PAINTINDIA 2020 ... only 500 days to go ...

Excerpt: we are now near the 500-day mark in the reverse countdown to PAINTINDIA 2020.

Our commitment to the coatings and related industries continues unabated with the monthly journal, our various conferences and our partnerships with various industry associations and bodies. In fact, these are not mere assignments but a way of life for us.

We have given the industry a small induced hiatus from another core element of our service, namely our PAINTINDIA Exhibition, after the successful completion of the 2018 edition, about 6 months ago. This is not to say that there has been no work on the forthcoming PAINTINDIA 2020 Edition (mid-March 2020 in Mumbai). On the contrary, we started the preparatory work for 2020 just a few days after the conclusion of the last edition. It is just that the customer facing visible aspect of this was not in play.

That said, we are now near the 500-day mark in the reverse countdown to PAINTINDIA 2020. While 500 days might seem an eternity to many, given the scale of the event and our extreme commitment to deliver nothing less than 100% in terms of value to all stakeholders in the coatings value chain, this is about the right time when our customer engagement should begin in right earnest.

So here we are, proudly announcing yet again, India's proud event for the coatings, inks, adhesives-sealants, construction chemicals in the form of PAINTINDIA 2020. Once again, the event will see the entire industry from not only in India, but also neighbouring countries in large numbers, as also a healthy representation from more distant countries. The bar has been set high with the last edition, with almost 500 exhibitors and over 16,000 business visitors with a representation from 66 countries! We stand committed, equipped and enthused to surpass these numbers and more importantly in doing so, deliver another Event that does our industry and country proud. Our industry and country are said to be the fastest growing economies the world over, and it is our duty to deliver and Event whose stature, relevance and business outlook is commensurate with this sentiment and fact. That is the most telling guiding influence for us, with numbers being incidental to the result that should follow by itself. Over and above this macro-view, at a more ground level, we must ensure that the thread of innovation and growth is sustained with the congregation of influencers and solution providers at both ends of the channel present in large numbers.

We look forward to the whole-hearted support, participation and feedback from the Industry to ensure that these objectives are met, and the resultant benefits for all of us individually and collectively are realised. Let the countdown begin!

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Dilip Raghavan

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