ISSPA Maharashtra Region Annual meet held in Mumbai

Excerpt: THE ISSPA Maharashtra Region organized its annual Annual meet on June 21st at Emerald club, Mumbai.

THE ISSPA Maharashtra Region organized its annual Annual meet on June 21st at Emerald club, Mumbai. The event event started with the National anthem and welcoming and acknowledging of the dignitaries.

Mr Narendra Darshani, secretary, ISSPA Maharashtra Region presented the minutes of the last annual meeting and was followed by the submission of accounts by the Treasurer Mr Nilesh Doshi, He announced that they had made a record income/collection in this term and had contributed a handsome sum to the ISSPA Center.

The chief guest, Mr Milan Parekh, president, ISSPA Central, speaking on the occasion congratulated the ISSPA Maharashtra team for its excellent performance both in terms of the number of members enrolled and the activities conducted as also the income generated.

Principal Dr. Dongre, head, TIP Deccan Institute thanked the association for its contribution in terms of instruments to the institute and also promised to help in all terms to help educate and update the knowledge of the members by conducting short courses and workshops

This was followed by the felicitation program in which the topper student from TIP Deccan followed by grand felicitation of two of their senior members. The ISSPA Maharashtra Region chairperson Ms Shipa Raveshia gave the cover and memento to the TIP topper student Mr Sagar Maruti Hajare. The three Senior members who were felicitated were Mr Anil Pujari —Gulmohar Paints, Mr J J Oswal - Kankoo Paints Pvt Ltd and Mr. Chetan Rajnikant Dalal (Bhagat), Royalty Minerals (See box) Mrs Shilpa Raveshia, chairperson, ISSPA Maharashtra Region presented the activity report for her tenure 2017-2019

Later the new committee for 2019-2021 was announced by Ms Shilpa.

The new ISSPA Maharashtra Chairman, Mr Shirish Ponkshe announced his team and his plans for the next two years

Mr Narendra Darshan gave the vote of thanks and it was followed by a sumptuous dinner and cocktails

Activity Report by ISSPA Maharshtra Chairperson Shilpa Raveshia for 2017-2019

In 2017 I was appointed as the chairperson of the largest region of ISSPA, the largest paint organisation in the world. The standards set by my chariman Shri Vijaybhai Dagli were very high. There were many challenges in my way and an undying ambition to build this organization stronger. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my Team Members for giving me, a woman, a chance to be the chairperson of this region, for the trust and faith shown in me, for the support and confidence in my leadership.

We had our first event the 3rd National Seminar in September 2017, a event which was revived again after a gap of 4 years and was a huge success and with large participation. We had technical presentations, motivational lectures, panel discussions, Award Distribution, Suppliers Directory launching-- all these packed in one day

Coating Shows

ISSPA has always been giving its best to its members. With my experience in travel and tourism industry I was able to negotiate the best of the deals with the travel agency. For the November 2017 China Coat Show at Shanghai 55 Delegates participated and in December 2018 China Coat Show at Ghanzhaou we had 117 Delegates. This was the largest ever delegation taken by ISSPA to any show in its history.

Mission GST Reduction

It is a biggest Victory of ISSPA and paint industry. With the support of my brother Dr Kirit Somaiya I was able to facilitate a meeting with the Finance Minister Mr Arun Jaitley and consistently follow up with him and the ministry.

Subsequently meeting with Mr Piyush Goyal with the help of Past President Mr. Deepak Doshi who share the same committee at IMC

In these meetings we were informed that paint and cement industry, both will be considered together only when GST turns revenue neutral. Due to our efforts we could expediate the process and we all are very fortunate to get the result in just 6 months. Where paint and cement industry both were under 28% slab .Today cement industry is still under the burden of 28 % and we are at 18% .

And to acknowledge the tireless efforts put in by Dr Kirit Somaiya, we felicitated him in our Annual Meet 2018 where he assured us the government is working for the people and India has a very bright future

Money Matters

As we all are aware for effective functioning of any organisation we need vitamin M . We are very pleased to inform that during my tenure of 2017-2019 the paint industry and especially all the associate members contributed generously and we could save the highest net profit contributed in history of Maharshatra Region and highest net profit contributed in ISSPA All India by any region in any tenure -- a profit of 22 lakhs .

This all has been possible only because of treasurer Mr Nilesh Doshi, and his meticulous budgeting and planning and reinvesting our FDS wisely.

