Milacron's India operations hosted successful open house, launching local highlighting extrusion

Excerpt: The open house included the demonstration of an extrusion line in live production of cPVC Pipes.

Milacron's India operations hosted successful open house, launching local highlighting extrusion capabilities

MILACRON Holdings Corp. (NYSE: MCRN), a leading industrial technology company serving the plastics processing industry announced its Extrusion Open House November 2nd, at its Ahmedabad, India manufacturing facility was well attended and deemed a success by organizers and attendees alike. The open house included the demonstration of an extrusion line in live production of cPVC Pipes.

At the event, Milacron received two orders for India built pipe extrusion systems from local customers. The orders were for complete systems and included the extruder, controller, die/head, cooling/sizing tank, puller, cutting/saw and accumulation table. The first system will ship before the end of 2015 and the second system is scheduled to ship in Q1 2016. A great start to Milacron's expansion of their extrusion business in the high-growth Indian market.

Brian Marston, Vice President & General Manager, Global Extrusion Business stated, “Milacron's expertise in extrusion technology is known worldwide among the manufacturers of pipes, profiles and sheet. For many customers Milacron extruders are the preferred choice for their business.” Marston went on to detail the extrusion system on display, “The Conical Twin Screw Counter Rotating Extruder producing cPVC Pipe is one Milacron's most popular extrusion technologies and we anticipate a strong demand for these machines in India and surrounding regions.”

Milacron's Extrusion Open House was a three-day event that kicked off November 2nd, and catered to the needs of India's growing construction industry. The Conical Twin Screw Counter Rotating Extruder flawlessly produced ¾ inch cPVC pipes and an injection molding machine cPVC line Servo 150 was engaged in the production of cPVC fittings.

Machines on display at Milacron's Extrusion Open House included:

  • TC 80 Extrusion Line: A Conical Twin Screw Counter Rotating Extrusion system with dual die. The extruder was fitted with tungsten carbide coated screws and barrel. The system had a water-cooled barrel and oil cooled screws. The system produced ¾ inch cPVC pipes at a rate of 300 Kg/Hr. or greater.

  • cPVC Line Servo 150 Injection molding machine: Servo powered and produced ¾ inch cPVC fittings (Elbow). The machine is on Magna T platform with Global Injection Unit.

The Milacron Extrusion Open House was hosted jointly by Brian Marston and Mahendra Patel, Vice Chairman, Milacron India. Mahendra Patel explained, “With the addition of extrusion capabilities, Milacron continues to expand the product portfolio that we're able to offer our customers in India and the surrounding regions. Milacron India is a leading player in injection molding and has versatile blow molding products for various applications available in the region.”

Milacron continues to push the boundaries of possibilities in plastics with breakthrough products from leading brands including Milacron, Mold-Masters, DME, Ferromatik, Uniloy and CIMCOOL.

Milacron is a global leader in the manufacture, distribution and service of highly engineered and customized systems within the plastic technology and processing industry. Milacron is the only global company with a full-line product portfolio that includes hot runner systems, injection molding, blow molding and extrusion equipment plus a wide market range of advanced fluid technologies. Visit Milacron at

Complete extrusion solutions for large diameter and multi-layer pipe production as well as thermoforming sheet

BATTENFELD-CINCINNATI'S portfolio comprises single, twin screw and planetary roller extruders, pipe tooling as well as downstream equipment for a wide range of applications. Solutions for special applications such as multi-layer pipe and profile co-extrusion and a wide range of options to increase wear resistance according to the customers' needs are also available.

Large diameter pipe extrusion up to 2,600 mm

battenfeld-cincinnati is technology leader in tailor-made, large-diameter pipe extrusion equipment for both PO pipe (up to 2,600 mm) and PVC pipe (up to 1,600 mm).

In 2015, the company sold the first polyolefin solid-wall pipe line for 2,600 mm pipes worldwide to an Asian customer. The line is powered by a solEX 120-40 extruder, which achieves outputs up to 2,200 kg/h with excellent melt homogeneity and low melt temperatures.

Alongside the extruder, the tooling is the second key component of a line. With the helix VSI-T+ pipe head system, minimum ovality and minimum sagging, particularly for thick walls of more than 100 mm, can be ensured. In addition, thanks to the EAC (efficient air cooling) internal pipe cooling system, a shortened cooling section and a shorter total line length are possible, thus resulting in energy savings of up to 30% in production.

