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Excerpt: Technical service through a mobile app. Revolutionary probiotic technology leads to cost reduction for processors. Xecutor-MSQ a durable insect killer for textile application.

Technical service through a mobile app

DR GVG Rao, President, Atul Ltd., Colors Division, inaugurated Atul oCloud on June 01, 2016, at Atul, Valsad.

Atul oCloud access the technical information of a specific product on real time basis. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

The features and benefits of this user friendly tool:

24 x 7 easy and quick access to technical database of dyes. Download calibration data, developed by different application techniques on various substrates for shade matching.

  • Information on product USP.
  • Recommendations on dyestuff selection.
  • Over 2500 fashion shades covering various dye classes, application methods and substrates.
  • Brief description of Standard Fastness Test.
  • Electronic shade cards.
  • Technical presentations and articles.
  • Project reports on dye application study.

Atul is the first company to develop, one of its kind mobile app among both Indian and International dyestuff manufacturers. The app has been highly ppreciated for its unique user-friendly functions.

*Combiwash-PC — Combined washing-off agent for Polyester / Cotton blends *

COMBIWASH-PC from Sarex is a combine washing-off agent for Polyester/Cotton blend fabrics. Combiwash-PC will eliminate the reduction clearing step of polyester-disperse dyeing and soaping-off step from cotton-reactive dyeing.

Combiwash-PC will wash-off the unfixed or loosely held reactive dyes/disperse dyes on polyester and cotton fibre in one bath thereby reducing the process time and improving production efficiency. Washing-off process with Combiwash- PC becomes shorter as the reduction clearing of polyester is not needed.

Combiwash-PC can also be a solution provider where polyester fabrics shows poor wash fastness after finishing with silicone. The poor fastness can be improved by washing with Combiwash-PC. It can also be used where the fabrics shows water mark. It is most suitable to reduce dyeing cycle time of polyester and cotton or viscose blend yarn or fabric.

Unique features:

  • One step combine washing-off agent for P/C blend fabric hence reduces the process cycle time and energy consumption.
  • Reduction clearing is not needed hence process is shorter.
  • Solution providing product for thermo migration problem hence washing fastness of silicone finished fabric can be improved. Water mark problem can be corrected.

Further information from Sarex ~~~~ 501, Waterford, ‘C’ Wing, C. D. Barfiwala Marg (Juhu Lane), Andheri (W), Mumbai - 400 058, India. Phone: +91(22) 6128 5566/4218 4218 Fax: +91(22) 4218 4350 E-mail: Web: ~~~~

Revolutionary probiotic technology leads to cost reduction for processors

PROKLEAN Technologies Pvt. Ltd., strategic technology partner of SCD Probiotics of USA, has introduced probiotic, all-natural, non-toxic and fully bio-degradable products under brand name “Proviera” that replace chemicals used in Textile industry.

Probiotics have been traditionally used in human and animal health applications. However, ProKlean has developed a first in the world technology for developing a range of natural, non-toxic, noncorrosive and bio-degradable chemical replacement products for use in textile processing industry under the brand name Proviera. This technology has been licensed to SCD Probiotics, U.S.A., the strategic technology partner of Proklean, for some of the global markets.

A unique consortium of naturally occurring probiotic microbes have been used in a proprietary fermentation and formulation technology, which results in products containing a careful blend of biochemicals. Although a fermentation process is used, the products are not enzyme based. The compounds present in the products deliver unmatched

scouring, bleaching, and wetting, leveling and soaping results. and soaping results.

The unique features of these products deliver the following benefits to the processor:

  • Saving in water consumption due to reduced number of baths.
  • Reduction in energy consumption due to processing at lower temperatures and/or lesser time.
  • Reduction in consumption of peroxide during bleaching.
  • Reduced pollution load due to lower COD and BOD in the effluent.
  • Better quality of end product in terms of excellent fastness and brighter colours.

