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ADNOC awarded with ISO certification for energy management system

ADNOC announced it has been awarded the International Organisation for Standardisation Certification (ISO 50001) for its Energy Management System (EnMS). ISO 50001 provides a framework for organisations around the world to use energy more efficiently through the development of an EnMS, which enables companies to use energy mangaemnt.

ADNOC Distributions acting CEO Al Rashdi said: “We are very pleased to have achieved the ISO 50001 certification. It is a mark of assurance that our EnMS has been developed to meet our specific needs and is in line with international best practices and standards. The implementation is a clear demonstration of our continuing commitment to our overall growth strategy, which includes building a more efficient and sustainable business for the future.”

Presenting the certification to ADNOC Distribution, Skinner commented: “I would like to congratulate ADNOC Distribution on achieving this milestone after its exemplary efforts to adhere to the stringent international criteria of energy management, set out by the ISO standards.”

“The ISO 50001 certification testifies that ADNOC Distribution is committed to implementing effective energy management systems across its operation and demonstrates the commitment of its leadership and employees to develop an energy policy that has clear targets for energy use, and an action plan to achieve those targets”.

Certification provides guidelines to meet international standards.

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