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Siegwerk sports new look and to focus on sustainability in India

SIEGWERK India operations is now into its eleventh year with a factory in Bhiwadi, Rajasthan and offices spread across India. The “new Siegwerk” which is younger in outlook is galloping on the road to success. “The results for the Indian operations are healthy and indicate a stable market position”, says Ashish Pradhan, CEO, Siegwerk India. With a growth of 20% per annum, Siegwerk India, employs over 450 people and according to Pradhan is “deemed as one of its best performing entities worldwide”.

Today Siegwerk has grown into one of the three biggest producers of printing inks worldwide. The German headquartered major, boasts of 34 national subsidiaries on all five continents which represents “the company prominently and in a customer-focused way.”

Ever since Pradhan took over the mantle, his focus is on sustainability. The printing ink manufacturer has published its first-ever Sustainability report, based on the international GRI standard.

Pradhan said, “By launching the Sustainability report, we want to provide even greater transparency and enter into an open dialogue with brands owners and our customers.” The main aim is: Responsibility for environment and society. He said, “When formulating its inks, Siegwerk is not only looking for optimum performance based on customers' processes but also to ensure that these inks are safe to use for the packaging applications. As a global leader in providing product safety, Siegwerk supports its customers when protection against regulatory risks or product contamination is required.”

Pradhan added that the company will expand its manufacturing capabilities, in order to provide better products for its Indian customers. This means better systems and procedures.

One area of importance for Siegwerk is its Masterbatch system and blending centres, which Pradhan said provides numerous benefits for customers in India, including higher flexibility and reductions in ink handling and storage, manpower, time and costs.

This provides improved ability to respond quickly to customer demands, simplicity in changing ink series (systems), the ability to produce as needed, the reduction of non-returnable cans and drums, the optimal use of press-return inks, and cost savings through rationalisation. Now, Indian customers can mix their own inks from concentrates supplied by Siegwerk.

Siegwerk's roots go back to the opening of the family-owned calico factory in 1840, which printed on cotton cloth and also produced the required inks. Incidentally, the calico factory, Kattunfabrik Rolffs & Cie, was the first industrial company in Siegburg. At the end of the 19th century, 850 people worked for the calico factory, which had by then gained international recognition – especially after the successful participation in the world exhibition in 1873 in Vienna.

After 180 years, Siegwerk, a sixth-generation family-owned company, is one of the leading international manufacturers of printing inks and individual solutions for packaging, labels, and catalogs. In keeping with the company's philosophy “Ink, Heart & Soul,” Siegwerk seeks long term cooperation with its business partners. Siegwerk employs some 5,000 people worldwide in more than 30 country organisations and is headquartered in Siegburg near Cologne.

Flint Group opens its Global Innovation Centre for its inks business in Malmö, Sweden

FLINT GROUP continues its innovation and leadership position with the opening of its Global Innovation Centre (GIC) in Malmö, Sweden. At the centre of this facility will be Flint's new eight-station Soma printing press equipped with the latest web handling and both water-based and UV printing capabilities.

Kim Melander, VP sales, EMEA and global strategy, paper and board, for Flint Group, said, “We are extremely proud to announce this next achievement for our paper and board packaging inks business. The centre has been specially designed to focus on the development of products that will shape the future of paper and board printing. The investment in our new Soma press is a significant milestone and a clear demonstration that we are fully committed to invest in our industry and support our customers' growth through an innovative development workflow.”

The Soma is available for product benchmarking and customer trials. The press is fully equipped with features, such as Soma ink cartridge system, Falcon II intelligent job setting, and Inkstorm auto wash-up, along with sleeves, aniloxes, and doctor blades manufactured by market leaders in the flexographic printing industry, including Flint's own flexographic products division.

Flint Group's newest innovation centre is a hub of innovation and collaboration, having:

  • The new SOMA Optima 850, 8-colour CI printing press.

  • A 590 square meter space for press demonstrations with a sound proof collaboration room.

  • Development and testing labs with advanced analytic testing and proofing equipment.

  • An 'Academy' room which can hold up to 25 people and an adjacent free-thinking lounge area for mapping future ideas.

  • A new GSE ink dispenser and Flint Group's unique VIVO Colour Solutions toolbox provide the full integrated press room workflow.

  • A staff of experts with more than 300 combined years in the packaging industry and more than 170 years with Flint Group!

