VOXCO presence in Surface Protective Coatings & Paint Coatings, Cum Expo 2019

Excerpt: VOXCO is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification for their ability to design and develop solutions/products coupled with a good manufacturing practices/ services.

Reaching targets are a day to day job for a business especially for the sales marketing fraternity. But reaching some magical figures takes its own sweet time and sweaty efforts and it becomes commendable when you do it strictly in line with the organization's vision and adding value to the customers. As VOXCO in the race against time, they have always kept this in mind and attribute that they are known for, the quality and ethics and have followed the stringent quality standards from the beginning.They also have kept in mind that as a company they should be a value adding entity for all the stake holders.

Talking about quality, VOXCO is accredited with ISO 9001:2015 certification for their ability to design and develop solutions/products coupled with a good manufacturing practices/ services. They also have received the ISO 14001: 2015 certification for Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001:2007 certification for Health and Safety Management System. VOXCO is also a privileged holder of Star Export House certificate.

A strong product line is a result of strong R&D capabilities. VOXCO has set up their state of the art R&D facility at Vapi besides the main manufacturing facility of the company. This actually assures the quality to the minutest detail and the R&D facilities have all the sophisticated machinery that is needed in a facility which is intensely put into work. The R&D facility is recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research; Government of India. The lab is being handled by pioneers in the industry and that becomes the backbone of all new and magnificent Pigments coming out of their manufacturing facilities located at Vapi, Sarigam and Dahej which will be functioning in the near future.

As it is known, visibility is a major factor in everything that goes through the process of sale. VOXCO has understood the efforts being put by the organization in bringing out the value added pigments and on the other hand showcase their long term properties.

The Society for Surface Protective Coatings, India (SSPC) has been a great platform for VOXCO for displaying the capabilities and reaching out to the cream of the industry. The company has been a part of SSPC from the year 2016. The SSPC 2019 was also no different in being a crowd puller and bringing in the best of the industry together.

During the SSPC 2019, VOXCO presented a wide range of pigments which included High Performance Inorganic Chrome Pigments, Anticorrosive Pigments, Lead-replacement Pigments and High Performance Organic Pigments. Out of all these, they witnessed a tremendous response for Anti-corrosive Pigments. In recent times, due to the environmental concern lead chrome based pigments are being replaced by similar shades of organic pigments. Though these organic pigments offer different colours, they do not have the essential hiding power and equivalent properties of light and weather fastness. Hence, they are not comparable to the Chrome Pigments. Voxco has launched quality Lead replacement organic pigments with better opacity and exterior durability.

Mr. Ishan Raveshia, Managing Director, VOXCO also delivered a lecture/presentation on Anti-corrosive pigments and High performance pigments during technical session, which was interactive and well appreciated by all the delegates present in the great numbers.

The feedback and the positive response which VOXCO received from its customers during the exhibitions has encouraged it to move further for its next edition also and looks forward to cater the performance pigment requirements to its customers worldwide.