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Excerpt: The main aim of this center is to bridge the gap between Industry and Education by Industry participation in Education.

Patents filed in the field of textile engineering with the industry association

Centre for Textile Function(CTF) was initiated in the year 2007 as an integral part of the textile industry in Shirpur. The main aim of this center is to bridge the gap between Industry and Education by Industry participation in Education. The Institute adopted the concept “See and learn and work and learn” methodology, which is grooming our students to face the emerging challenges in the Textile Industry.

As CTF is started as an integral part of the Shirpur textile park, it has got entire textile manufacturing infrastructural facility from fiber to finished garment manufacturing. Also CTF has got Advance Workshops and Laboratories at MPSTME Shirpur Campus equipped with latest machines and testing equipment's to train students and make them relevant with the present industrial processes. Bosch Rexroth lab at MPTP campus is equipped with advance training equipment's in Pneumatics, Hydraulic, Mechatronics and electronic automations.

CTF signed memorandum of understanding with industries to develop industry institute interaction and bridge the gap between Industry and education. The aspects of MOU are “To impart basic knowledge to the technical graduates to work in present Technology” “ To develop curriculum and make students relevant to work in different profession Viz , Research and Development / Production /Planning/ Design and Development /Maintenance/Marketing and servicing” To collaborate with Machinery Manufacturers; Supply and Delivery New technology along with Trained manpower.

CTF had conducted various Industrial Training Programs titles as, Entrepreneur's development program on Terry Towel manufacturing. It was attended by more than 20 entrepreneurs from all over India. The entrepreneurs and manufacturers of terry towel from Sholapur, Maharashtra are highly influenced by this program and installed more than 1000 modern terry towel manufacturing looms. One month textile graduate engineer trainee orientation program on automation in man- made fibre production for employees of AYM Syntex Industries Limited Silvasa. Productivity enhancement and supervisory skill development program for industries in Shirpur textile Park. CTF is promoting one month automation training program in spinning, weaving, processing and garmenting for employees of industries.

CTF conducts all practical on industry shop floor as per curriculum. Industry experts were appointed as a mentor to clarify technical doubts provide hands on practices during practical session. The interaction with industry mentors inspire and promote students to do industry oriented project work. The current batch of Textile engineering students filed 3 patents based on their final year projects.

1) Mr. Sahas Bansal, filed patent on 'Glass Fiber Reinforced Poly-Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Composites using Carbon Nano Filler as Bearing Cage Material'.

2) Mr. Harshal Patil, filed patent on 'Automatic rubbing fastness tester with pneumatic actuators for color fastness testing of dyed fabric',

3) Anupama Rajput, 'Low Cost Functional Eco-Friendly Cloth Medical Diaper with Natural Fibres'.

CTF has developed innovative home textile products for electromagnetic shielding effect, this project is sponsored by Mohan Spintex India Limited, Vijaywad. . In the short span of six month CTF faculties succeed to achieve shielding efficiency of 75% in the fabrics tested by BTRA Labs Mumbai. These fabrics and textile products can be used for various health care products in hospitals for doctors, nurses and patients to avoid radiations and harmful effects of electronic gadgets in ICU, MRI and X- Ray etc.

CTF student Mr. Sahas Bansal of B. Text. Textile Technology is nominated for Reiter Award-2017. Total 4 students from all Textile Engineering colleges of India are nominated for this award. He is nominated for this prestigious award for his research work on "Characterization of Glass Fibre Reinforced Poly-Ether Ether Ketone (PEEK) Composites using Carbon Nano Filler as Bearing Cage Material for Textile Machinery". In the year 2018 Ku. Gayatri Patil is also nominated for Reiter Award-2018. Gayatri Patil is nominated for her project work on optimization of ring yarn manufacturing process parameters using statistical tools and techniques.

The uniqueness of CTF program is conduction of all curriculum practical on production floor of the textile industry which gives exposure of present manufacturing technology. Most of the students did their final year projects experiments and trails during one month industrial training, such industry oriented projects given exposure to industrial work practices and skills required to work in industry. The outcome of the industrial projects were published in conferences, national and international journals. More than 35 papers are published in journals and 20 papers were presented in conferences by first batch students in various technical events.

All graduated students were placed in the campus selection by top corporate Textile Industries in India. Dhanesh Weaving Private Limited, Mumbai, Sutlej Textile & Industries Limited, Accenture, Control Union Inspection and Certifications limited Mumbai, Canopus Wet Wipes Pvt Ltd, Banglore, Kusumgar Corporates, Vapi, Anubha Industries, Surat, Siyaram Industries, Mumbai, Shubham Enterprises, Indore, Tex Venture, Mumbai, Prime Urban Development India ltd., Mumbai, Pramukh Textiles Pvt. Ltd., Shirpur, Maral Overseas, Indore, Khosla Profil , Mumbai were selected our students.

Center for Textile Functions invites youth to register for textile courses in center for textile functions for better career opportunities and promising future. CTF also invites textile industries to participate in textile education to develop technical human capital to work in present technology by Supporting and sponsoring project for innovative product development, collaborative research activities, providing in-plant training, arranging workshops etc.

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