According to Paul Winstanley, technical director, paper and board, EMEA, “With the centre, Flint provides a unique customer centric R&D facility focused on developing 'next generation' products for our core global market segments. This truly state of the art facility – with its innovative workflow, analytic tools and new contemporary printing press supported by our international technology team – has created a future template in product innovation and customer support.”

Stuart Duffy, director, professional services for Flint Group packaging and narrow web, added, “In June 2016, Flint Group presented the market with its Global Colour Centre in Poland and its solution-based competencies, Vivo Colour Solutions. The new Global Innovation Centre in Sweden is a second step, and a calculated complement to the GCC in Poland.”

Mr. Melander concludes, “At Flint Group we are Making it happen. In this 'new normal' we are setting new standards for the industry to follow; we are raising the bar on everyday performance. We are creating a new reality for success in package printing. For the benefit of our customers, we listen, we learn, and we lead.”

Sun Chemical to increase prices of inks and coatings

SUN CHEMICAL will increase the price of all inks and coatings containing acrylic derivatives effective May 15, 2017.

Disruption in the production of certain building blocks used in the making of inks and coatings, such as styrene and acrylic acid, will cause price increases of up to 8% in the cost of all water-based and UV/EB inks and coatings depending on the amount of raw material used and geographical region amongst other factors. Other product lines may also be affected depending on the evolution of important raw materials such as nitrocellulose, distillates, solvents and soya oils amongst others.

Sun Chemical's sales representatives will contact each customer individually to explain products affected and ensure that individual needs are met.

“Sun Chemical has been doing its best to minimize these price increases to our customers, but unfortunately the instability in the supply chain makes it impossible to sustain current prices,” said Felipe Mellado, Chief Marketing Officer, Sun Chemical.

New high performance UV flexo inks from Sun Chemical

SUN Chemical will showcase its full portfolio of solutions for the narrow web, tag and label market, including two new high performance UV flexo inks, during Label Summit Latin America 2017 at the Espacio Riesco in Santiago, Chile on May 16-17.

“Our customers want solutions that drive productivity, reduce waste and meet brand owner requirements of shelf standout and colour consistency,” said Fernando Tavara, President, Sun Chemical Latin America. “Drawing from our global resources and expertise, Sun Chemical can provide our customers in this region with solutions that are tailored to fit their individual needs. Whether our customers are looking to create an eye-catching wine label or a regulatory compliant shrink sleeve, we're excited to continue meeting the needs of all our label and narrow web customers here in Latin America.”

Sun Chemical Introduces HP UV Flexo Inks Based on Next Generation Ink Platform

Visitors of Stand #63 will learn about Sun Chemical's two new high performance ink product ranges that will join its SolarFlex family of narrow web, UV flexo inks—SolarFlex Integra and SolarFlex FSP.

An extraordinary leap forward in product performance, the new ranges are the result of two years of intensive development work and a year of optimization through customer validation trials to ensure the ranges provide the robust characteristics required by customers. Unrecognizable from their predecessors because of their advanced technology, SolarFlex Integra and SolarFlex FSP boast unparalleled, consistent flow and viscosity properties across the colour range, superb printability and ink transfer and extremely low foaming characteristics for the most reliable press performance.

The new SolarFlex Integra inks have been designed for label, sleeve and packaging markets that have no requirement for migration-compliant food packaging and replace the SolarFlex Nova SL range. Primarily for surface printing on flexible films and labels where migration-compliant food packaging is required, the new SolarFlex FSP offers a significant upgrade on previous migration-compliant, UV flexo product ranges.

Toyo Ink Group to highlight food safety & waste, sustainability at Interpack 2017

TOYO INK CO. Ltd., Toyochem Co., Ltd. and Toyo Ink Europe, N.V., all member companies of the Toyo Ink Group, in cooperation with their sister subsidiaries (Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals S.A.S, Toyo-Morton, Ltd., Toyo ADL Corp., and Toyo Printing Inks Inc.), will be jointly exhibiting their latest innovations in package printing and converting at interpack 2017. The event will take place May 4 to 10, at the Fairgrounds Düsseldorf in Germany.

Food manufacturers and brand owners are increasingly expected to consider both the environmental and social impact of the production lines and supply chains used to manufacture and deliver their products. The Toyo Ink Group continues to focus on providing Ethical Packaging Solutions and has adopted this as its show theme and the core focus for its product portfolio. At the Toyo Ink Group booth in Hall 18, Stand D15, the companies will demonstrate how their unique printing ink and coating solutions can help manufacturers develop and distribute the ethical products required by today's consumers. Solutions will be highlighted under the three key categories of Food Safety, Food Wastage and Sustainability.