In 2015, the solEX extruder series was extended by a new machine, the solEX 150. With outputs of up to 2,750 kg/h for PEHD, it is particularly suited for the demands of the growing large diameter heavy wall PO pipe market.

The powerful solEX 150 is the newest addition to the solEX single screw extruder series and particularly suited for large diameter pipe extrusion with outputs of up to 2,750 kg/h

Thermoforming sheet equipment: high performance – low energy consumption

Over the last decade, battenfeld-cincinnati has installed more than 250 high-speed single screw extruders worldwide. battenfeld-cincinnati's high-speed extruders reduce energy consumption by 25% compared to conventional extruders with the same output rates.

The Multi-Touch roll stack technology, which was introduced in 2012, also saves 2-4% in material due to uniform cooling of the sheet on both sides and narrow tolerances. Thus, production lines from battenfeld-cincinnati with a Multi-Touch roll stack and a high-speed extruder are extremely efficient and, due to their high product quality and high outputs, they are ideal for PS and PP thermoforming sheet production.

The high-speed extruder with an in-line roll stack is perfect for premium thermoforming sheet

Space-saving high-speed extrusion for uPVC pipes

battenfeld-cincinnati recently developed a space-saving quadruple high-speed extrusion line for the production of uPVC pipes with diameters ranging from 16 mm up to 50 mm. With the twinEX 114-34R, extruder outputs of up to 1,050 kg/h can be achieved with four independently controlled strands. This line was recently delivered to a customer in the Near Middle East.

High performance line for quadruple uPVC pipe extrusion with a twinEX 114-28R extruder

Multi-layer extrusion equipment for PP-RCT pipe with a glass fiber reinforced middle layer

battenfeld-cincinnati also has comprehensive expertise in multi-layer extrusion, with a portfolio of extruders, dies and downstream equipment even for complex applications like PPRCT pipe with a glass fiber reinforced middle layer. Pipes with glass fiber reinforcement are particularly resistant to heat, pressure and chemicals. With these additional benefits, they are preferred for use in transporting hot and cold drinking water, in heating systems, in greenhouses and for use in rainwater harvesting.

The battenfeld-cincinnati group with production facilities in Germany, Austria, China and USA is a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient, high-performance extruders and complete extrusion lines according to customers' specifications.

A 4-layer PP-RCT pipe co-extrusion line up to 630 mm with glass fiber reinforced middle layer


Interplastica 2016: Arburg demonstrates automated production

At the Interplastica, to be held in Moscow from 26 to 29 January 2016, Arburg will be presenting a practical example of production-efficient, cost-effective automated production. Visitors to exhibition stand C11 in Hall 3 will see a Golden Edition series hydraulic Allrounder and an integrated Multilift Select robotic system produce a toy buggy and assemble it ready for use in a single process step.

This system is an excellent example of how injection moulding companies can increase their efficiency in a targeted way, competitively producing plastic parts at minimal unit costs. The technical features of the exhibit are precisely tailored to the market needs of Russian plastics processing companies.

Arburg will use an energy-optimised hydraulic Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition to produce toy buggies at the Interplastica 2016 in Moscow.

Toy buggy produced in a single injection moulding cycle

Arburg will demonstrate the high quality, automated and cost-efficient manufacturing of standard products based on the example of a toy buggy. In addition, the exhibit will provide proof of the performance capability of the proven Golden Edition series. An Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition with a clamping force of 1,000 kN and a size 290 injection unit will use a 1+1+2-cavity family mould to produce all parts in a single step.

The cycle time is around 30 seconds.

Following the injection moulding process, a Multilift Select robotic system removes the sprue and the four individual parts - the roof, chassis and two axles with overmoulded wheels - and assembles these on an assembly table to produce the finished buggy.

Energy-optimised Allrounder

An Allrounder 420 C Golden Edition will use a family mould to produce all components in a single step at the Interplastica 2016. A Multilift Select robotic system will assemble the individual parts to produce the finished buggy.

The Allrounder is equipped with the Arburg productivity package. This comprises the Arburg energy saving system (AES) with variable speed pump drive and water-cooled drive motor. This makes operation with two control pumps even more economical, allowing two simultaneous movements to be realised. The benefits of the productivity package are the reduction of the energy requirement by up to 20 percent, the shortening of the dry cycle times by around five percent and the minimising of emissions.

