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Yellow ink is a clear solution

THE printer and ink combination, supplied by Linx's distributor Markpro, is enabling Trelleborg Slovenija to print clear, high-quality single line codes onto a range of profiles for a variety of end user markets including construction, car manufacture, electronics and white goods.

Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1039 delivers excellent contrast on both black and white rubber to ensure effective readability of the 2mm–2.5mm high codes. In addition, it provides a fast drying time of within two seconds, ideal for the continuous operation of the extrusion process.The ink offers effective chemical splash and rub resistance and superior lightfastness, making it particularly suitable for products and packs that are exposed to light for extended periods.

The Linx 8900 series printer incorporates a wealth of features that speed up day-to-day operation and maintenance, combined with the renowned Linx reliability that ensures continual performance and minimal downtime. This is important for Trelleborg Slovenija, where the printer is in operation for around 16 hours a day, five or six days each week.

The combination of the Linx 8900 and 1039 ink also has a longer printhead cleaning interval than other printers with soft pigmented inks, leading to even more uptime. Messages are 30 characters long and are printed every 0.5m. The Linx 8900 includes a feature to print codes at equal intervals on extruded products. In addition, the machine offers even greater versatility thanks to its range of special reporting functions, which enable companies to identify ways to improve productivity.

“The Linx 8900 combines reliability and ease of operation,” comments Franci Vehovec, Planner at Trelleborg Slovenija. “We are also pleased with the fast response service we receive from Markpro.

“Linx Yellow pigmented ink 1039 is an excellent choice for our extrusions and achieves greater code clarity than the white ink we had previously used.”

Siegwerk to present range of inks and varnishes

PROVIDERS of printing inks for packaging applications and labels, Siegwerk, will present its range of best-in-class inks and varnishes for non- and food applications at Labelexpo Europe 2019 (stand 6A17, hall 6).

This includes its portfolio of UV, LED UV and solvent-based ink systems featuring special whites suitable for sleeves used for non- and food packaging applications. All these inks and whites are available as standard and low migration systems. Siegwerk will also show its wide range of solutions for demanding high-end packaging including its specialty UV varnishes that can be applied on various laminates and tubes based on various plastic substrates. With Sicura Nutritube Siegwerk offers a new low migration ink series for dry offset printing especially designed for extruded (pre-formed) tubes as well as laminated tubes in web printing.

The company will also showcase its digital printing offering of UV and water-based inkjet ink solutions for narrow web and large width packaging for both packaging and label applications. With Sicura NutriJet UV-Inkjet, Siegwerk already provides a low migration inkjet ink series for food and pharma packaging that works with different inkjet printing head technologies and delivers the same CMYK color positioning as flexo inks. With Sicura Jet low-odor the company also adds the only non-CMR UV-inkjet inks that are designed for printing labels for household, hygiene and industrial packaging to its offering.

Siegwerk will also highlight its latest efforts and developments for optimizing the recyclability of packaging and developing eco-friendly inks to shape a future of sustainable packaging. With SICURA Low NRGY UV/LED UV the company lately launched a new UV/LED UV offset ink system with impressive deinking properties improving the recycling of UV cured prints. With its recently developed water-based ink range UniBio, Siegwerk also offers a bio-based ink system based on renewable resources. With its ink series Sicura Litho NutriEco Siegwerk also markets the world's first low migration UV ink range for cosmetics and food applications.

Domino to present high speed digital UV ink jet printer

DOMINO Digital Printing Solutions will be demonstrating the capabilities of its K600i digital UV ink jet printer at Labelexpo Europe 2019 (stands 9A60 and 9B50, hall 9).

The 445mm wide dual bar, high speed K600i will be integrated with an ABG Omega SRI (slitter, rewinder and inspection unit) and will be printing 100% verified, high resolution, machine readable codes onto die-cut labels.

Printing up to 150m per minute at 600x600dpi including fine detail, the versatile dual bar K600i printer is capable of doubling production speeds while reducing the hourly cost of operation, thereby increasing capacity and improving profitability for label printer converters. The Domino K600i dual bar digital UV ink jet printer is based on the same platform as used in the single bar K600i and the Domino N610i digital colour label press.

The K600i's integration with ABG's Omega SRI unit, one of the fastest slitter rewinders on the market, will allow Domino to demonstrate how high quality variable data such as text, sequential numbers, barcodes and 2D linear codes, including QR codes, can be printed at high speed onto labels with 100% verification, and with virtually no waste.

Michelman to showcase water-based primers and varnishes

MICHELMAN (stand 5D20) has offered to the Labelexpo Europe 2019 attendees a selection of water-based in-line and off-line primers, and overprint varnishes for both HP Indigo and inkjet-based digital printing platforms. Their range of water-based and UV-based brands for digital presses include DigiPrime primers for HP Indigo, JetPrime primers for inkjet, and DigiGuard for OPVs.

Michelman's DigiPrime primers offer digital versatility for a broad array of end-use applications. Many Michelman primers have recently passed ecotoxicity, heavy metals, and fluorine content testing according to ASTM and the European Committee of Standardization for use in compostable packaging.

