IRMA seminar on sustainability in resin industry

Excerpt: The Indian Resin Manufacturers Association(IRMA) held its annual Seminar on Resins - Today & Tomorrow – XI with the theme “Sustainability in Resin Industry” on 6th June 2019

The Indian Resin Manufacturers Association(IRMA) held its annual Seminar on Resins - Today & Tomorrow – XI with the theme “Sustainability in Resin Industry” on 6th June 2019 at Hotel Fariyas, Lonavala. Attended by over 200 delegates, the inaugural function started with the lighting of the traditional lamp of knowledge by the dignitaries

Welcoming the delegates the Convener Dr. Prashant Samant from Aditya Birla Group said that the theme of the seminar was apt ' Sustainability in Resin Industry' was selected keeping in mind the interest of manufacturers , suppliers of Raw materials , user Industries & above all the society at large. Resin industry is more sustainable as most of its raw materials are plant based. The number of delegates attending the seminar IRMA has surpassed all the milestones achieved in the past and this success is due to the energetic seminar committee who worked towards this success, he remarked

Mr. Siddharth Shah, President's IRMA spoke about the history of IRMA, and said that it started as a small association under the leadership of it's founder President Mr. Amar Vakil, has grown over a period of time in to an all India body having it's Chapters at South & East zones. On behalf of the IRMA managing committee and organising committee he thanked all the delegates for such an overwhelming response to this seminar. This tremendous support is really very encouraging to us, he said.

The guest of honour Dr. Ramki Subramanian, Reliance Ind. Ltd. in his speech said that the rate of change has significantly accelerated in the last few decades and the move towards sustainability is growing stronger. The cradle to grave approach has given way to the cradle to cradle approach with circularity gaining importance, he said. He also spoke about the challenges of the biofeedstocks and urged the delegates to look at it more holistically.

Dr. Ajit Ranade, Chief Economist, Aditya Birla Group, the chief guest said that the challenges of sustainability should not be taken lightly as things can change drastically. He gave several anectodal examples to illustrate his point. To maintain 8 %GDP is not difficult as 6% growth rate is given due to the inbuilt structural strengths of the economy.

This was followed the traditional Life Time Achievement Awards function in which two veterans Mr. Vicky Kapur and Mr. Ballal Chandrachud were honoured with plaques shawl and good round of applause.

Mr. Sanjay Randive gave the vote of thanks for the inaugural session

The first Session was on ' User Expectations' and was ably chaired by Prof. P. A. Mahanwar, ICT. Mr. Rajesh Kubal, Asian Paints Ltd. gave the first lecture on Sustainable Polymers- The Need of The Day at Paints and Coating Industry. He started by giving the definition of sustainability and describing the global drivers for sustainability. He next spoke about the paint industry's perspective on this topic and the key priorities and the sustainability enablers. Lastly he focussed on sustainable resins- based on bio monomers and alkyds. In conclusion he said that sustainability has become a part of the business strategies at many paint companies and the industry is moving in general towards more sustainable solutions. Product sustainability can be achieved through green chemistry tools.

Mr. Parag Karhadkar, Perstorp Chemicals India Pvt. Ltd next spoke on the topic : Beautiful Alkyds, Key to Sustainability. He gave brief about Perstorp and gavde an overview about the global resin market and trends. He said the world resin usage in 2016 had touched 6 million tons. He described the journey of alkyds which started in 1940s, focussing on work environment in the 60s, moving its focus in 2005 to atmosphere damaging products. In 2010 the focus was on total systems and currently it is VOC, carbon footprint and renewable based products. He then spoke about the three technologies available from their stable on waterborne akyds. Beautiful alkyds and proenvironmental polyols.

The Session -II focussed on the 'Available next gen avenues for resins' and was chaired by Mr Mahadevan. Mr. Krishnaraj, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. gave a lecture on 'Emulsion Polymers and Performance Properties – A Paradigm Shift'. He said that Emulsion polymer is one of the most versatile polymers for multiple applications. It offers a variety of options to the formulators in bringing in value. New and emerging technologies in emulsions is making it much more competitive against other polymers and the future is bright for emulsion polymers since it is ecofriendly and sustainable.

Mr. Andrew Hui, Kraton Polymers India Pvt. Ltd. spoke next on Performance Chemicals. He spoke about Tall oil fatty acid which is an environmentally friendly building block for alkyd binder systems with hih quality features in alkyd based coatings. 

Sylfat LC from Kraton, he said,combines all the main properties compared to SFFA and SOFA and is good for low initial colour and high colour stability in alkyd coatings. Sylfat 2 from Kraton is best when color is of somewhat lesser importance. It combines the best film properties requiredby the alkyd paints namely initial drying properties, hardness development and gloss retention.

Next Generation Hybrid Resin & Additive for Coatings Applications was the topic covered by the next speaker Mr. Ankush Panchgade of Momentive Performance Materials (India) Pvt. Ltd. 

He gave an overview about SPUR+ prepolymer technology , its range, its key features, formulaion latitude, performance results. He also spoke about the new generation epoxy silane oligomer-Coatosil MP 200 silane, which are multifunctional additives, their incorporation procedure in architectural paint and emulsion, performance test results and numerous advantages that it offers.

In the Session –III focusing on think differently, Mr. Mohan Nair, Esquire Health Care & Logistics Pvt. Ltd. gave a invigorating talk on 'Re-inventing Organization'. He emphasized on self management, wholeness(humanisation) and evolutionary purpose.

Mr. Dilip Raghavan, Paintindia gave an extempore talk on the 'Future of Sustainable Chemicals' said that with the increasing attention on sustainable chemistry, the public expects companies to ensure both new chemicals, and those already in a company's portfolio, to be more environmentally friendly. 

Green chemistry needs to anticipate the problems it aims to solve and it should not aim to justify negative perceptions of other elements of chemistry. There is a need to involve the circular economy into the product life cycle. And the public needs to be informed and demonstrated the value of safe, sustainable chemistry, he said.

In the end Mr. D.M.Sathaye gave the vote of thanks, which was followed by a musical program along with sumptuous dinner and cocktails.

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