Develop a safety culture

Excerpt: There is a disconnect in the impressive GDP growth figures of India and the ground reality in the manufacturing sector.

Greetings from The Indian Paint Association!

   The Indian paint industry has often been associated with the risks of flammability of paints and in some cases also with its raw materials. The risk often manifests itself either during transportation or storage or processing during chemical reactions.

These risks can be substantially reduced or managed by use of good quality engineering and administrative controls. However the impact of sensitivity towards safety in employees often can be the dividing line between a safe and unsafe workplace. In India, three momentous events are celebrated across all organizations to bring forth & develop the commitment of all employees towards a safe work culture.

The National Safety Day is celebrated across the country on 4th March every year. National Safety Day/Week is celebrated to make people aware about safety, including the various health and environmental movements.The enthusiasm of employees can be tapped by engaging in simple and innovative games and competitions vizposters, slogan, story-telling etc.

The Fire Service Week (FSW) is observed in India during April 14 - 20. This is in remembrance of the human lives lost in the devastating fire that erupted on 14th April, 1944 at the Victoria Dock in the Bombay Port and the explosions that followed. The objective is to propagate Fire Safety awareness amongst employees, their families and the general public. Personnel are educated on the basics of fire- fighting like the Fire Triangle and the use of appropriate Extinguishers for different kinds of fire and response protocols incase of any fire emergency situation.

The Road Safety Week (RSW) observance is initiated by the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways between 11 - 17 January every year. The primary reason is due to the excessively high number of road accidents that take place in India every year.It is heartening to note that more and more organizations are actively participating in the RSW celebrations.

The National Safety Council acts as the nodal implementation support agency for all matters on safety and has been helping organizations celebrate and create awareness amongst one and all.

I see the above 3 events as great opportunities for each one of us to develop the safety culture in our organization. Let's work towards in creating an accident-free and environment-friendly business in the interest of all stakeholders.

Jalaj Dani 

President Indian Paint Association

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