Also, for HP Indigo digital press owners expanding into markets such as home and personal care, Michelman is featuring DigiGuard 901 for Pack Ready for Labels, a strengthener for HP Indigo validated UV OPVs used with Michelman's in-line primers, which enables enhanced water, chemical, and thermal durability.

JetPrime, Michelman's brand of primers for inkjet, includes JetPrime WB 1100 for pigmented water-based inkjet printing applications. Because Inkjet technology offers the advantage of printing larger formats on a broader range of substrates, this technology, for coated offset substrates, is useful for high-speed commercial printing applications such as folding cartons and corrugated.

Colorware to showcase MeasureColor workflow solution

COLORWARE will showcase its newly improved MeasureColor workflow solution at Labelexpo Europe 2019. As demand for comprehensive and efficient quality control is growing intensively, MeasureColor brings the right tools, and the ease of use, to close the information gap in color communication between printers, pre-media companies and brand owners.

MeasureColor is a device-independent and modular system, offering an end-to-end color workflow solution. Already implemented at multiple sites around the globe, it offers an intuitive user interface that makes color management a lot easier, faster and more accurate.

On display will be MeasureColor's ChromaTrack. This software tells press operators exactly how to navigate the shortest route to match the target color. Also on show will be MeasureColor Reports, allowing printers to build specific print quality reports for individual customers, both as a single report or even a live dashboard.

ARMOR Industrial Inks receives food contact certification from ISEGA

THREE years ago, ARMOR began formulating and producing industrial inks through its ARMOR Industrial Inks division (A2i).

“The guiding development principle of ARMOR Industrial Inks is inextricably linked to the fundamentals of the group: namely formulation expertise, innovation and respect for the environment,” said Hubert de Boisredon, CEO of ARMOR. All the inks are water based, providing them with excellent durability. Digital printing is ideal for small runs (customization, on-demand) at competitive rates, which the classical “analog” technologies are unable to achieve.

The A2i business is breaking new ground as its inks have received food contact certification from ISEGA. The purpose of this certification is to confirm the conformity of a component or finished product for use in food contact situations. It covers all the A2i inks developed for printing on porous surfaces for a limited duration of four hours.

“This food contact certification is fully in keeping with ARMOR's desire to offer products that comply with demands relating to the safety of goods, people and food,” said Miro Vanek, GM of A2i.

It's no accident. Hydrochromic ink color changes when wet

Most parents have done it but probably don't want to talk about it – that quick finger swoop inside a baby's diaper to see if it's wet and needs changing.

Let's be honest …

It's a little gross – and inconvenient – if you don't have a bottle of hand sanitizer around.

The innovators at CTI have introduced another “solutions powered by chemistry” breakthrough to address this problem and improve on present diaper market technology.

The company introduced Hydrochromic Wetness Indicator Ink and has been working with pioneer customers to commercialize the technology.

It's brilliant but straightforward: When dry, the ink appears yellow. When wet, the ink turns blue.

This unique chemistry detects moisture and changes color for substrates that need to be monitored for wetness, such as baby and adult diapers. It's highly sensitive to ambient humidity, so during the printing and converting production process; the Hydrochromic prints must be protected from water, liquid or vapor.

That sound daunting, but in the case of diaper manufacturing, it's not. First, the thin air permeable and semi-transparent plastic layer with the Hydrochromic ink can be reversed printed so that when it's combined with the other diaper layers, it's physically against the moisture absorbent material. This way, it truly takes a lot of wetness to change the color.

Commercially, there's no need for a separate offline process like the application of a wax stripe. CTI's Hydrochromic solvent ink prints like any other ink, so the design possibilities are endless. For instance, a diaper brand could print flowers that change from yellow to blue or a sun that change color so that it's obvious that the diaper needs a change.

CTI is the world's largest producer of thermochromic ink and manufactures other environmentally reactive technology, such as photochromic, pressure activated, fluorescing and glow-in-the-dark. CTI is an innovation company that supports the world's biggest brands and packaging printers.

Further information from: Tel: 719.592.1557 or

Heat sensitive ink -- security and marketing sizzle

NEARLY everyone knows about cold-activated thermochromic ink. Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has been helping Coors Light turn the mountains blue at 46°F – the ideal consumption temperature – for years.

But did you know that heat-activated inks exist, too?

With these, the color turns to clear at the target temperature, whether it's from the heat of your fingers touching a print, or breathing on the print, or a microwaving a syrup bottle or other food package.

Common applications for heat sensitive or activated inks include

  • Document Security -- Touch or rub the printed ink text or design to show that a document is authentic. Great for checks and other official secure documents.
  • Safety Feature – Ensure that consumers know when microwaved or beverages are too hot to handle or taste, or when they're just the right temperature.
  • Hidden Messages or Images – Use a heavy coating of heat-sensitive thermochromic ink to cover up a yearbook cover photo, and watch amazed teens touch or rub to reveal the image again and again.

CTI is the world's largest producer of thermochromic ink and manufactures other environmentally reactive technology, such as photochromic, pressure activated, fluorescing and glow-in-the dark.

Further information from: Tel: 719.592.1557 or

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