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High impact alliance between Rajoo Engineers and Kohli Industries to change the market dynamics of extrusion coating and lamination machines

The Symphony of three corporates Rajoo-Kohli-Multigraph will demonstrate to the industry the thought-provoking leadership; product leadership is bound to follow, an industry first. The flexible packaging industry's demands were clear; their needs of Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machines were growing and growing fast. They were looking beyond the available solutions at reasonable price points. The best-in-class extrusion and proven web solutions needed to integrate to provide a system that would meet Industry's needs of today and be versatile enough to be adapted for future requirements. In an Extrusion Coating and Laminating machine (ECL in short) a water-based lacquer is coated on a primary substrate through the gravure process followed by a deposit of PE / PP based molten polymer from a T-Die and then combined with yet another substrate to form a composite laminate. This technology is rapidly replacing many a solvent-based and solvent less laminating applications. Rajoo Engineers (well known for bringing in world-class extrusion technology at affordable prices and have developed India's first three layer feed block and 1600 mm extrusion coating die with internal deckling to reduce edge bead) and Kohli Industries (leaders in rotogravure printing and laminating machines for the flexible packaging industry with a footprint in over 30 countries), comprehended this industry need, and in the best interest of the industry, joined hands to create a formidable alliance to build and maintain one of the most advanced and versatile Extrusion Coating and Lamination machines.

As good a product, it needs to reach out to the converters of the flexible packaging industry and there comes in Multigraph Machinery Co. Ltd. (promoted by owners of Manugraph- world's renowned offset machine producer) to promote the sales of this first-of its kind alliance product on a PAN India basis. “We are excited at this alliance as each one of us would bring in key technology and skill sets for this business to succeed; working to our strengths is the need-of-thehour. The symphony of three corporate Rajoo-Kohli-Multigraph will foremostly demonstrate to the industry the thought-provoking leadership; product leadership is bound to follow,” emphasise Utsav Doshi and Khushboo Chanderkant Doshi, Executive Directors of Rajoo Engineers Limited. The Rajoo-Kohli co-branded LAMEX Series of Extrusion Coating and Lamination lines will be assembled at Rajoo's facility at Rajkot complying with the highest standards of design and manufacturing that Rajoo is known for. The result being a wide range of solutions to suit varied applications. Kaku Kohli, Managing Partner, Kohli Industries, enthusiastically says, “I see this as a perfect pairing and a game changer for the flexible packaging industry in India and across the world. Rajoo's state-of-the-art technology in extrusion and Kohli's proven web handling solutions have united to create a range of outstanding Extrusion Coating and Lamination machines.”

Growing demand of Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machines meant the need for a strong sales arm for deeper penetration across the country. Today, Multigraph Machinery Co. Ltd. comes as a perfect bridge for the Rajoo-Kohli co-branded Lamex series of Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machines and customers in India. “It is indeed a golden opportunity for Multigraph to be associated with this Rajoo and Kohli alliance, both being leaders in their respective domains. Multigraph today is a brand on its own, well aligned to comprehend and serve the market needs,” elucidates Hiten Mehta, President, Multigraph Machinery Co. Ltd.

The LAMEX solutions will be truly versatile while ensuring uniform deposition and bonding, it is universal in:

  • l Materials: Adaptable to a range of substrates – CPP / BOPET / BOPP / Woven fabric as primary substrates laminated by molten PP / LDPE / LLDPE / EVA / EMA and other exotic polymers with films / paper / Al foil.
  • Formats: Available as variants with speeds ranging from 200 m/min to 400 m/min and widths from 1000 to 1600 mm.
  • Configuration: Mono-extrusion, co-extrusion and Tandem

Though Rajoo introduced its own version of Extrusion Coating and Lamination Machine, the first machine is up, and running since last 4 months, this alliance will provide unparalleled expertise, technology and service to the flexible packaging industry. The industry will truly see 2019 as a happy new year. Within the next 120 days, the first Rajoo-Kohli machine will roll out to make its mark, as excellence will go beyond extrusion, into theweb converting solutions as well. Happy New Year! Stay blessed! Based in Rajkot, Rajoo Engineers Limited, having made a modest beginning in 1986, has today emerged as an undisputed global player in blown film and sheet extrusion lines. Owing to its focused efforts in blown film and sheet extrusion lines, the Company enjoys premium market position in this segment. Being a technology driven Company, product innovations, world-class quality, state-of-the-art workmanship, increased energy efficiency and high levels of sophistication and automation have become the hallmark of Rajoo products during all these years, positioning the Company's products on a global platform, competing with the established world leaders. With representations in many countries of the world and customers in over 65 countries, the Company's exports have multiplied after its debut in the international market in 1990. ( Established in 1972, Kohli is the leading player in the world for: Rotogravure Printing Presses, Solvent, Solventless & Combi Lamination Machines, Slitter Rewinders and Inspection Winders.

