Co-Convenor was Mr.Aditya Chandrachud, Mg.Committee Member. The entire workshop was designed by Mr Balal Chandrachud including selecting speakers & also he did one presentation. My special thanks to Ballalji and entire workshop team.

“In coming next year I will try to increase membership and activities of IRMA with help of committee members and past presidents. I assure you on behalf of managing committee to try and take IRMA to next level. I am glad to announce that we will be having our Seminar in the year 2019 and details will be sent to you later on.

“There is an area where I would like to mention that there should be a two way communication; members should participate more actively in the activities of our Association and give suggestions for the growth and betterment of IRMA. Members may be in touch with Resin manufacturers who are yet to become a member of IRMA and we should enroll them into IRMA's fold for IRMA to spread its activities in the breadth and length of the country. Member could contribute by giving technical article for IRMA

Later IRMA Hon.Secretary, Mr.Hiren Shah and Hon.Treasurer, Mr.S. Mahadevan conducted successfully the formal part of the AGM proceedings.

Ms Anjali Malviya was the guest speaker of the day and spoke on the topic of 'Decluttering the home and the mind'. She gave a lot of important tips on the importance of decluttering/tidying the home. To conquer our clutter we need to turn letting stuff go into a habit. She also gave some general rules like one should sort by catergory and not by location and the fact of life is that the more thing you own—they own you and thus finally one should collect moments and not things.

The meeting ended with a lucky draw conducted by Mr.Aditya Chandrachud which was followed by cocktails and dinner.

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