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NOV 2018 stories


Prime Minister announces incentives to MSMEs

On 2nd November 2018, Hon'ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji announced a set of incentives to M ...


Effect of micro crystalline cellulose powder on properties & dyeability of polyester

Polyester consists of long polymer chain of at least 85% of esters and dihydric alcohol and a terept ...


Sequestering agents - sequesterant for hard water

A SEQUESTERING agent is a substance that removes ions from a solution system by forming a complex th ...


Cationic surfactants for fiber and fabric processing

Cationic surfactants are surface-active compounds with at least one hydrophobic alkyl chain and a hy ...


Design of functional colorants

The interaction of light with matter is today fairly well understood and we are in a position to des ...


Remembering my association with legendary Professors Padmabhushan K. Venkataraman and Ian D Rattee

After passing B.Sc (Tech) in Intermediates and Dyes in 1961 from UDCT (now ICT), it was difficult to ...


Processing of Algiknit fibres in textile industries

Biomaterials research group AlgiKnit, is doing its bit for the environment by aiming to create a bio ...


The Textile Toxicity Red Herring

The enhanced focus on textile effluents and waste water treatment under the ambit of ZDHC has alread ...

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