Let us hope and pray for a good monsoon

Excerpt: The month of June was hectic for ISSPA, with all regions of India conducting their Annual Meets

Hello & Greetings to all readers of Paint India,

The month of June was hectic for ISSPA, with all regions of India conducting their Annual Meets, to give an account of the tenure of the past Team, and to anoint the new Teams for the coming two years.

I wish all new teams, the best of luck. I must at this stage take up the opportunity to thank and congratulate the outgoing teams, in whose tenure the GST regime kicked in with 28% slab for Paints; and the hectic parleys and lobbying done by all regional teams with all concerned with the GST council, to lower the slab. In particular, the Maharashtra team deserves particular mention, as we walked the hollowed portals of the Indian Parliament to meet the then Hon. Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitley, and handed him our memorandum. Soon these teams were successful, and the GST slab was reduced to 18%.

The month gone by was hectic, not only on the domestic front, but what with the trade wars going on between nations, and sanctions being imposed on, to put our national crude basket in jeopardy. Still the commodities and raw materials were on an even keel and we all sailed through.

I am not an economist, and as such cannot comment on the upcoming budget, which the Hon. Finance Minister Mrs. Sitharaman, would be presenting, except for the fact that I expect her team to give us a budget which is hopeful of the future, give us MSME's due recognition, and give more boost to Govt. spending.

As I have been harping for the last few months from all the forums that I happen to attend, I once again exhort the entire small-scale Paint Manufacturing fraternity to take advantage of the PM Aawas Yojana, the other mega projects being undertaken by the Government to push your products.

There shall be overall stability, inspite of the figures being quoted, about the poor performance of the manufacturing sector, especially the automotive sector in the days to come.

Also, I pray to God, for a good monsoon; as, if and when the agricultural sector thrives, we all thrive.

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Indian Small Scale Paint Association

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