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SERP, division of IOC to invest Rs3,663 cr in petro pipeline projects

South Eastern Region Pipelines (SERP), a division of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, plans to invest Rs3,663 crore in the Paradip-Hyderabad Pipeline (PHPL) and Dhamra-Haldia-Paradip Pipeline (DHPPL) projects soon, PC Choubey, executive director of SERP, told reporters.

Addressing the media, Choubey said: "The construction of 1,212-km PHPL started this year. The Ministry of Shipping has listed PHPL projects in National Perspective Plan under Sagarmala Programme by the prime Minister."

It is also said that the pipeline will ensure uninterrupted supply of petroleum oils to cater to the growing demand in Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

According to an SERP report, since inception of the firm, the division has made capital investment of Rs 3,127 crore across projects.

Reports also reveal that during FY 2017-18, Paradip-Haldia-Barauni Crude Oil Pipeline (PHBPL) crude line achieved annual throughput of 16.14 MMT against target of 16.68 MMT and Paradip-Raipur-Ranchi Pipeline Project Terminal (PRRPL) product line achieved annual throughput of 3.11 MMT against target of 2.73 MMT.

Speaking of the PHPL project, Choubey said: "The pipeline will originate from Paradip (Odisha) and terminate at Hyderabad, connecting en route existing or new depots at Berhampur, Visakhapatnam (AP), Atchutapuram (AP), and Vijayawada (AP). This dedicated product pipeline shall be laid along with optical fibre cable necessary for the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system." Choubey said the two other pipelines - Dhamra-Haldia-Paradip LNG Pipeline and Paradip-Somnathpur (Balasore)-Haldia Product Pipeline - are already in an advance stage of detailed engineering survey.

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