Functional Textiles and Apparels Global Requirements & opportunities

Excerpt: TAI – Karnataka unit organised a two day International Textile Conference with the theme on “Functional Textile and Apparels; Global Requirements & Opportunities” Bengaluru from January 22-23, 2016.

TAI (Karnataka unit) 13th International Textile Conference

TEXTILE Association of India – Karnataka unit organised a two day International Textile Conference with the theme on “Functional Textile and Apparels; Global Requirements & Opportunities” at NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru from January 22-23, 2016.

   On this occasion Textile Commissioner of the State, Dr. R. Raju inaugurated conference and explained about textile industries development activities in Karnataka. He said Karnataka state government is putting more emphasis on development of industry both in Bengaluru as well as outside Bengaluru areas. As per the state government, lot of opportunities offered for the growth of industry like; good roads, availability of water, electricity and infrastructure even in rural areas is made available. Government has contributed 2500 acres of land through industrial development boards. Even electrical infrastructure of up to 2500 MW is made available. He informed that total investments of Rs. 10000 crores are expected during Global Investor Meet 2016 at Bangalore.

   Mr. Arvind Singh , President of Textile Association of India welcoming the delegates and informed that financial problems of developed countries has affected textile industries in India. He said besides commodity textiles like clothing etc.. other new opportunities are going for the user of textiles like non woven textiles , defence areas, medical textiles, geo textiles etc. He said everyone of us should make use of the opportunity.

Mr. Prem Mallik, President of C.I.T.I spoke on the requirement of developing basic infrastructures for the growth of industry.

Mr. Dinesh himmatsingka , Mr. Anand and others were present during the conference inauguration. This two days conference also had exhibition / tradeshow in the same premises.

About 25 speakers from India and abroad presented papers on all sectors of Technical Textiles and apparels. The group discussion also brought out the needs of the industry and highlighted the steps to be taken for longer sustainability of the sector.

The following are the Technical papers presented at the conference:

Day 1

Session I:

  1. Coating Technologies presented by Mr Alberto costa, Isotex
  2. Hot melt Technologies presented by Mr Jude Britto, Cavitec
  3. Spun lace Technology presented by Jean-Michel UGNON, France

Session II:

  1. Growth Analysis of Air Bags, its types and Industries presented by Mr Ashok Kulkarni-Consultant
  2. Microbicidal Textile material for wound dressing presented by Mr Michael Rodrigues , Mr Vivekananda S.K ,Mr Vasanthkumar S, M//S Sakthi knitting, Tirupur
  3. Futuristic Textiles for Aerospace applications and NBC Scenario presented by Dr TM Kotresh DRDO, Bangalo

Day 2

Session III

  1. Melt Blown Nonwovens ~ Emergence Of A Rising Star :: Functional Technical Textiles presented by Mr. Munish Tyagi Sen. Consultant in Technical Textile Sector
  2. Opportunities in Technical Textiles and Road Map presented by Mr Ravi Shankar. GK's Technical & Management Consultants
  3. Polymers & Textiles In Orthopedic Applications presented by Dr.Karan Kukreja Dr K L Vidur Technical Director, Clinch Silicones Pvt. Ltd. Panoli & Mumbai Orthopedic Surgeon, HOSMAT, Bengaluru

Session IV

  1. Sustainable Processing of Textiles for Functional Finishing presented by Dr.A N Desai and Ms. Shital Palaskar
  2. Journey of Textiles in Aerospace : From Fabrics to Robotics presented by Dr. Sugun, NAL
  3. Unconventional Biofibers from Agricultural Residues, Byproducts and Natural Resources presented by Dr.Narendra Reddy Center for Emerging Technologies, Jain University,

Session V

  1. Sportswear presented by Mr Jude Britto, Cavitec
  2. Energy savings in Humidification plants with VARIFLO ” presented by Mr. B.A.Joseph, President, Canalair, Tirupur
  3. Scenario in BRICS Region and Textile Potential presented by Mr Aravind Sinha, National president, TAI

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