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15th birthday of STS Extruders: Coperion adds new laboratory extruder to the STS Series

The STS twin screw extruder from Coperion is celebrating its 15th birthday this year. Thanks to the ongoing technological and design development, the STS extruder has proven itself today as a strong performing quality product for numerous compounding processes on the market.

The new STS 25 Mc¹¹ laboratory extruder

Just in time for this anniversary, Coperion has expanded the STS series by one more extruder size: The new STS 25 Mc11 extruder with a 25 mm screw diameter is designed especially for research and development tasks as well as for production of small batch sizes of 2 kg and more, achieving throughputs of up to 90 kg/h. It will be shown for the first time at Chinaplas 2019 (21-24 May 2019, Guangzhou, China) at the Coperion booth 5.1M11 in Hall 5.1.

STS Extruder Now in Laboratory Size

Completely new and available to view for the first time at this year's Chinaplas is Coperion's STS 25 Mc11 extruder with a 25 mm screw diameter. It boasts all the advantages of the STS Mc11 series, has a simple design, is operator-friendly and easy to clean. Its feed barrel is equipped with an exchangeable sleeve insert to facilitate cleaning. In addition the die head is in quick-release design for easy operation and accelerates product changes again. The base frame has a closed, simple to clean surface and is equipped with castors for easy movement of the extruder and fast installation. Water cooling, vacuum unit and air supply can be integrated into the base frame as an option. For maximum efficiency and energy savings Coperion has equipped the new STS 25 Mc11 extruder with cartridge heaters for precise single zone tempering of each individual barrel. By having the same screw diameter ratio Do/Di (outer screw diameter to inner screw diameter) of 1.55 and the same maximum specific torque Md/a³ of 11.3 Nm/cm³ as the whole STS Mc11 extruder series, production parameters of the STS 25 Mc11 can be reliably scaled up to larger STS sizes which makes it the ideal compounding system for recipe development and basic scientific research. The STS 25 Mc11 which Coperion will exhibit at Chinaplas will be shown with the highly accurate Coperion K-Tron twin screw feeder K-ML-SFS-KT20.

15 Years of the STS Twin Screw Extruder

15 years after its introduction, the STS systems from Coperion serve as reliable high-performance extruders for a variety of applications, primarily in plastics compounding. When the first model of this extruder type was delivered in 2004, the STS twin screw extruder was equipped with a torque of 8.7 Nm/cm³ and achieved screw speeds of up to 600 min-1. Throughput was limited to 1,200 kg/h with the then-largest machine size, the STS 75 with a 75 mm screw diameter. At that point, rapid development of the STS extruder series' technology, design and quality followed which was barely imaginable for the time. In 2008, the STS advanced with specific torque of 10 Nm/cm³ and screw speeds up to 800 min-1 launched successfully. Today's high-performance, high-quality STS Mc11 was introduced to the market in 2015 and has set new standards. It has a maximum specific torque of 11.3 Nm/cm³ and screw speeds of up to 900 min-1. In its largest extruder size, the STS 96 Mc11, today throughputs of up to 4,200 kg/h are achieved. Screw elements and barrels are available in various materials from standard versions to highly wear and corrosion resistant solutions, individually tailored to applications' requirements and high throughput rates. The screw diameter ratio Do/Di of the STS extruder is 1.55, which is the same ratio that Coperion uses for numerous ZSK extruders and that has proven itself for an optimal combination for most plastics processing applications. The STS Mc11 extruder is equipped exclusively with high-quality Coperion-brand gearboxes manufactured in Europe. STS Mc11 is produced at Coperion in Nanjing, China, in accordance with CE guidelines and the highest Coperion standards of quality, and is distinguished by its very attractive price-to-performance ratio. Originally the STS extruder was mainly applied for the modification of engineering plastics and masterbatch. After 15 years of continuous process technology development, today the STS extruder series proves itself successful in compounding of engineering plastics, masterbatch, powder coating, cable masses, recycled plastics, regrind and much more. From 2004 to 2018 700 STS extruders have been installed all over the world, achieving Coperion's historical record with over 100 STS extruders sold in 2018.

Highest Quality Standards in STS Production

The incomparable development of the STS extruder series to become a best quality high-performance extruder was made possible in part by implementing strict manufacturing controls at Coperion's Nanjing location over the last few years. Coperion Nanjing uses German machining centers with state-of-the-art technology and has long implemented proven Coperion standards to ensure high-quality production. The manufacturing process is closely supervised using highly accurate, complex German machines and equipment components for production and quality measurement. The Coperion factory in Nanjing, meanwhile, is now delivering the same high standards of quality for which Coperion Stuttgart is known.

