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Our family business was established in pre-independence India in 1935 and today we are an ISO 9001 certified company. We are fourth generation entrepreneurs and among the oldest business families in independent India.

Our great-grandfather, Mr. Premchand R. Sarvaiya entered in the Wax and its associated products’ industry, and, M/s Bandish Enterprises, our flagship company, is the current in the evolutionary continuum of our family business.

As a family, we bring a vast amount of experience to the table, culled through seven decades of being in the market as a profit-making company with a consistent record, along with technological prowess, education and academic credentials in both technology and management.

In that sense, we can easily claim to be the oldest business family in India in the wax industry. Wax is one product that has been part of our lives day in and day out for nearly the past eight decades. We can easily say that there is not a single aspect of this industry and its various players that we have not been associated with at one time or another.

We have a tremendous amount of business experience and know-how in the wax industry. One thing to note is that we have not just been traders in wax, but also have had manufacturing experience since 1960. We were manufacturing wax-related products like beeswax, emulsifying wax, and other industrial waxes on a modest scale; following this in 1969 we had a full-blown plant in Bharuch, Gujarat, for the purpose of extending the line of wax-related products manufactured by us, on a much larger scale. In this manufacturing facility we produced products like petroleum jelly in addition to beeswax, emulsifying wax and other industrial waxes.

Currently, however, our attention is entirely on Exports and Distribution of Wax, since we want to focus solely on our core strengths, that is, marketing and customer service and would like to add that we have sold around 3956 Metric Tons of Paraffin Wax in the year 17-18 and 3627 Metric Tons of Paraffin Wax in the year 2016-17.

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