Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which chemical companies are currently associated as buyers/sellers on

    In the market section all the companies which are listed with can be viewed.

  2. How can a buyer search for the supplier he is looking for on

    Click on market tab on the home page, and then in the search bar you can search for the supplier's name.

  3. How can a buyer search for a particular product he is looking for to purchase?

    Click on buy tab on the home page, and then in the search bar you can search for the product's name.

  4. How Chemarc will make our existing processes more efficient when we are already using ERP.

    ERP makes internal processes of the business efficient & Chemarc is a digital trade network which automates all beyond the enterprise transactions with your customers, service providers, suppliers etc. By end-to-end automation of all the business activities with other parties efficiency & profitability of the business is improved.

  5. Does Chemarc integrates with all kinds of ERPs at the user end?

    If a user wishes to integrate Chemarc platform to be integrated with their existing ERP system, then it is possible by system integration.

  6. How chemarc can help chemical suppliers to reach out to new buyers?

    Any chemical supplier can list their products on the for free. Supplier must update company profile & product catalogue with as much as details possible. It will help suppliers to be able to be discovered by buyers on google or any other search platforms including Chemarc platform.

  7. How our existing customers can buy our products from

    Your existing customers must join to buy the products from not only you but also from their other suppliers. It will automate their entire buying process & equip them increase their efficiency to a great extent. You can take initiative for informing them about Our team can schedule a demo call with them to help them understand Chemarc platform's value proposition.

  8. Do we require any technology expertise to operate the Chemarc platform? Do we need to hire technical person to use Chemarc platform for buying & selling?

    Not at all. You just need basic computing skills like internet, e-mail, social media. Chemarc is very user friendly & has exceptional user experience.

  9. Can I use Chemarc account on multiple PCs or Laptops?

    Yes absolutely. Chemarc is a web-based platform it can be used from anywhere in the world from any device which has an internet connectivity & internet browser.

  10. Can I schedule a demo appointment for understanding how buying & selling can be done on

    Yes. We will be happy to help you understand how Chemarc can add value to your chemical business. Please e-mail us in

  11. How much it will cost me to implement the Chemarc for my business?

    It's free. The basic functionality of buying & selling products on Chemarc does not have any cost. You can register yourself & your company for free & also setup your company profile, buyer's, or seller's dashboard for free.

  12. How can we train our team members to use Chemarc for marketing, sales & purchase?

    Our tech support team will be happy to train you & your team. Just get in touch with us

  13. If we require any technical assistance how we would get it?

    You can call us on +91 88288 50051 or just write us to

  14. After ordering a product on how can we track the fulfilment of the order?

    All the fulfilment activities from supplier such as arrangement of material, transporter & documents can be tracked by the buyer on Chemarc platform on the buyer's dashboard. Also, the real time location of the shipment also can be tracked.

  15. Who will be able to know which products and what price I am buying the product on

    Only you and your supplier will know about the deal which you are making among eachother.

  16. On Chemarc, is there any option to share TDS, COA and other technical details about the product with buyer or supplier?

    Yes. While uploading the product which you purchase or sell, you can put all the details of the chemical product.

  17. Is there any assurance from Chemarc about timely payments from buyers?

    Chemarc is a platform to conduct the trade. The deal takes place among buyer & seller. Chemarc provide the channel to make the deal happen. Chemarc does not give the assurance about the timely payment from the buyer neither the quality of the product from the supplier.

  18. How supplier can make transporter arrangement while fulfilment of the order?

    While order fulfilment, a supplier will be offered a list of available transporters on supplier dashboard's order fulfilment workflow. Supplier can select a transporter of his choice and communicate the details about the order. All the important documents also can be attached and sent to transporter from there itself.

  19. How a supplier can do the transportation documentation on Chemarc while order fulfilment?

    While order fulfilment, a supplier can upload all the important documents like e-way bill, lorry receipt, COA, MSDS and invoice etc.

  20. How many logins & access authorities can one company have on

    Any employee working for a particular chemical company can have login id as a general user. User who has just registered won't have any access authorities on behalf of the company until an admin gives it to him. Admin has the rights to give access to admin, market, buy or sell to the user registered under that company. Admin user will have the entire authority to manage market, buy & sell for the company on Chemarc. Market user can only have the access to update the company profile. Sell user can have the access to seller's dashboard & has authority to conduct all sales activities. Buy user can have the access to buyer's dashboard and has authority to conduct all purchase activities.