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Brazilian market for plastics machinery

Brazil is Europe's most important trading partner in Latin America. In 2018 the export of plastics and rubber machinery from the EU to Brazil amounted to 169 Million Euro. Reason enough to have a close look on the Brazilian Market for Plastics Machinery. This is why EUROMAP, in cooperation with the Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Maschinenbaues, gave MaxiQuim, the largest Brazilian consulting company for the chemical industry, the order, to analyse the current machine installations and to evaluate the prospects for the future. As a first market segment, the Brazilian packaging industry was analysed. Therefore, MaxiQuim interviewed 75 companies producing consumption and industrial packages. The market is dominated by smaller companies with up to 100 employees and a capacity below 5000 kton of processed material per year. With an average age of 10 years of the machines, the situation in Brazil is similar to Europe. The economic recession in recent years has affected investments and the machine utilization rate was relatively low (average 75%). However, 40% of the companies plan investments in the next 5 years, partly more than 1 Million Euros. For injection moulding higher investments are expected than for extrusion. In total, future investments depend on an effective resumption of the machine utilization rate. Higher value-added products such as multi-layer flexible packaging are identified as a future trend. As consequence, the quality of the machine has been mentioned a most important purchasing factor, followed by the price. Although an increasing level of automation and productivity is requested, Industry 4.0 (smart factory) has not really reached Brazil yet. EUROMAP plans to conduct following studies for updating the figures and findings and for regarding other segments like automotive.

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Zero cooling technology from Nissei ASB

Japanese company Nissei ASB Machine Co Ltd (ASB) (Hall 11.1 Booth R21) will be exhibiting for the first time at Chinaplas its new and innovative Zero Cooling technology. The company says that developments introduced in this new series enable significantly faster moulding cycles, along with improved product quality.

The reduced injection cycle times are made possible by ASB's proprietary four-station, one-step moulding methodology, which allows virtually all preform cooling to be moved away from the injection station and into the second, conditioning station. The Zero Cooling moulding method eliminates any need for thin, non-optimised preforms, which are susceptible to several quality related problems such as “fisheye”, “body ring” and “orange peel”. This means that designers can create shorter preform designs with thicker wall sections, thus enabling the optimisation of stretch ratios, improved quality and increased productivity. ASB says that there is no need to conform to the traditional need to compromise between cycle time and container quality.

The new, advanced cooling method also permits moulding of heavyweight premium cosmetic containers in very short cycle times, without haziness, using standard PET grades.

The latest version of the mid-range ASB-70DPH one-step injection stretch blow-moulding machine will be demonstrated for the first time. Regular technology updates have kept it at the forefront of its class, in terms of efficiency and productivity.

The version being shown at Chinaplas, a pre-production model of the next generation, will showcase a range of updates and options that improve flexibility and productivity, especially for smaller containers.

Among the improvements are: a revised clamping hydraulic circuit; adjustable stroke in all clamping stations; and adjustable daylight, which allows for longer preforms. A fully-revised blow station is claimed to cut index time, simplify mould changeover and reduce maintenance. The new model is compatible with existing ASB-70DPH moulds. ASB says that these features cut indexing time 40%. A 30 ml container using a short preform can be moulded up to 2.2 seconds faster; this is in addition to reduced cycle time obtained from the use of Zero Cooling technology.

The new technologies will be joined on ASB's stand by a range of sample packaging technologies and a full line of ancillary equipment.

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High quality injection moulds and PET Systems

Following the successful trade fairs of previous years, the Swiss company Otto Hofstetter is present with its own booth showing the products and services this year at ChinaPlas 2019 Otto Hofstetter is a producer for PET preform moulds from 2 up to 192 cavities, as well as for injection moulds for thin walled packaging applications and IML solutions.

Otto Hofstetter will inform customers regarding the complete portfolio of high quality injection moulds. Besides the well-known high quality injection moulds, Otto Hofstetter's strength is the full portfolio around the plastic article, which starts with an idea for a product, followed by the competence to consult and design the product. Once the injection mould is built, the after sales service will round up the complete package. Otto Systems AG specialises in conceiving, planning and implementing first-class systems to produce PET preforms.

Experienced experts uncompromisingly tailor high-quality components to specific customer need to create optimal, top-performing systems. Further information from:

Gneuss rotary filtration systems

The patented Rotary Filtration Systems are characterised by the filter disk on which the screen cavities are located in a ring pattern and which is completely encapsulated by the two filter blocks.