EUROMAP interfaces – EUROMAP 82.1 for temperature control devices released

One year after the publication of the first draft (so-called Release Candidate) for the OPC UA based interface for temperature control devices, the finished specification has now been released by EUROMAP. Before that, a few adjustments and above all a test of the interface by several manufacturers in different combinations had been made. The final version of the specification is published at and freely accessible. The functional scope of the interface includes general information about the temperature control device, status information and process data. The standardized interface considerably simplifies the manufacturer-independent interaction of the devices in a production cell. Settings can be made directly from the injection moulding machine and relevant quality data can be viewed there. At the same time, work is continuing on other interfaces for plastics and rubber machines. Release candidates have already been published for hot runner devices and dosing systems for liquid silicone as well as for extrusion. Before the final release, there will also be appropriate tests to ensure interoperability.

Further details from Dr. Harald Weber, Technical Commission EUROMAP c/o VDMA Plastics and Rubber Machinery Lyoner Straße 18, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany Phone: +49 69 6603-1833; e-Mail:

Friul Filiere-Italian technologies for recyclable products

It is undeniable that plastics have become an essential material in the world economy today, but the production of better quality plastic, which is easier to recycle, is essential. In fact, there are two keywords launched by the European Union to reduce pollution: recycle and reuse. Therefore, Friul Filiere puts its know-how at the service of customers to develop new products in line with European directives.

Founded 41 years ago as a producer of dies for the extrusion of plastic materials, the Friuli-based company now sells complete turn-key projects for those who want high quality performance in the production of pipes and profiles. Friul Filiere boasts high-technology extrusion lines, completely customized and guaranteed 100% Made in Italy. Always committed to Research and Development in order to guarantee innovative products to its customers, Friul Filiere feels comfortable facing the sustainability challenges that the market has been proposing for several years. It has manufactured plants for the extrusion of recyclable products and of products obtained by reusing scrap from previous processes as raw materials.

A significant example is the plant for the production of FFC (Foam Fiber Composite) composite profiles: Friul Filiere holds the patent for formulation, equipment, plant, process know-how and characteristics of the extruded profile. FFC is based on a mixture of thermoplastic resins and natural fibres, lightened by closed cell expansion. The true innovative strength of this material is the possibility to recycle and reuse in the formulation not only waste deriving from vegetable fibres (jute, hemp, sugar cane, etc.) but above all scrap from thermosetting plastics classified as special waste (rubber, urea, melamine or phenolic resins, MDF (Medium-Density Fibreboard), paints, etc.). All this leads to sustainable products, representing a significant advantage not only for the environment, but also for the producer, who can take advantage of a reduction in costs related to the supply of raw materials as well as to the disposal of special waste.

Recently, for example, Friul Filiere manufactured several plants that use formulations containing waste from phenolic materials deriving from the production of kitchen doors. Anyone in the world carrying out this activity accumulates tons of waste dust for the disposal of which they must recruit specialized and authorized companies. South American companies that came to know about Friul Filiere's technology, decided to take the opportunity and reuse these waste to add a series of FFC extruded profiles, in particular floor planks, to their range of products.

Recyclable film for greenhouses

Concerning the commitment to the production of recyclable products, Friul Filiere has been a partner in a project for the agricultural sector. This is a research applied to HDPE film used for the protection of greenhouses, typically characterized by metal eyelets useful for anchoring it to the ground, but making it non-recyclable. The customer required the company to design a completely recyclable cloth. The result was the development and building of an extrusion line for the production of reinforced HDPE film thanks to the HDPE co-extrusion of two side bands and a central band that, punched, replace the aluminium eyelets and allow the finished product to be entirely recycled. This complex plant consists of several in-line units and auxiliary machines, all managed by a single PLC, as Industry 4.0 requires. The result is a flexible system, able to adapt and coextrude the reinforced bands also on sheets of different sizes, suitable for the production of a recyclable product and effective in its application.

