About Us

About Us

Chemarc is an online platform for buying, selling, marketing and knowledge sharing in the chemical industry. We have built a network of chemical companies and service partners on one web platform with seamless access each other and automated end-to-end workflows to conduct business in the most efficient and effective manner.

Buying on Chemarc

Buyers can conduct their procure-to-pay processes with their existing suppliers and new. They can send enquiries, compare prices, negotiate and conclude deals, have complete visibility of the goods movement and make payment, all at one place through their secure and confidential Buying Dashboard on Chemarc.com.

Selling on Chemarc

Sellers can conduct the order-to-cash processes with their existing customers as well as new through their secure and confidential Selling Dashboard on Chemarc.com. They can also attract and interact with their target audiences on their Company Profile on Chemarc.com. Sellers can also use the Customer Development System to acquire customers through a structured process, and take them through the customer lifecycle from Awareness through Consideration, Conversion, Retention and Loyalty to Advocacy.

Marketing on Chemarc

Companies can attract and interact with their target audiences on their content rich and interactive Company Profile on Chemarc.com.

Information and knowledge sharing on Chemarc

Members of the chemical industry can also get rich information about over 1 m chemicals and registered companies in India besides seeking and sharing knowledge and information on the Forum.

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