Screens can be inserted into the cavities by opening a small hatch door giving access to the cavities while the production process continues to run without any interruptions or disturbances. All models have been completely revised in the last years. Modifications to the screen changer housings permit operation on a wider range of applications at higher pressures, whilst offering enlarged active filtration areas. Components and modules have been commonised in order to offer shorter delivery lead times and lower costs. The SFXmagnus series operates automatically as well as process and pressure constant. It is suitable for a wide range of applications. This series is characterised by an extra large active screen surface area, its compact design, as well as easy operation. Screen changes do not have any influence on the product quality. Gneuss' top model, the RSFgenius, operates with an integrated self cleaning system for very demanding applications and highest quality requirements. Screens can be automatically re-used up to 400 times and filtration finenesses below 10 microns/1200 mesh are available. The KF range of continuous filtration systems is designed specifically for applications with frequent material type, grade or colour changes as well as for high pressure applications like blown film. The KF screen changers are claimed to be especially compact and to offer excellent value for money while permitting simple and quick screen changes on the fly.

Amut presents food-grade rPET solutions

Having achieved a high profile after regularly collaborating in China National Building Waterproof Association events, Amut (Hall 4.1 Booth C55) will be exhibiting a concept for processing 100% post-consumer bottle flakes into food grade single layer foil. The process, which was developed in partnership with plant and equipment manufacturer Erema, has already received FDA and EFSA approval and has been adopted by a number of European companies.

Technology for waterproofing membrane production also on show

Amut's recycling division has been busy with the development of a Delabeller-PreWasher, which uses a dry process for both label removal and initial cleaning action. The Turbo Washer and Friction Washer carry out intensive cleaning, to remove all fine pollutants and even glue. These machines and the processes have demonstrated outstanding results even in the cleaning of highly polluted bottles. Fresh water usage is reduced to the minimum through continuous filtration, which enables it to be re-used through the whole process. Energy and cleaning agent consumption are also kept as low as possible.

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Huayan to display new lower volume PET preform system

hPET bottle global market has been transforming from high output demands to more personalised packaging solutions. To address this new market, Guangzhou Huayan (Hall 3.1 Booth K31) is introducing at Chinaplas the Econ PET preform system, a cost effective solution for low volume production, especially suited for small brand owners and converters with many different products. A 48 cavity system for a 12 g water bottle will be running at Chinaplas.

Huayan is a leading supplier of PET preform systems in China, with over 850 systems running today up to 176 cavities in more than 50 countries on four continents. The new Econ system is built from the well-received Ecoys platform with independent servo plasticising and optimised PET screw designs, resulting in lower AA and IV drop as well as reduced energy consumption. The 220 t clamp machine accommodates moulds up to 48 cavities. The three position take off units minimise cycle times.

Huayan produces their own precision PET moulds. They offer a wide range of application knowledge from the many Huayan preform moulds in operation worldwide as well as extensive prototyping capabilities. This provides small converters the ability to create a wide variety of preform designs for smaller production volumes at an attractive price. The Huayan Econ line provides high quality, reliable low cavitation preform systems at a price that results in the lowest cost of ownership, states the company.

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KraussMaffei to world premier all-electric PX Agile at CHINAPLAS 2019

KraussMaffei will present a locally produced all-electric injection molding machine for the first time. The new PX Agile is tailored to the needs of the Chinese market and manufactured at the new Sanming plant in Fujian Province of the machine builder.Both up-and-coming small and medium-size companies and established large companies increasingly request short response and delivery times in order to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of the market, according to KraussMaffei.

As said, a special stock machine program makes the fast delivery of standard machines possible. The machines have preparations for all options which leads to an easy and fast retrofitting and upgrading. Machines with additionally ordered options are available for delivery within four to six weeks. Thanks to the local production, the service response times are very short as well.

German quality meets Chinese agility

Low investment costs and easy operability of the machines are in demand in the Chinese market. The new PX Agile has a user-friendly human-machine interface specially tailored to the requirements of the Chinese users. Easy operation and intuitive programming ensure that the machines are accepted quickly.

The flexible sales options are also particularly attractive, says KraussMaffei. They include a free trial phase and short-term and long-term leasing plans with flexible payment plans.

The new PX Agile features a German DNA that meets the highest quality standards and is based on decades of experience. This includes the expertise in the design of the plasticizing unit, which corresponds to the established PX series from Germany. In addition, production of the PX Agile in Sanming observes the global quality standards of KraussMaffei, supported by cutting-edge programs in control and validation systems.

