ISSPA, Rajasthan Region holds its annual meet at Jaipur

Excerpt: THE 18th Annual Meet of ISSPA Rajasthan Region was held on 7th June, 2019 at Hotel Paradise, Sikar Road, Jaipur

THE 18th Annual Meet of ISSPA Rajasthan Region was held on 7th June, 2019 at Hotel Paradise, Sikar Road, Jaipur

Mr Rajesh Gupta Chairman ISSPA Rajasthan Region presided over the Annual Meet and welcomed the chief guest Mr. Milan Parekh President ISSPA and the other members. Presenting his inaugural speech, he highlighted the achievements and the programs conducted during his tenure. The recent one day seminar at Ranthambhore, Tiger sanctuary was remembrance and memorable feature in the history of the Region, he said.

Mr M. P. Malpani Vice Chairman read the minutes of 17th Annual Meet, held on 16th June, 2018, and the members approved the same, without any modification. Annual accounts for the year ended 31-03-2019 were presented and the noted the same and approved the accounts. The election officer Mr S. P. Verma declared the new elected Regional Committee consisting of nine members for tenure 2019-21. Under the Chairmanship of Mr Rajesh Gupta, the new elected office bearer unanimously decided new team as follows.

President Mr. Milan Parekh, Chief Guest of the Annual Meet addressed the gathering. He appreciated the team work and synchronization with the Centre. He assured to take any issue in the interest of the industry, association and its members on priority assured co-operation at any time. He honored the outstanding deeds and achievements of the outgoing Chairman Mr. Rajesh Gupta, and welcomed the new team for tenure 2019-21, under the Chairmanship of Mr. Prem Bhatia.

Mr. Prem Bhatia, newly elected Chairman, in his speech laid down his roadmap for upcoming tenure, emphasizing on membership development, technical and motivational seminars. He appealed to his team to extend their fullest co-operation for uplifting of the Region in the top radar of ISSPA Centre.

The formal annual meet ended with a vote of thanks by Mr. Malpani

The technical seminar started thereafter.

The first speaker, Mr. Tarun Sharma, senior advocate, Supreme Court and various High Courts, in his presentation, explained on how to meet optimum financial requirement for business from suitable financial agencies. The members noted the highlights with great interest.

Mr. Suresh Mohandas, vice president, Paints and Coatings Skill Council, emphasized on skill developments at ISSPA Regional State Committees and explained about the Central and State Governments funding and certification procedures.

Mr. Meghan Manjrekar, a well-known and top-class technocrat of paint and coating industry, presented very minute and keen technical tips in protective and industrial coating applications. The members interacted with their queries and appreciated his presentation and solutions. 

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Sodhani, Financial Director, connected well with every member present in regards to his skillful and artistic presentation of financial planning, retirement planning in sequence, keeping inflation in mind. His presentation was full of comparative tabulation enriching better ways of investment applying little brain and getting higher results. 

After the technical session, mementos were given to Mr. Milan Parekh, Mr. Rajesh Gupta, past-Chairman, keynote speakers and to all event supporters.

The meeting ended with an entertainment programme followed by cocktails and dinner.

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