Non –Isocyanates PU resin - A Green Chemistry

Excerpt: Conventional Poly urethane found wide uses in many field. It utilizes the isocyanates compounds which are toxic, health hazardous in nature Polyurethane based on non isocyanates is need of hour. Polyurethane based on polycyclic carbonate and aliphatic or cycloaliphatic polyamines with primary amine are called Non Isocyanates Polyurethane (NIPU). Since NIPU is obtained without using isocyanates, the process of synthesis is relatively safe for both humans and the environment in comparison to the production of the conventional polyurethanes. Hybrid material that contains epoxy, acrylic compounds beside polycyclic carbonate and amines are called Hybrid non isocyanates polyurethane (HNIPU).Specially based on renewable raw materials

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