Cost-efficient entry-level automated production

The Multilift Select is the entry-level model among the linear robotic systems from Arburg. It has servo-electric drives and is fully integrated in the Selogica machine control system. For the operator this means: only one data set, a familiar approach during programming and perfect synchronisation of robotic system and machine. In addition, the teach-in function means that the Multilift Select is extremely easy to program.

This configuration allows companies to take their first steps in automated injection moulding production thanks to the proven technology and the ease with which the system can be programmed and operated, as well as the optimum price/performance ratio.

Milacron to acquire CanGen

MILACRON Holdings Corp. (“Milacron”), among the leading industrial technology companies serving the plastics processing industry, has agreed to acquire CanGen Holdings, Inc. (“CanGen”) consisting of subsidiaries Canterbury Engineering Company and Genca. CanGen is among the leading suppliers of highly engineered aftermarket process control components for extrusion and injection molding applications with approximately $20 million in sales. This acquisition will be immediately accretive to Milacron's Adjusted EPS and enhances Milacron's aftermarket capabilities including a broadened product offering into downstream tooling, proprietary rights to over 185,000 unique designs and drawings, and a regional center for parts and service in the southeastern U.S. Genca also has a strong market position throughout Mexico and South America which can be leveraged under Milacron ownership.

Milacron CEO Tom Goeke stated “CanGen fits perfectly with our core growth strategy of accelerating lifecycle sales through consumable products and aftermarket service. This acquisition brings a complementary product portfolio and customer base to Milacron, further building upon our fully integrated customer-driven solutions. Additionally, CanGen provides an entry into the extrusion market for rubber products, which opens up a new set of customers for Milacron's existing product range.”

The consumables product market served by Canterbury and Genca includes screws & barrels, tooling and cross-heads, and other machined metal components. CanGen's products are marked by substantial recurring revenues from the regular repair and replacement cycles of its large installed base.

CanGen CEO Paul Cusolito commented that “The combination offers a great opportunity for CanGen and its employees to serve a significantly larger customer base while obtaining access to the extensive resources available at Milacron. We look forward to working with the Milacron team to continue building upon our available product offerings and value-add to our customers. This is a great fit for the future of our business and our employees.”

Living to expectations and beyond – Rajoo receives order for a third blown film line from Devendran Plastic, Tamil Nadu

TECHNOLOGICAL supremacy of Rajoo in Blown Film Extrusion, coupled with a strong intent and astute comprehension of Devendran Plastic in understanding the market needs has helped create this winning combination.

Devendran Plastic Private Limited, one of the youngest but fastest growing companies in the business of flexible packaging in South India, now orders its third blown film line from Rajoo.

Satisfied with the Rajoo fully loaded 7-layer Blown Film Line for barrier packaging and the Rajoo OBC 3-layer Line, Devendran Plastic has now ordered the Rajoo fully loaded 3-layer line to specifically meet the needs and address the challenges of films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films.

'This far, we have produced high quality barrier ( 7 layer) and nonbarrier films using the Rajoo machines and I remain confident that the new Rajoo fully loaded 3- layer line will exceed our expectations and help us add capacity and address the stringent requirements of speciality films' accentuates D. Ashok Kumar, Director, Devendran Plastic Pvt. Ltd. 'Diversifying from our traditional business of coal trading, we were keen to work with a company that could help us make a mark in this field of specialty packaging; we now order our third machine from Rajoo', adds Ashok Kumar.

The new machine is customised to produce films for milk packaging as well as lamination grade films. The line is equipped with 75mm x 2, 90mm x 1 - 3 extruders along with 12 component material conveying, gravimetric batch blending & GSM control systems to produce a film width of 2400mm with output of 650 kg/hr. Other technological advancements include circumferential profile control system with controllable external automatic air ring with triple lip, width measurement and control and Integrated computerized touch screen based supervisory process control panel.

'A repeat order is most gratifying; a third machine, from a relatively new entrant, who is producing one of the best barrier and non-barrier films on our machines and effectively competing with machines imported from other parts of the world' states Khushboo Chandrakant Doshi, Executive Director, Rajoo Engineers Ltd.

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