Low-migration ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB)-curable inks feature non-petroleum solvents, leaving food packages free from residual compounds. Closely focused on the development of EB technology, Toyo Ink will spotlight the Elex-one series of EB flexo inks at interpack 2017. Elex-one inks are 100% solid—an industry first—and contain no VOCs or photoinitiators. Elex-one and other liquid ink products will be sold and distributed through Toyo Ink Europe's sales offices.

What is more, interpack attendees are invited to attend a special seminar on new EB technologies for packaging that Toyo Ink will hold together with its development partners, Uteco Group and Energy Sciences Inc. The seminars will be held on May 5 and 8 at the CCD (Congress Center Düsseldorf). For more information, visit

Under the Food Safety banner, the Group will also showcase its total solution approach to metal package production, including its popular can coatings that are free of bisphenol A (BPA) and fully compliant with food contact regulations, and its low-temperature curing or UV-curing varnishes that deliver energy savings.

With one-third of the world's food production currently being discarded, retort pouches offer a way to extend the shelf-life of items and effectively reduce waste. Toyo Ink, a pioneer in retort technology, will feature its TOMOFLEX series of high-performance laminating adhesives for retort. TOMOFLEX, an FDA §177.1390-compliant product, offers superior acid resistance, resulting in excellent stability in lamination strength after retort treatment. In addition, Toyo Ink will showcase its innovative LIOFLEX AQUA LIONA NF series of high-speed flexo inks for retort food packaging. This new series was designed to address the growing demand for EU-regulation compliant, water-based products for the global flexible packaging market.

Toyo Ink Europe Specialty Chemicals offers a wide range of colour and functional masterbatch solutions for plastics. Featured at interpack 2017 will be its Lioplax series of masterbatch that exhibits high UV light shielding properties, helping to protect the quality of content, such as beer or milk, in PET bottles.

As a manufacturer of chemical compounds, the Toyo Ink Group gives a high priority to the creation of new materials that do not require petroleum solvents. One such product that exemplifies this is the LABELMELT series of hot-melt adhesives by Toyo ADL. Comprised of plant-derived raw materials, LABELMELT is suitable for recycling because it is solvent-free. By using this product, CO2 emissions can be reduced by 96% over conventional steam-heated, shrink-sleeve labeling systems.

In the growing area of sustainable packaging solutions, the Toyo Ink Group will demonstrate how its vast expertise and experiences can help brand owners not only cut the use of VOCs, but also reduce waste, conserve energy while addressing regulatory concerns and the print quality demands of their customers.

Flint Group Narrow Web receives 2017 FTA Technical Innovation Award

“WE ARE deeply honored to receive this prestigious award,” says Global Vice President Flint Group Narrow Web, Guillaume Clement. “This is a result of the innovative journey in developing UV LED curing products that we started five years ago.”

“EkoCure ANCORA is the newest innovation in our industry, combining groundbreaking technology of UV LED curing along with low migration food compliant chemistry.“ adds Mike Buystedt, Vice President Narrow Web North America.

Kelly Kolliopoulos, Global Marketing Director Flint Group Narrow Web states, “We believe that low migration ink combined with UV LED flexographic printing technology is a revolution for the flexible food packaging industry. We know from several converters involved in our beta tests that Low Migration, UV LED technologies are a fundamental process to produce short run flexible food packaging cost effectively. The revolution means that printers are able to address brand owners' growing demands for shorter and shorter runs with as quick as 24 hour turnaround. This innovation from Flint Group opens up a new market for narrow web converters, with a very compelling business value proposition.”

Mr. Buystedt and Ms. Kolliopoulos accepted the award on behalf of Flint Group Narrow Web, when the company received the Flexographic Technical Association's Technical Innovation Award in the category of Prepress-Graphics during the gala awards banquet at the FTA's Annual Forum April 30th in Phoneix, Arizona.

The new low migration technology made available in EkoCure ANCORA delivers low migration properties, suitable for the most stringent food label and packaging applications, at very high print speeds, in excess of 150 m/min or 500 fpm. An additional benefit is the ensured cure aspect over the lifetime of LED lamps. Consistency and assuredness of cure, at the highest levels, provides peace of mind to converters and their customers.