Recyclable clip bands

In order to ensure the possibility to recycle the end-product, Friul Filiere has also focused on applications for other sectors. Just think about the technology for the production of the clip bands used in the food industry. Traditionally they are made of plastics and steel filaments, but the latter make the product non-recyclable. To overcome this problem and give an appropriate solution to clip bands manufacturers, that will soon have to comply with the new rigid European recycling legislation, Friul Filiere has developed a solution that provides for the elimination of steel filaments: a coextruded thermoplastic material replaces those filaments, making the extruded product 100% plastic and, therefore, easily recyclable. The plant includes two extruders (necessary for coextrusion) provided with dedicated equipment. As the sole referent of turn-key projects, as usual, Friul Filiere also supplied the customer with the devices upstream and downstream of the extrusion line, including: the dosing and extruders feeding system, the drying plant, and the end-of-line winding units, collecting the end product. Further information from: n

Nordson elevates Rade Petricevic to Asian aftermarket manager for polymer processing systems

Nordson Corporation has promoted Rade Petricevic to be aftermarket manager throughout Asia for the company's Polymer Processing System (PPS) products. He will oversee a team of twelve providing technical support, spare parts, and other after-the-sale services for PPS brands, including BKG pelletizers, melt filtration systems, and gear pumps, Extrusion Dies Industries polymer and fluid coating dies, and Xaloy screws, barrels, and front-end components. “Rade will draw on extensive plastics industry experience in furthering our mission of providing strong localized support to customers in Asia,” said Grant Eekelschot, Pacific Rim commercial general manager for Nordson PPS products. “He and his aftermarket team will provide prompt expert service across all of our product lines.” Mr. Petricevic joined Nordson in 2017 as PPS aftermarket manager for Pacific Rim countries. Previously he had been a sales manager for Dr. Collin GmbH. He entered the plastics industry in 1992 as an engineer with Clariant Masterbatch and served as an extrusion products manager for Xaloy Corp., which Nordson acquired in 2013.

Rade Petricevic holds a masters degree in engineering from the University of Zagreb in his native Croatia. Nordson Corporation engineers, manufactures and markets differentiated products and systems used for the precision dispensing of adhesives, coatings, sealants, biomaterials, polymers, plastics and other materials, fluid management, test and inspection, UV curing and plasma surface treatment, all supported by application expertise and direct global sales and service.

KraussMaffei now with access to the Chinese capital market

The KraussMaffei Group (KraussMaffei) completed its listing on the Shanghai stock exchange on the 28./29. December 2018. The listing occurred through the transfer of ChemChina's stake in KraussMaffei to ChemChina's majority owned subsidiary THY (Qingdao Tianhua Institute of Chemistry Engineering), which is listed on the Shanghai stock exchange. In addition, THY has taken over ChemChina's production site in Sanming, China. New injection molding machines for the Chinese market will be manufactured at this site in the future. Dr. Frank Stieler and Dr. Harald Nippel, CEO and CFO of KraussMaffei, will lead the new integrated mechanical engineering company. The combined business will operate under the brand KraussMaffei. KraussMaffei generates more than 80 percent of the approximately 1.5 bn Euro revenue of the total entity. “We are very happy – something big is being created! We now have the opportunity to drive our growth even faster and better. The listing provides us with access to the Chinese capital market. This step will significantly strengthen us in China as well as globally,” said Dr. Frank Stieler, CEO of KraussMaffei. “With the additional production site in Sanming we can further expand our presence in China. At the same time, we will drive our international business from Germany,” Stieler explains.

