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Excerpt: The Textile Industry in India is considered to be one of the oldest industries and contributes 5% to GDP of India and 14% to the overall Index of Industrial Production.

The Textile Industry in India is considered to be one of the oldest industries and contributes 5% to GDP of India and 14% to the overall Index of Industrial Production. To improve living condition in the country, the government has formed rules and regulations in a different sector.

The textile industry uses large quantities of water in stages such as pre-treatment, bleaching, dyeing, and printing, which results in huge amounts of dye wastewater. The wastewater is rich in high-colour, toxic chemical and has high BOD and COD concentration.

With everyone's focus on improving the water quality and treating wastewater, one forgets about the by-product of wastewater treatment i.e. Sludge discharge. Sludge disposal is still an issue and the sludge being treated via these mediums still face issues of transportation, health and safety as it may carry pathogens.

An additional step is being taken by a small yet growing fraction of the diaspora in the country to create a circular economy by recycling sludge being generated from these plants for co-processing and co-generation. The processed Sludge can itself be considered as a new emerging market, it can be used in agriculture, cement and energy industry.

With the right process, the liability can be converted from output to input.

Moving away from conventional practices, leading the pack is a global player Naturetech Enviro Protection Ltd by introducing technology like Solar Sludge Drying and Mesh Belt Drying. By bringing these concepts to India, NTPL is helping to re-purpose sludge into useful by-products. The technologies introduced by NTPL provide a viable solution to reduce the volume of sludge to be disposed of off to landfill by drying the sludge up to 90% dry solids.

Solar Sludge Drying technology relies on radiant energy from the sun. This technology is suitable as a complementary solution in areas with high seasonal fluctuations in sludge generation. And it also demands low energy as it's a natural process.

Mesh Belt dryer is gaining popularity across the globe. It is very flexible equipment since it can be custom based on size requirements and capacity. It also has the ability to work with lower and upper grade waste heat.

NTPL also offers IFAS (integrated fixed-film activated sludge) Cleartec technology. IFAS Cleartec is used to enlarge existing domestic WWTP which has a limited area available. Through IFAS, in biological treatment there is an increase in the concentration of microorganism (biomass) and general performance in the process of the treatment plant.

And it has several benefits over traditional methods as mentioned below-

  • The great inner surface area
  • Improve sludge characteristics
  • Capacity Increase
  • Performance Increase
  • Operation stability in the biological process In association with international channel partners, NTPL is truly promoting 'Green Business' by introducing and implementing technologies giving a minimum or zero water pollution and it's by-products. NTPL is currently drying up to 290 Tones per day across 3 of its facilities across India and growing across the spectrum with new applications in Industries and governments.

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