Market debut for PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160

The new PX Agile is excellent for standard applications, such as the production of technical components, electric and electronic devices and for the automotive, packaging and medical industries. At the show, KraussMaffei will market launch the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160 with a respective clamping force of 800 or 1600 kN. Both exhibits impressively demonstrate the advantages of the new series: stability, precision, short cycle times and maximum flexibility for various applications. Striking surface effects take shape on the new PX Agile 80 with its inductive dynamic mold heating (DMH) technology by the partner Roctool (HD Plastics). The decisive benefit is that the technical and financial effort of an additional film decoration or (secondary) painting becomes obsolete. At the example of a TV box finisher from the entertainment industry, KraussMaffei will demonstrate the wide and varied design options of the inductive mold heating technology. Different color shading, hologram, gloss or matt effects can be realized with the one-shot process without the need for additional post-mold processing.

Precision, fast cycle times and high component quality are the features of the new PX Agile 160, which will produce medical pipette tips taking shape in a 32-cavity mold onsite.

New linear robot LRX Agile

Both exhibits, the PX Agile 80 and PX Agile 160, are equipped with the new LRX Agile from KraussMaffei. The new linear robot series is also produced at the plant in Sanming, offering short delivery times and attractive price and performance ratio. The new LRX Agile represents an efficient solution for simple pick-and-place applications and is suitable for all injection molding machines. Three different programming levels ensure an easy and quick start even for beginners.

Maag at CHINAPLAS 2019: Pelletizers, gear pumps and melt filters for high productivity and product quality

Maag will present insights into its broad portfolio of high-performance pelletizers, gear pumps and melt filters that help compounders and recyclers combine high productivity with high product quality. Maag will be showing at CHINAPLAS in Guangzhou from May 21 to 24 on stand S51 in hall 5.1. In the field of pelletizing, Maag focuses on BAOLI®-3 third-generation dry-cut pelletizers for processing hard and soft materials. The key components of these pelletizers are manufactured in Germany, and all versions meet the requirements of applicable safety standards in Germany. Maag has more than 60 years' experience in pelletizers, and has already installed around 800 BAOLI pelletizers in China. As with previous BAOLI generations, the automated cutting chamber locking system enables fast handling while supporting operator safety. In the same equipment segment, Maag presents the PEARLO® underwater pelletizing system for the highly efficient and flexible production of spherical pellets with throughputs of up to 36,000 kg/h. Compact and modularly structured, it requires only a very small footprint in production. Electronically controlled EAC technology guarantees precise feed of the pelletizing knives during operation, thereby enabling long runtimes free of interruptions with consistently high pellet quality.

From its extensive range of gear pumps, Maag will be presenting the extrex gear pump in x6 class design at CHINAPLAS. As with all x6 versions, Maag has completely re-engineered and redesigned all the components, from the shafts through to the bearings and seals, and optimized the interaction of the components. Specially developed gear teeth with low compression allow very high pressures to be achieved with low shear rates. The result is a further increase in achievable product quality, volumetric efficiency, as well as production consistency and safety.

An ERF350 high-performance melt filter from Ettlinger complements the range of Maag exhibits at CHINAPLAS 2019.

It reliably filters plastic melts with impurities and separates foreign materials such as paper, aluminum, wood, elastomers or plastics which fuse at a higher temperature with impurity levels up to 18 % – all with extremely low melt losses. Designed for especially high efficiency, it achieves a maximum throughput of 3,800 kg/h, depending on the type of melt and degree of impurities as well as the selected filtration rating. It is suitable for all commonly used polyolefins and polystyrenes as well as a large number of technical plastics such as styrene copolymers, TPE and TPU. For further information about Maag and the company's products please visit n

FCS to display Multi-colored & multi-component injection molding machine

FCS Group is participating the 33rd International Exhibition on Plastics & Rubber (Chinaplas 2019 FCS booth 3.1 F21), is the 35th year that FCS has been developing multi-component technique. FCS is going to expand display area and show brand new IMM and applications for multi-component, high speed, power saving and packaging in Chinaplas 2019 , to demonstrate the researched & developed technology, process integration, and the mission of “shape the better world”. FCS Group (FCS) was founded in 1974 in Taiwan, producing and selling plastic injection molding machines (IMM). FCS is successfully research and develop dual color injection molding in Taiwan for 35 years, also became the advanced leader in dual molding field.

1.New generation molding system: FA Series

FA series is a newly released model of advanced servo hydraulic IMM by FCS. The specifications and design are upgraded and optimized which platen strength improvement increase 30%, high-performance servo energy-saving oil pump achieves GB first-class verification that rise in precision, stability and improve the mold lifetime.