Dr. Frank Stieler, CEO of KraussMaffei Group: "Something big is being created"

KraussMaffei is seeking to accelerate growth

KraussMaffei is a world leading supplier of machinery and systems for producing and processing plastics and rubber. The access to the Chinese capital market enables KraussMaffei to further accelerate its growth. The access to new financial resources is to contribute to the strategy “Compass”. “We are expanding our product portfolio with new machinery series for volume markets and are broadening our digital services business. We are rapidly advancing local business models, especially in China,” explains Stieler. With the strategy “Compass”, KraussMaffei is focusing on expanding its business models, especially in the area of digital services. In July 2018, the company launched the new Digital Service Solutions business unit for this purpose. KraussMaffei intends to significantly expand its presence in China. KraussMaffei will take on the operational responsibility for the integrated production site in Sanming, China. The site will produce newly developed injection molding machinery for the local Chinese market for KraussMaffei. Due to the rising demand for such products with high quality standards, KraussMaffei is expecting an annual sales growth of over 20 percent (CAGR) in China in the coming years. The existing business of THY will be continued. THY is a leading design institute and specialty engineering company for components required in chemical plant construction. KraussMaffei will continue to lead its business from the company headquarters in Munich, Germany. The German codetermination rights, the legal status of the KraussMaffei Group GmbH as well as employee and union agreements remain unchanged. The rights to technologies also remain bundled in Germany.

ChemChina remains majority shareholder of THY

Since April 2016, ChemChina, the leading Chinese chemicals company, is majority owner of KraussMaffei. ChemChina remains majority shareholder of KraussMaffei via THY and will continue to support the future growth of the company. ChemChina's shares in THY are subject to a holding period of three years.

Negri Bossi at MECSPE 2019

Negri Bossi will be present at MECSPE, first Italian event of the year 2019 that will take place in Parma from 28 to 30 March; the attendance at this event is testament that the society continues to take an interest in the domestic market. On Hall 6 stand number D05 Negri Bossi will be exhibiting the new machine of platform NOVA, the NOVA eT 100 tons Euromap 490 injection unit ,complete with the control Multi touch Tactum.

Moulded piece

The NOVA eT is a total electric machine designed for reliability and longevity. The main benefits are: self-lubricating linear bearings on the moving platen that ensure cleanliness of the die area, making the machine perfect for cleanroom environments; the machine offers also energy savings when compared to conventional hydraulic drive solutions, and substantially reduced cycle times due to fully overlapping movements. The range, from 50 to 350 tons, is equipped with the new TACTUM Controller, user friendly and innovative with swipe and scroll function and a gesture navigation fast and intuitive. During the event, the machine will produce an Ice Cream pot, in Polypropylene material; the piece moulded weighs 25 gr with a cycle time of 5 seconds. The mould is a production of the SCS srl Moulds Construction Society located near Ancona (since 1989). On stand will be present also Sytrama Automation, our sister company, with a S7 Robot.

Tactum screenshot on new Negri Bossi electric machines

A 70-year legacy integrating Italian design, Negri Bossi has an European engineering and global manufacturing experience and is a renowned international leader in the field of injection moulding, and their machines set the industry benchmark for low energy consumption, thus ensuring that customers enjoy a major competitive advantage while remaining environmentally friendly.


Further information from: Negri Bossi Elisa Quartieri Marketing Department Email:; Tel.: +39 02 27348389

Molecor will participate at the new edition of Smagua 2019

Molecor will participate as an exhibitor at the 24th International Water and Irrigation Exhibition (Smagua 2019) to be held from 5th to 7th February 2019in Zaragoza. Smagua will become, during these three days, the great technological showcase with the latest developments of equipment and technology applied to the cycle of water. Zaragoza will be the place to exhibit the new trends present in the market and to this end, the prestigious Technical Innovations Contest is developed. The Technical Innovations Contest that aims to reward products and systems that involve a technical evolution in the water sector has rewarded the latest development of Molecor: the "CPVC-O pipes" with the name of Technical Novelty. CPVC-O is a totally innovative material with which a product is obtained with all the advantages that the PVC-O pipes have while increasing the resistance to the high temperatures that the CPVC tubes have. Among the activities developed during the event, Molecor will also participate with the conference “ecoFITTOM, Oriented PVC fittings for a complete solution in PVC-O” on February 5th at 12:45.

Further information from: Molecor Ctra M-206 Torrejón-Loeches Km 3.1 28890 Loeches Madrid, Spain Email: Tel.: (+34) 911 337 088 From outside Spain Fax: (+34) 902 106 273

Advanced optics, new SACMI compression prospects

Demand for plastic components used in optics is growing steadily, as is demand for the development of new high-efficiency manufacturing processes applicable to mass production. SACMI currently leads the world in moulding and compression technology, a new application of which aims to help develop optical parts such as lighting lenses, advanced instrumentation and parts for the automotive sector. Co-developed by SACMI, the customer Polyoptics – Germany's leading producer of plastic optical systems and components for a wide range of sectors – and German research institute KIMW, the project has yielded excellent lab samples with encouraging results in terms of both quality and process. More specifically, SACMI technology has resulted in a process cycle time significantly shorter than alternative industrial solutions.

