Product Update

Excerpt: Here are the latest product news and updates or launches in paints and coatings industry

DSM drives performance of metal coatings by expanding Hybrane resins family

Royal DSM, a global science-based company in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living, has announced the launch of a new Hybrane product. This product, Hybrane CY235, will drive standards in the ACE, General Industrial and Car Refinish metal coating industries by enabling enhanced coatings performance, higher throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Based on DSM's proprietary technology, the new Hybrane CY235 product leverages the high functionality of the Hybrane molecular structure to deliver unprecedented performance standards. Unlike other high solid acrylic resins, which typically require forced drying conditions at 60°C for 30 minutes, Hybrane CY235 only requires a curing temperature of 40°C. In this way, Hybrane CY235 can deliver energy savings of up to 48% compared to standard alternatives.In addition, because of the faster drying possibilities, this resin shortens the spray booth cycle time by 20%. Under typical workshop conditions, for example, car refinishers can paint two extra jobs every day, driving throughput. Crucially, these operational benefits in no way compromise the performance of Hybrane CY235, which delivers excellent hardness, a high-quality appearance with distinctiveness of image, and high reactivity without compromising on pot life.

Dürr designs highly flexible assembly layout for the new Lamborghini Urus

The Urus super SUV from Lamborghini is manufactured under the most modern conditions. The plant at the headquarters of the of the Italian sports car manufacturer in Sant'Agata Bolognese, which was rebuilt in record time, is characterized by highly flexible assembly lines with newly developed AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and especially ergonomic workstations. As the general contractor, Dürr was responsible for the installation of the assembly lines as well as for the integration and optimization of innovative technologies and processes.

With a view to the market launch of the new Urus super SUV, Lamborghini modernized its long-established plant within just 18 months during ongoing production. For this strategically important project for the future of the brand, Lamborghini entrusted Dürr with developing new production lines for complete vehicle assembly. This is based on a forward-looking layout in which each area can be used flexibly. That allows the line configuration to be modified at any time following installation, in other words it remains adaptable to changing requirements.

AGV fleet in various sizes

The conveying system with AGVs, specifically developed by Dürr for the Urus, guarantees a high degree of flexibility. The AGVs move individual components and bodies separately instead of one after another in a linear conveyor system as it has been the case up to now. They also run without rails, are freely programmable like robots, and can be controlled flexibly. This means that future model series can also be manufactured on existing lines, since they can be changed over quickly in order to be appropriate to new market scenarios and varied production requirements.

The Dürr Group has had a direct representation in India since 1997, and Schenck RoTec has since 1986. The Dürr Group currently employs around 590 staff there, offering the entire portfolio including sales and service: Dürr India, based in Chennai, offers painting, application, final assembly and energy efficiency technology products as well as exhaust-air purification systems

Croda launches ECO range of bio-based surfactants

Croda International Plc has announced the official launch and certification of its ECO range of bio-based surfactants, ingredients designed to meet increasing market demand for sustainable, high-performance ingredient options. The new 100 percent bio-based and 100 percent renewable range of non-ionic surfactants is commercially available and is certified to meet the criteria of the USDA BioPreferred program

The new ECO range is the result of a significant investment made by Croda in its Atlas Point manufacturing site in New Castle, Delaware to construct an ethylene oxide plant using naturally derived feedstocks. The first of its type in the United States, the completed plant supports the evolution of Croda's product line, reinventing many of its active emulsifying agents to meet the increasing demand for more sustainable products without sacrificing performance.

Sold under an ECO brand prefix across Croda's market sectors, these ingredients will lead to the creation of both new and re-imagined products, including lubricants and coatings in the automotive industry. The range offers a wide variety of benefits including emulsification, detergency and cleansing, and solubilization, while delivering mild and stable formulations.