Privacy Policy

Trademill Technologies Private Limited deliberates the protection of all your personal information as a top-most priority. Our policies in respect to information collection, use and its disclosure gathered from you is subject to the laws.

  • We are only responsible for the personal information that is under our control. While accessing content through Trademill Technologies Private Limited, you will be requested to authenticate details about your name, email address and other details. And you have the freedom to choose your user name and need to disclose or not disclose discretionary information about you.
  • While making a subscription, Trademill Technologies Private Limited will ask you for more information to validate the process and this information will be stored in your account until you pursue our assistance to remove them. Other information may include email address, passwords, subscription details and required personal information.
  • Trademill Technologies Private Limited has the full rights to store information related to your usage of the services and may share these with 3rd parties if needed. • Your user account is protected by a password chosen by you.
  • We will reveal your personal information, only with your consensus and not otherwise, unless required by law.
  • We collect personal information by fair-minded and legal means. And such gathered data and the information serves only limited uses, like fulfilling the demands of Trademill Technologies Private Limited's user profile as set out in the company policy.
  • We protect your personal information by security protections contingent on the compassion of the information gathered. Financial information if shared will be treated with complete security and full concern.
  • All contents of this site, downloadable files, data and images, are Copyright, Trademill Technologies Private Limited - All rights reserved. No portion of this website, files, images, or data may be copied in any of the forms, or by other means, without prior written agreement of Trademill Technologies Private Limited. This Privacy Policy is effective by February 26th, 2017.