ChromaTexChem ... a unique showcase of Colorants and Chemicals for Textiles

Excerpt: It will be India's first ever dedicated forum for textile dyes and chemicals. It will be held at Mumbai on 14-15 November 2019

Our readers might recall our intent to create a standalone real-time exhibition platform for the textiles dyes and chemicals industry. The background to the thought process is that not only are dyes and chemicals a key component of the theme of value-addition in our Processing Industry, but also a core determinant of compliance in our Industry, with many legislations and regulations revolving around their correct usage and basic chemistries. It is in this background, that after a few non-starters and experimentation, we have now arrived at the perfect model, and proudly present before you ChromaTexChem. It will be India's first ever dedicated forum for textile dyes and chemicals. It will be held at Mumbai on 14-15 November 2019. The event is inspired in large part by the only other global show of its kind, the China InterDye, though with additional layers of business interest that will elevate the stature of the event and make it more relevant for all concerned.

The exhibitor profile will be predominantly dyestuffs and textile chemicals, transcending boundaries, and featuring all, right from the large players to the smaller ones, the multi-nationals to the home-grown Indian players, those with a strong domestic focus to those with a strong export orientation, and those with a diverse portfolio to those with niche product offerings. We are also looking at key specialty ingredients, raw material inputs and allied services and products going into this stream as part of the exhibitor portfolio.

The visitor profile is being envisaged, conceptualised and worked upon bearing in mind 4 major business streams. First and foremost, and the most important avenue, is the obvious element of processors and mills, who are the first-line customers of a majority of the exhibitors, and the most important buying community for our industry. There is also a fair amount of cross-buying and cross-selling in our Industry. We have a host of intermediates and raw material inputs whose timely availability at the right price is crucial to the fortunes of our sector. Furthermore, there is also a lot of toll manufacturing and spot buying and selling, where competitors often turn customers and vice-versa. This is the nature of the game, and is a business element we would like to unravel the potential of at our event as our second pillar. The role of the distributor and channel partners cannot be emphasised enough in a large country like India housing a scattered textile industry in multiple nooks and corners. There is a constant search on the part of our chemical companies to align with such distributors, and conversely on the part of the distributors to find suitable companies to represent in a given geography. Harbouring this mutual need, and making it a meeting ground for both communities is the third large component that ChromaTexChem aims to address. The fourth and last pillar could well come the most important one in the near future. The buying houses and brands are the apex influencer and consumer in the industry's B2B circles. While this has always been the case, their direct involvement and influence in the processing context stood rather limited in the past, since the process and the materials were a simple black-box for them, with only the end-result and overall compliance being relevant. However, the recent developments in the industry places a responsibility on brands to be more accountable for the input materials as well as the effluent streams of the entire supply chain that they engage with, and means that they are now more sensitive, alive and demanding to their engagement with the chemical industry.

The event promises to be a landmark one and we urge the entire industry to support the event and be part of it. We will continue to keep the industry posted about it regularly leading up to the event.

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