Formulating - paper inks

Excerpt: PAPER is the best choice for any printer, either it is Flexo or Gravure or Off-Set or Screen or any others

PAPER is the best choice for any printer, either it is Flexo or Gravure or Off-Set or Screen or any others. Although Paper has a lot of negative sides but still it is the best choice for any type of Printers for many reasons. Formulating the Inks on paper is easier than any other substrate (like Polyolefin, Polyester, BOPP, Metalized, Foil……so on). So the total figure of Paper-Substrates used (in volume) is always higher than any other substrates.

Formulating in many-ways

  • On very-low GSM-paper (wrapping or packaging fast-useable products, like bidi, loaf-bread, mini-pack, paper made kites etc).Resin-binder - Controlled acid value of rosin-modified- maleic-fumeric. Colorant - Basic dyes (Cationic). Solvent - Low moleculer weight alcohol (ethanol, isopropanol, n-propanol, n-butanol) Additives - Wax and others. Process - Mixing through high-speed-stirring.

Application (printing)-way is Gravure/Flexo. Nature of ink- simple/only colour visualising.

  • On better GSM-paper ( wrapping for soap, medicine etc.) Resin-binder - Nitro-cellulose, poly-vinyl-butryl, rosin-modified-phenolic Colorant - Good quality pigments/good quality solvent-soluble dyes(metal-complex ). Solvent - Ethyl-acetate, toluene, n-butanol, n-propanol ,isopropanol Additives - Melamine-formaldehyde, silicon-oil Process - If pigments used they need proper dispersion/ if dyes used, mixing through high-speed-stirring is recommended.

Application (printing) method is gravure/flexo. Nature of ink-good heat resistant, has good light fastness

  • On good quality, better GSM-paper( like chromo-paper); (wrapping for various gifts, consumer products etc.) Resin-binder - Polyamide ( co-solvent, is better than alcohol soluble). Colorant - Good quality pigments/ good quality solvent-soluble dyes (metal-complex). Solvent - Toluene, isopropanol, n-butanol…. Additives - Wax, silicon oil. Process - For pigment base needs proper dispersion/if dye base needs, mixing through high-speed-stirring.

Application (printing) way is gravure. Nature of ink- good gloss, good light fastness

  • On different GSM-kraft paper. (wrapping or outer-packing of tv, refrigerator, AC, fruit-box….) Resin-binder - Styrenated acrylic emulsion. Colorant - Good water-stable, light fast pigments. Diluent - Water, isopropanol. Additives - Non-ionic surfactant, dispersing agent, anti-foam; pH-adjuster atc Process - Proper dispersion needed as it is completely water-based ink.

Application (printing)-way is flexo. Nature of ink-water reducible with good light fastness

  • On white board GSM ( 100+) ( for good quality wedding cards, invitation cards, gift-pack, others….) Resin-binder - nitro-cellulose-ketonic/ polyvinyl butryl-ketonic adding some part of rosin modified- maleic-fumeric. Colorant - Good quality of solvent-soluble dyes (metal-complex). [May be used other dyes depending on needs]. Solvent - Ethyl acetate, iso-propanol, ethanol, n-butanol,etc. Additives - Silicon oil or any others. For surface-texture. Process - Mixing through high-speed stirring.

Note- for better finish, texture, some pigmented- under-coat important.

Application (printing way is gravure(anilox). Nature of ink- fantastic texture, colour-effect.

Note:- These are only formulating guidelines only. Not absolute formulations. These can be changed according to applications, cost, needs etc.

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