DSM broadens product offering for the biofuels industry

Excerpt: Royal DSM is expanding its product offering of low glycerol yeast technology for the biofuels industry

Royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials, is expanding its product offering of low glycerol yeast technology for the biofuels industry with the introduction of eBOOST™ GT and a new enzyme for fiber conversion, eBREAK™ 1000F, at this year’s Fuel Ethanol Workshop.

As the world increasingly seeks alternatives to fossil resources, DSM is committed to delivering new solutions for a more sustainable, bio-based economy including two new innovations for starch and fiber conversion:

eBOOST GT, which has been tested and qualified at commercial scale, enables the robustness and yield benefits of eBOOST in starch fermentations with up to 60% reduction of externally added Glucoamalyse (GA).

eBREAK 1000F tolerates a wide range of challenging conditions to allow high yield hydrolysis for corn fiber conversion and sustainable optimization of plant economics.

DSM scientists at the company’s biotechnology centers in Delft, the Netherlands and Elgin, IL (USA) worked closely with customers to develop the new products and solutions. Both focus on high yield and efficiency in 1G and 1.5G fermentations in order to handle fluctuating market conditions, achieve maximum profits and ethanol yield, and obtain more valuable D3 RINS by effective fiber and biomass conversions.

“These new product launches are proof of our commitment to creating brighter lives for all. We are pleased to now deliver a variety of different solutions that enhance production capabilities,” says Atul Thakrar, President of DSM Bio-based Products and Services. “DSM works hard to be ‘Doing Something Meaningful’ every day to bring higher performance, better efficiency and more reliability to the biofuels industry.”