The appearance of machine design combines human ergonomics concept and aesthetics, not only integrate the advantage of electrical control, also can operate iMF 4.0 Intelligent ManuFactory to satisfy most of the customized and high efficient requirements.

2.Multi-Colored & Multi-Component Injection Molding Machine: FB-R Series

FCS has been accumulating more than 40 years of multi-component that achieved leading position in injection molding industry. With design of dual color servo power-saving IMM has able to allocate four sets of injection unit, also has eighteen types of multi-component configuration which has maximum mold clamping force of 1900 tons.

With design of dual color power-saving IMM adopting closed-loop servo valve, two series toggle system upon Finite Element Analysis, rotary table positioning system and the patented clips that not only can stabilize and precise the injection molding process and products, also can increase injection speed that suitable for producing dual color of thin objects. The FB-280R IMM is going to produce Infusion cap and the cycle time just need 30 seconds for 24 cavities that provides a best solution for medical appliance.

3.Rotary Shaft Multi-Component Injection Molding Machinee: FB-T Series

FB-T series adopts servo motor which can increase revolutions 30%-50% and efficient cycle time. There is a reciprocating 180-degree rotary table on the wall of moving car, which can produce multi-component products, injection and clamp adopt linear potentiometer, which can be precisely controlled with the precision of 0.1mm, the patented rotary axis structure can satisfy core's moment of inertia that make stable and precise. FB-280T IMM is going to produce three-color toothbrush grip that achieve the diversified product design of multi-colored or multi-component application. 4.High-Performance Energy-Saving Injection Molding Machine: HN-h/p Series HN-h/p series is characterized by precision, high speed, power-saving, stability and high efficiency. It's equipped with closed-loop and injection speed increase by 50% to 150% that can significantly improve production efficiency and the precision and stability. The HN-280p IMM adopts servo electric hot melt injection construction go with In Mold Labeling Turnkey Solution (IML) take 5~6 seconds to produce yogurt cup of 8 cavities, and applicable industries include high-end household goods, thin-walled food containers, high-speed molding of multi-cavity products. Further information from: FCS Group: n

EWIKON to show advanced hot runner solutions at CHINAPLAS At the forthcoming CHINAPLAS 2019, EWIKON will showcase its full range of standard hot runner solutions as well as the latest developments in multi-tip and valve gate technology with focus on multi cavity applications. The advanced EWIKON manifold technology uses the special EWIKON element technology for easy realization of most complex manifold layouts on several levels. All systems can be supplied as valve gate versions as well. The range of valve gate solutions offers a variety of drive options for easy adaption to specific application requirements. This includes the second generation of electric drive units with step motor technology. Compared to pneumatic or hydraulic drive units, there is zero emission of particles. Thus, this technology is particularly suitable for clean room applications. Furthermore, the system enables the individual adaptation of operating parameters to the process requirements in several valve pin operating modes. The EWIKON range of advanced solutions for direct side gating allows the easy processing of standard materials as well as technical resins. Due to the patent pending installation technology for the tip inserts, an easy installation and exchange from the parting line of the mold is possible and only standard mold inserts are required.

SML's latest extrusion solutions take production to new levels SML, the Austrian high-tech manufacturer of top quality extrusion lines, will be participating in the forthcoming CHINAPLAS 2019. The precise interaction between different unwinding units and three laminators, managing different materials like paper, board and aluminium, is one of the essential characteristic of SML's new Triplex extrusion lamination line for aseptic board packaging in one simple and cost-effective process. The complex line is characterised by an elaborated setup with a maximum of operator convenience and production efficiency. With the newly introduced automation system in combination with a powerful data logging system, the line is ready for the challenge of industry 4.0. SML has designed a new mono-axial direction orientation (MDO) unit which offers greater flexibility in terms of processing a huge variety of different film types and structures in large film widths. Its main advantage lies in its ability to control film properties through the inline variation of the stretching gap between 70 and 350mm using a servomotor. This is significant because the best PP and PE film characteristics result with a shorter gap, while a longer gap is required when stretching PET film. Excellent results are guaranteed in terms of improved visual quality, achieved tenacity, increased barrier property and reduced film thickness, and the breathability for hygiene applications. Due to SML's vast experience in PET extrusion, the company also assists its customers in the selection of the best extrusion system for their application and available feedstock: single-screw extrusion with pre-drying, recycling extruder or conical twin-screw extruder. The high-performance solutions are all of moderate capital expenditure, along with high output, reduced energy consumption and easy operation.

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