Spray painter's skill analysis

Excerpt: In today's scenario skill analysis of a spray painter is a focus area of all paint shops to improve output of painting line.

Spray painter’s skill analysis

Mr. Kishore Jera Sr. Manager Technical Services, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. Pune


In today's scenario skill analysis of a spray painter is a focus area of all paint shops to improve output of painting line. All OEM's are working to achieve higher and higher efficiency levels to become competitive in market. Skill analysis is a tool to keep the production line in line with benchmark in the field in all respects. Broadly there are two methods followed by OEM lines to get this done. Traditional way is to judge the skill of a spray painter by no of defects produced by him. More innovatively recently some OEM have

Skill Analysis – Why ?

IN today's scenario of our country where skill development and skill analysis are being considered on top most priority by Government of India this topic becomes very vital and apt in accordance to Government's agenda.

Skill development in India will give an extra mile in the fast growth of economy. India is aiming to become one of the leaders in global economy. This is possible if all Indians working citizens (about 63%) acquire a high level of skill in their respective profession. Today only 3 % of labor force has got formal skill training. This is very low as compared to Germany UK Japan or Korea . Here percentage of labor who have acquired a skill training from professional bodies are higher than 50%. This is really a concern for countries economical growth rate. Today 48% of employers are not able get employable candidates in spite of availability of plenty of graduates. We are the youngest nation having 50 % of population in the 25 years age group. However due to lack of vocational training during education makes them good in theory but deficient in skill and actual working practices. Considering this background we in paint Industry profession needs to resolve ourselves to do our best to improve spray painter's skill level & skill improvement.

Percentage of Work force receiving Skill Training

As far as painting area is concerned the skill of a spray painter is a crucial which controls or eliminates the defect generated during painting. Defects requires extra time & cost on rectification of same before sending the painted part to next operation i.e. either assembly shop or dispatch to next operations. Each paint shop is making continuous efforts to improve its FSO% “First Shot Ok %” i.e. efficiency of painting lines. FSO % of any painting line is directly related to the skill of painters working on the line. Skill analysis study of painter's team is beneficial for

a) Improve the production efficiency of the line. b) To keep rework cost in control. c) To adjust team for best teamwork. d) To keep healthy competitive atmosphere on production line. e) Smooth & trouble free running of production line.

Spray painter is basically a person whose primary education is either 8th or 10 th standard pass. He completes 2 years trade course of spray painter from ITI and gets his certificate as a Spray Painter. Broadly there are two types of spray painters 1) Automotive Spray Painter 2) Industrial Spray Painters. We will be discussing about skill analysis of the Automotive Spray Painter.

For skill analysis of a automotive spray painter there are no laid down fixed procedures in the industry. However each OEM is following its own procedure and accordingly painters and rated based on skill. Mainly it was observed that two types of skill analysis procedure are followed by most of the OEMs. 1) Skill rating based on defects developed on components painted. 2) By organizing formal spray painting competition event in company.

Skill rating based on defects produced.

Each production line keeps passing record of units painted. Here all defects on a painted part are recorded. These records are studied for type of defects and reason for same. They painting

related defects are recorded separately with the list of painters who are responsible for generating that defect. Highly skilled painter hardly produces any defect. However skill level decided based on the number of defects generated by a painter.

Spray painting Competition

This is very innovative method for spray painting skill analysis. This gives clear picture of the skill of a spray painter.

In this a company or paint shop organizes a competition among the spray painters. They are required to demonstrate their painting skills in front of expert examiners. All spray painters appearing for competition are given 4 different type of parts for painting as below

1) A part whose outer area to be fully painted 2) A Part whose internal area to be painted 3) A part where repainting is required on a small portion of a pained part 4) Plastic part.

Each part has got a significance with respect to certain skill.

Outer area painting – How are his hand movements? whether he is keeping 50% overlap between each sequence. Whether he is keeping proper distance between gun & part? How is his skill for attending good aesthetic looks of a part after painting? Finishing skill, Uniformity in painting, time consumed for painting. Paint consumed for painting etc these are the parameters for the competition.

Internal painting skill as well as masking skill will be observed.

Spot touch up is skill of matching colour with painted part colour. His tinting skill will be observed as well as spot touch up painting skill is very crucial.

Plastic part painting skill will be judged here.

Score are given on the following basis

20% Painted part quality ie. DFT uniformity, Appearance values, Gloss ,DOI, wave scan readings. 20% Internal Painting & Masking skill 20 % Spot touch and part colour matching skill 10 % Plastic painting skill 10% Safety instructions adherence 10% 5S practices adherence 10% Paint consumption

Based on the scores the final conclusion is drawn by examiners for skill level of each painter and area of training needed for each painter. This method gives perfect judgment of skill level of a spray painter.

Spray Painters Skill Improvement techniques

Spray painting can only be improved by practice. Hand muscles movements needs to be made perfect during every pass. Muscle movement must get memorized the hand movements. This is possible by providing them all necessary equipments for dummy painting by water .

Traditional Methods

In this a training area is decided in paint shop. Fresh or on line painters are allowed to do spraying practice on dummy parts. Some spraying guides are also kept here to get perfection in hand movements

Modern techniques for spray painting practices

In today's digital era where every aspect of life is getting digitalized , in same way Spray painting is also getting digitalized, Software based virtual training program is now available in developed countries.

Here there is no actual painting media is required for painters practice. Virtual Paint is a modern computer based program . A painter holds a gun as normal gun, pulls trigger and moves hand on the screen where objects picture is present. He gets a feel of painting by image on the screen and air sound .

He has to move hand as if he is doing actual painting. After completing painting of all part results are displayed on the screen . It gives details of DFT distribution, Transfer efficiency obtained, paint consumed etc all such detail report is made available. Based on the report a painter can improve spraying technique by more practice.

Virtual paint training in progress

There are numerous advantages of this new computer aided training program.

No waste generated, no booth required, no paint required etc and it gives perfect reports of painting done by painter. However this is costly equipment and has a high capital cost.


Painters skill analysis is the key in paint shop efficiency. Regular skill analysis is beneficial and efforts to improve skill will improve overall paint shop operations. Skill can be analysed by defect record or by organizing competitions. Spray painting skill can be improved by practicing on dummy parts or by adopting modern software based programs available these days.

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