On lab scale, a special machine processed the special thermoplastic polymers requested for the manufacture of optical components (PMMA, polymethylmethacrylate, and PC, polycarbonate). Various tests carried out with the KIMW research team in Lüdenscheid verified the quality of the produced samples, validating both the technology and the production process. Alongside quality and efficiency, observes Polyoptics, new prospects for large scale use of the CCM in advanced optical applications have also been opened up by unique machine characteristics which allow independent control of each cavity-mould and flexible modulation of the number of cavities. Practical tests have also demonstrated that the CCM is perfectly compatible with the polymers already used by Polyoptics for traditional injection moulding applications; this provides the added advantage of being able to implement, with CCM SACMI technology, advanced mould control functions, optimising the process according to the specific application requested. n

Arburg anniversary: ten years of presence at the Gulf

Right at the start of the year, at the beginning of the Arabplast trade fair on 5 January 2019, Arburg's subsidiary in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) celebrated its ten-year anniversary. Andrea Carta, Director Sales Overseas, presented the traditional anniversary sculpture to the subsidiary manager Joachim Branz on behalf of the parent company. Around 50 customers attended the exclusive evening event. The anniversary celebration took place at the Dubai Creek Club on Marina Island. Congratulations from the entire Arburg parent company were expressed by Andrea Carta, Director Sales Overseas: "I heartily congratulate Joachim Branz and his team on ten years of Arburg in the United Arab Emirates. To our customers, I would like to express my special thanks for the trust you have placed in Arburg and for the successful cooperation." At the exclusive evening event, he presented the traditional Arburg anniversary sculpture to the subsidiary manager. A further highlight was a sand painting performance illustrating the company's successful history from 1923 until today.

Great potential of the Arabian market

Since the subsidiary was founded in 2009, Arburg has continuously invested in the Arabian market, which offers large potential with sophisticated technological applications and a growing number of plastic-processing companies, according to Andrea Carta. "The entire spectrum is covered, from the production and refining of crude oil, to the production of plastic, right through to processing." From its location in Ras Al Khaimah, Arburg VAE also supports the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council) Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Yemen.

Focus on packaging industry

The focus of the Arburg VAE subsidiary is the packaging industry, which has traditionally been a strong presence in the Arab states. Technical moulded parts and products for medical technology and the automotive sector are also important in this market. High-tech machines are in great demand in all these areas, and it is this premium segment that Arburg targets with its product range.

Proud of ten successful years in the United Arab Emirates (f.r.): Subsidiary Manager Joachim Branz, Waddah Jaara, VAE Sales, Andrea Carta, Director of Overseas Sales, and Gopal Ponnusamy, VAE service engineer.

Comprehensive pre- and after-sales service

In addition to the premium injection moulding technology that Arburg offers, the Arabian customers particularly value the professional consulting provided by the company's experts, as well as the comprehensive support in pre- and after-sales service. The service package includes an expert hotline for fast assistance by phone, competent local service technicians and a wide range of training courses and seminars. All this is rounded off by an excellently stocked spare parts warehouse to guarantee high availability.

Exclusive cooperation with the HIPF Institute in Riyadh

Arburg cooperates exclusively with the Higher Institute for Plastics Fabrication (HIPF) in Riyadh in order to introduce young people to high-end injection moulding technology. The technical centre of the HIPF offers space for 15 Allrounders and the full infrastructure of an injection moulding company, allowing live presentations.

Russia's largest compound manufacturer relies on twin screw extruders from Coperion

At Research and Production Enterprise POLYPLASTIC, the largest manufacturer of compound materials in the CIS region with its headquarters in Moscow and over 700 employees at 3 locations across Russia, twin screw extruders from Coperion have proven their reliability and cost efficiency for over 20 years. At its Togliatti and Engels locations, the company currently produces approximately 80,000 t of compounds on six different large ZSK and STS series systems. Three more ZSK extruders are in use at their Moscow R&D and pilot production center. R&P POLYPLASTIC cites Coperion technology's longevity and concurrent low maintenance expense as decisive reasons to keep choosing the same extruder manufacturer again and again for so long.