Mr. Buystedt elaborates on environmental and business aspects, “UV LED technology offers lower energy consumption with greatly improved productivity. Providing overall energy savings. From a business standpoint, it is a well-documented fact that UV LED curing improves pressroom uptime and offers lower total applied cost in UV flexo printing.”

Flint Group's EkoCure ANCORA is available globally in a full range of colours and a wide array of coatings. Contact your local sales representative if you would like to learn more about this latest innovative technology.

InkTec's SubliNova inks achieve eco passport by Oeko-Tex Association

INKTEC has successfully achieved an ECO-passport certification from the Oeko-Tex Association for its SubliNova HI-LITE dye sublimation inks. The Oeko-Tex Eco Passport is an internationally recognized safety and environmental certification for manufacturers of textiles.

The award of this certification means that SubliNova HI-LITE inks have no harmful effects on human health and the environment and can be used safely in textile production.

“We are very proud to have received this important independent certification for our SubliNova HI-LITE ink.

This is one of our key sublimation ink ranges, which offers a high black and color density ink formula combined with efficiency and low production costs,” said Rick Kim, InkTec's marketing manager.

SubliNova HI-LITE is based on a high black and color density ink formula to be efficient with low production costs and is able to be printed onto any uncoated and coated light-weight transfer papers (50~70gsm) with fast drying time.

Durst Rho Roll 3M premium UV Ink Series wins 2017 top products award

THE Durst Rho 3M Premium UV Ink Series has received the 2017 Top Products award from Wide-Format & Signage magazine. The award is presented to “breakthrough products” that over the past year generated the most excitement in the wide- and grand-format printing industry.

The co-branded Rho 3M Premium UV Ink Series was chosen as the top Ink by a vote of the magazine's readership, which is comprised of members and observers of the commercial printing industry.

“Being able to provide printers with the ability to produce 3M MCS warranted graphics on the Rho 512R and Rho 312R platforms is significant, as these devices are ideal for the type of applications that require the MCSTM warranty,” said Larry D'Amico, director of sales, Durst Image Technology U.S.

“Choosing 3M-branded inks with a premium equipment partner like Durst, assures users of Rho 512R and Rho 312R printers that all of their graphic components have been designed to work together, with the backing of 3M,” said Adam Larson, global portfolio manager for 3M.

By employing these UV inks, Durst users will be able to offer 3M MCS Warranty Certified graphics upon completion of the certification process.

Flint Group demonstrates new technology at the 2017 FTA INFO*FLEX exhibition

FLINT Group will showcase its comprehensive technology for the printing industry at this year's FTA INFO*FLEX show in Phoenix, AZ. With an unmatched product line ranging from nyloflex printing plates and equipment, rotec sleeves and adapters, and printing inks, Flint Group will present its latest technology for the flexographic printing industry with live equipment demonstrations and print samples.

Encompassing “Thermal like you've never seen before,” the nyloflexXpress Thermal Processor will be on the show floor to demonstrate the unprecedented control and more consistent and stable plate production provided by the new equipment. At the heart of the processing system lies the nyloflex Thermal Printing Plates, specifically formulated to perform exceptionally well in the nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor. These plates offer extraordinary detail with highlights that rival the quality of solvent plates. Visitors to the booth may request a free nyloflex Xpress Plate Trial Test Kit.

Also on display at the booth will be Flint Group's patent-pending, state-of-the-art rotec Eco Bridge for use in flexographic printing presses and on plate-mounting equipment. The rotec Eco Bridge is an adapter with a breathable metal ring which creates an air pillow to allow easy and fast mounting of sleeves. This bridge reduces up to 90% of the air volume requirement, up to 30% reduction in noise and significantly improves ease and speed of mounting all sleeves.

With a focus on innovation, print quality and the environment, Flint Group develops the solutions that work together to raise flexo printing to new heights. Visit booth #415 where the flexo experts will be on hand to discuss your particular printing requirements.

Siegwerk launches new ink safety portal and transparency label

SIEGWERK has taken a further step in its global commitment to product safety. The launch of the new Ink Safety Portal and the introduction of a Transparency Label are evidence to this commitment, which is based on proactive transparency and shared responsibility along the packaging value chain, and the manufacture and marketing of safe inks.

Both initiatives, the Ink Safety Portal and the Transparency Label, are in line with Siegwerk's ultimate goal of supporting customers in the manufacture of safe printed products.

Consumers are becoming increasingly critical of health-related aspects and personal well being. This has been fostered by various packaging scandals in the past and present, specifically in terms of food safety. Siegwerk has been aware of the need for safe printing inks for packaging applications from the beginning and has made ink safety one of its guiding principles.