I also take pride in informing you all that Mr Nilesh Doshi Maharashtra Treasurer has also been instrumental in solving the income tax issue of last 10y ears and getting refund into our bank accounts to the tune of 21 lakhs for centre. It was also possible because of all the Associate members who have been supporting Isspa in all its events

Digitilization of ISSPA records

We are very proud to say that we are the first region to be 100% Digitalized Getting all the forms digitalized which itself was a journey down the memory lane.Today we have been able to preserve the history where the membership forms of the oldest member go way back to 65years to the newest member of the organisation and is now available at the click of the button

New Year gifts to ISSPA members

As a token of appreciation for the support which the organization has received from its members we have distributed Suppliers Directory 2018 and a Notebook Diary with 18 GB Pendrive-2019 which was well appreciated by many members of the organization.

Annual Regional Meet

As our tradition we felicitate the senior members of the organization for their contribution to the industry. In both the Annual meet of 2018 and 2019 it was done so.The toppers from the 3 University ICT/GARWARE /TIP were felicitated for all the hard work done by them. During my tenure we added the 3rd Institute Technical Institute of Pune. Also, we increased the appreciation amount from 1000 Rs to 5000 Rs as I believe we have to encourage the youth to join our paint industry as they are the future of our country.

Give back to society

We all have got so much from the industry its time we start giving back to the industry instead of money donation what is required is we give the students the infrastructure and employment. To carry forward this belief we donated 3 Instruments to the students of Technical Institute of Pune

Connecting with Members

To be connected instantly with our members we have created WhatsApp broadcast group of ISSPA members where we share the information with all our members. These project was taken by our committee member Kaushik Vadia

E Bulletin

E Bulletin is looked forward to every month. It has become more professional with special thanks to Razveen who is instrumental in issuing it on time Also dedication, commitment & hard work of Mrs Pallavi Tawade, Editor of Ebulletin. I would also like to thank Shirish Ponkshe for giving us current rates, Mukundrao Hulyalkar and Meghan Manjrekar for their support and technical articles

Biennial Conferences

I was appointed as programme committee head to conduct the programme of two Biennial Conferences Delhi & Hyderabad along with the local team. It was a great learning experience to head such a big conference successfully with more than 1000 delegates participated for 3days/3nights

Goa Residential Seminar at County Inn and Suites

A houseful event where we were fully sold out on the available rooms with more than 104 rooms booked. Beautiful property near the beach excellent speakers ,enjoyable sightseeing trips for ladies, and entertaining evenings and for all these our Convenor Shirish Ponkshe and Co convenor Nilesh Doshi had many sleepless night

Solvent Order

ISSPA is persistently following up with Maharashtra Government from last 12 years for Solvent order act. Which is headed by our( vice chairman) current chairman Shirish Ponkshe and he is going to pursue this issue with the ministry

Bombay Paint Dealers Association

We already had 2 meetings with Bombay Dealers Association headed by Rajeev Gopalani and Satya Talati. We are hopeful that both the organization can come together and work for common cause.

Along with these we had our workshops and Membership Drive

Nashik which was highly participated under the able leadership of Avinash Tambe regional coordinator

Sangali which was coordinated by Vicky Chawla regional coordinator where we had very informative sessions.

Pune Technical Seminar again after 3 years, we organized the event Convenor Narendra Darshanee did anexcellent job of putting up such an wonderful event

Budget Meets

We had our meets in Mumbai and Pune where we try to get 

Expert speakers to guide and share information on changes made by the government in the Union Budget.

All this would had not been possible without the commitment dedication and hard work of this team .

  • Vice Chairman Shirish Ponkshe for his fullhearted support and playing important role in fund collection
  • Secretary Narendra Darshani for being a silent dedicated worker
  • Treasurer Nilesh Doshi our goal keeper for saving every penny of ISSPA.
  • Pallavi Tawde Editor E bulletin and a big support in putting all systems in place
  • Yogesh Rasane for helping us in various government departments
  • Kishan Ovhal for best supporter
  • Aditya Puri For helping in organising in all different venues and banquets for our events
  • Anandbhai a soft-spoken supportive and great contributor
  • Rajeev Gopalani our ever smiling in house Anchor Dost
  • Satya Talati young fresh and enthusiastic entrant
  • Kaushikbhai for connecting us all on common platform

- Atul Shah our opening batsman all our registrations are smoothly handled by him

Vicky Chawla /Abhijeet Sonawane /Avinash Tambe for helping with membership drive in their area

Once again I would like to thank the back office staff Sameera, Shweta, Gajanand, my team Members, Central Office Bearers and Centre Committee as also both the Convenors Mr Sunil Kumar for Delhi and Mr Sathyanarayana for Hyderabad of the biennial conferences for entrusting me with the responsibility of heading the programme committee

I congratulate the new team and wish them all the best wishes to take ISSPA at great heights

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