Evgeniy Ambrosov, Technical Director at R&P POLYPLASTIC, elaborated: “Since its purchase in 1997, we have profited from the quality and performance of our first ZSK. This twin screw extruder, with a 70 mm screw diameter, is still in operation. Today, we primarily produce filled PA6 formulations with throughputs of up to 80 t per month, at batch sizes between 5 and 10 t.” The STS 75 twin screw extruders with 75 mm screw diameters that R&P POLYPLASTIC operates at their Togliatti site, are among the latest generation of machines from Coperion. Polypropylene, polyamide, and polyethylene compounds are compounded in batch sizes of 5 to 60 t. Said Mr. Ambrosov, “beyond the high reliability and long service lives that all our systems from Coperion provide, we profit from the option for remote maintenance via the Coperion ServiceBox integrated into our newer extrusion systems, reducing the equipment's already low maintenance expense even further.” With this online monitoring tool Coperion's service team has access via secure internet connection from anywhere on earth to the operator's equipment network so that malfunctions can be analyzed, evaluated, and usually remedied quickly. Peter von Hoffmann, General Manager Business Unit Compounding Machines Engineering Plastics and Special Applications at Coperion, added: “Other longtime customers confirm, as R&P POLYPLASTIC does, our strategy to dedicate highest priority to the quality and longevity of our technology. These factors prove time and again to be the key to high profitability and thus to long-term successful activity in the marketplace.” Coperion is the global market and technology leader for compounding systems, feed systems, bulk goods systems, and services. It develops, produces, and services plant, machinery, and components for the plastics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and minerals industries. Further information from:

Industry 4.0 solutions for compounding extruders

State-of-the-art data acquisition, processing and analysis can significantly simplify the daily production routines of compounding companies and provide valuable in-depth information for process optimization. This is why Hannover-based KraussMaffei Berstorff GmbH offers two highly innovative solutions for all twin-screw extruders of the new ZE BluePower generation. This enables perfect integration of advanced compounding equipment with industry 4.0 technologies.

Process-data acquisition provides full control at all times

In order to meet the ever increasing demand for data acquisition and analysis, KraussMaffei Berstorff has developed two new systems, which are now available as options for ZE BluePower extruders. The first of these developments is designed to synchronously collect all production data of a compounding line. It is composed of perfectly tuned hardware and software components for acquisition, recording, evaluation and further processing of all process and measured values. Data analysis provides a sound basis for process optimization, in particular when it comes to process modifications or planned quality improvements. Thanks to its modular design and easy configuration, the system can be adapted to a wide range of different applications, scaled in size and is suited for interface-independent operation. All interfaces can be integrated into an overall system that collects and visualizes the desired process data. Pressure, temperature, speed and volume flow values of all upstream and downstream components – e.g. metering systems, melt filters, melt pumps and pelletizing systems – as well as the extruder parameters are combined in a single system.

Color measurement gives constant melt quality

The second development for in-line process monitoring is designed to detect instantly any metering errors in order to reduce production scrap and enhance line efficiency. This in-line measuring system is based on color measurement: light is projected into the melt, reflected and then detected by a high-resolution glass fiber sensor. Upon comparison with the previously defined setpoint, any deviation in terms of brightness or color is instantly recognized and indicated. It goes without saying that the color measuring system can be integrated into the overall line control.

Highly profitable compounding extruder

The ZE BluePower twin-screw extruder series is characterized by high energy efficiency, uncompromising safety at work, simple use and low maintenance efforts. It perfectly meets the ever increasing requirements of compound processors in terms of flexibility and cost effectiveness. Thanks to the unique interaction between the 1.65 OD/ID diameter ratio and the specific torque of up to 16 Nm, volume- and throughput-limited formulations can be compounded on a single machine. The special highlights of the ZE BluePower extruders are oval liners, improved side feeders and degassing units as well as the optional energy management tool. The 4D and 6D barrel sections that can be combined with the extensive range of modular screw elements to create bespoke machinery configurations for any application are simply unique in the market.

Further information from: KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH, Krauss-Maffei-Strasse 2, München, D 80997 Germany

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