Today, the company has an expert team exclusively dedicated to this. Siegwerk's product safety guidance includes global regulatory initiatives, brand owner requirements and safety and risk assessments targeting raw materials to end use applications. This is not only reflected in the company's portfolio of safe printing inks, but also in the launch of the new Ink Safety Portal and the roll-out of the Transparency Label.

Siegwerk's new Ink Safety Portal is all about knowledge sharing. More specifically, the expert platform offers condensed knowledge on crucial Product Safety and Regulatory (PSR) topics with regard to printing ink ingredients, regulatory affairs, exposure assessments and safety evaluations.

This results in a diverse collection of the key elements relating to the subject of safe printing inks and safe food packaging. Siegwerk is thus bundling its expertise, making it available to customers and interested parties. Sharing knowledge with customers is just one important component of this. Safe and legally compliant quality products form the basis for the trust of our customers – a key element for long term relationships.

In addition to legal requirements, Siegwerk is devoted to full compliance with self-commitments at the association level, including the European Printing Ink Association (EuPIA). While these guidelines have a Europe-wide applicability, Siegwerk goes a step further by applying them globally. Finally, there are specific brand owner's guidelines for printed packaging that Siegwerk needs to adhere to – efforts that are aimed at a highest possible product safety level.

A central element of the portal is to demonstrate how Siegwerk performs safety evaluations for individual ink ingredients - even down to trace levels and specific packaging applications. Various parameters have to be taken into consideration: Intrinsic toxicological properties of the substance, migration behavior, surface/mass (packaging/food) ratio and even food consumption patterns. These types of safety evaluations are especially relevant for substances, which are not in the scope of respective regulations, including NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances).

In order to demonstrate Siegwerk's commitment to product safety, the proprietary Transparency Label was developed. Transparency is applicable for all applications, whether food, “food-alike“ (pharma and personal care) or non-food. This includes continued Siegwerk guidance and support for customers on various levels, from individual advice on specific problems to broader trainings.

The label stands for a commitment to maximum transparency and shared responsibility by Siegwerk. It is based on the manufacture of safe inks according to Good Manufacturing Practices from thoroughly evaluated raw materials.

Next to offering manufacturers of food packaging and labels a complete range of migration-optimized inks and varnishes for all printing processes, Siegwerk supports its customers with training courses on all matters of food safety and regulation. This is to ensure the safety of customers' products.

“With our Transparency Label, we are demonstrating our global responsibility regarding product safety as well as regulatory and brand owner requirements. The label stands for our commitment to uncompromising proactive transparency and shared responsibility enabling our customers to print a safe and compliant product and making sure that we deliver what we promise,” said Herbert Forker, CEO at Siegwerk.

Mimaki sublimation inks SB54/310/410, SB320/420 achieve Eco Passport certification

MIMAKI Engineering Co., Ltd.'s Sb54/310/410 and Sb320/420 sublimation inks have achieved the ECO PASSPORT certification from OEKO-TEX.

ECO PASSPORT is a mechanism by which textile chemical suppliers demonstrate that their products can be used in sustainable textile production. It authenticates the safety of chemicals used during the production of textile dyes, pigments and finishing agents. Certifications cover each stage of raw materials, product and company environment.

The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX product certification has a history of more than 20 years, boasting more than 150,000 recipients in the world. The ECO PASSPORT mechanism was established in 1992 by the OEKO-TEX international association headquartered in Switzerland and was the first certification process to validate the safety of textiles.

OEKO-TEX is the first system proving the safety of textiles in Europe, and Nissenken is the exclusive certification authority in Japan. Safety certification of raw materials for the Mimaki inks was achieved through the Nissenken Quality Evaluation Centre. The certification validates OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 compliance. This authentication is very strict and only applies to products that meet over 300 requirements of relevant harmful substances.

This certification reinforces Mimaki's approach to developing ink, inkjet systems and reducing overall environmental impact. This is especially the case with sublimation printing, as this environmentally conscious print system does not use chemicals such as emulsion and does not require steaming and washing processes after printing, further adding to reduced environmental footprint as compared to other textile printing systems such as screen printing.

“Mimaki continues to pursue high-quality, environmentally-friendly manufacturing and strives to reduce environmental impact,” said Ronald van den Broek, GM sales at Mimaki Europe. “We are gratified by the recognition of our efforts embodied in this important certification.”

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