We have no control over the situation. But we have a choice about how we view it

Excerpt: Oil prices have dropped from the recent highs and there appears to be a downward trend.

It is important that situations are viewed in the right perspective, particularly in today's context.

Like a kaleidoscope, the perspective changes as per the view. The patterns, shapes and the colors change with each view. The situation in India today follows this kaleidoscopic pattern. Everything is happening, and we continue to forge ahead. The perspective changes as per the view.

The good news is that Ease Of Doing Business has improved. Reaching out has paid and the way the world views us is changing. Significantly, the biggest gain was in construction permits.

Oil prices have dropped from the recent highs and there appears to be a downward trend. The pressure on the beleaguered Rupee has eased a bit. Direct tax collections are picking up, and GST collections for October have been the highest so far.

Inflation is under control at the moment. The growth momentum is strong and consumer demand is expected to pickup, as government spending in rural areas has gone up.

The most significant event in October was the national skills competition 'India Skills 2018' held in Aero city, Delhi, from 2nd October to 5th October.

There were 27 states and in excess of 55 skills. Winners of the competition will represent India at the 45th WorldSkills Competition at Kazan, Russia in 2019. All the competitors came through a grueling competition at the regional level, and made it to the finals.

The plethora of competitors and the, enthusiasm was infectious. MSDE and NSDC deserve kudos for organizing this so meticulously. Over 500 district and state level competitions and 40 + regional competitions have been conducted, to sieve through the best talent to come to the finals of the India skills. Skills on view included, Plumbing, Aircraft maintenance, Auto body repair, Bakery, beauty therapy, bricklaying and of course Painting. Truly an eye opener. A new generation of trained and skillfull people are coming in. The old “Jugad“technology is giving way to a more organized approach. The paint and sector skills council have played a lead role in harnessing the training for painters. We look forward to their performance in the world skills competition to be held in 2019.

This is the month of the festival of lights, Diwali. I wish everybody a very Happy and prosperous Diwali. May there be happiness and prosperity in all our lives.

Best Wishes!

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Abhijit Roy


Indian Paint Association