Proviera’s contribution to the textile industry comes in the form of an array of 100% biodegradable products meant for diverse stages of textile processing. These products are GOTS, Oeko-Tex and REACH compliant. ProDet C - Proviera ProDet C, globally, is the only one of its kind Probiotic Soaping Agent for dyed cotton / cellulose / viscose / blend of fiber, yarn and fabric that offers several value adds. It is fully biodegradable and is not enzyme based. It offers tremendous flexibility in application. It delivers excellent fastness, matching tough international norms. Besides it boosts profit by reducing operating costs by cuttingdown wash cycles. It does not contain phosphates or alkalies and hence dyed fabrics show better depth and brightness of colours. ProDet + - A premium soaping agent for woollen/silk with the same advantages/ value proposition of ProDet C ProEnhance- Proviera ProEnhance is a one of its kind, path breaking probiotic pre-treatment agent which functions as a water conditioner while enhancing whiteness index with reduced requirement of H2O2 and NaOH. ProEnhance has an inbuilt property of reducing/eliminating the stabilising & lubricating agent. Reduced weightloss and reduction other chemicals/ auxialiaries translate directly into significant increase in earnings. Further, Proviera ProEnhance has demonstrated noticeable reduction in effluent parameters - TDS and COD reduction upto 50% in boiling bath - which result in reduced operating costs for the Effluent Treatment Plant and improved quality of treated water.

ProLevel Plus - Proviera ProLevel + is an advanced dispersing and levelling agent that offers multiple benefits owing to its unique probiotic formulation. It ensures patch- free dyeing and excellent depth of colours. Proviera ProLevel + is versatile in application and works very well across cotton /linen/viscose/woollen and their blends. It penetrates cellulose substrates strongly and results in brighter colouration. Its application results in reduced effluent loads as it is composed of naturally occurring compounds. The penetration is seen to be superior be it yarn or fabric.

ProEven TM - Proviera ProEven is an advanced dye levelling and dispersing agent for polyester fabrics that offers multiple benefits owing to its unique probiotic formulation. Its superior dispersion properties help in excellent penetration be it packaged dyeing, knits or heavy wovens. Proviera ProEven facilitates uniform, patch free dyeing with

good depth across all colors and is suitable for polyester and polyester blends. These products are manufactured in India and successfully initiated sales operations in India with various leading corporate processing houses, Philippines and Srilanka. Visit or write to to know more about this revolutionery Technology.

Stingfree-MSQ—An Eco-friendly Insect Repellent ASSOCIATED CHEMICALS’ R&D team at Mumbai has developed An Eco-friendly Insect Repellent viz. Stingfree- MSQ. It is an immensely effective eco-friendly mosquito repellent, which performs as Insect repellent by and large for Mosquito(Vector) particularly. It is considered to be safe and eco-friendly for a normal use on the textile substrate.

* General end use: *

  • Home textile and furnishing fabrics.
  • Outdoor Nets and tent fabrics.
  • Defence Uniforms.

Other uses:

  • STINGFREE-MSQ can be effectively used against biting flies, biting midges, black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fleas, gnat, horse flies, no-see-urns, sand flies, small flying insects, stable flies and ticks.


  • STINGFREE-MSQ is effective on Cellulosics, wool and its blends with synthetics.
  • The finishing hand imparted by STINGFREE-MSQ is soft & leaves no undesirable odour.
  • The mosquito repellency remains 100% effective for repeated home laundry washes, when used with special polymeric lattice developed for the purpose, such as TEXLINK-NR. Its use with Cationic products should be done after due consideration and small pre bulk trials, before its bulk use, advises the company For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:

Xecutor-MSQ a durable insect killer for textile application

ASSOCIATED CHEMICALS’ R&D team at Mumbai has developed a durable Insect Killer for Textile Application viz. Xecutor-MSQ. Xecutor-MSQ is an extremely effective Insect killer primarily, which also performs as an excellent mosquito repellent. Xecutor-MSQ can be effectively used against biting flies, biting midges, black flies, chiggers, deer flies, fleas, gnat, horse

flies, no-see-urns, sand flies, small flying insects, stable flies and ticks, ants, spider besides mosquitoes. Product highlights are:

  • Finish stable to light.
  • Offers durable protection against mosquitoes and other  biting insects.
  • Non irritating or sensitizing.
  • Low toxicity to mammals.
  • Is effective on Cellulosics, Synthetics and its blends, as well.
  • The handle imparted by Xecutor-MSQ is soft to Medium Soft.
  • The mosquito repellency remains 100% effective upto atleast 20 Home Laundry washes, when applied correctly with an accompanying speciality Polymer adduct, on most of the substrates.

For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:

Xtrablue-Plus/Conc—Non Silicone Based Depth

Enhancer ASSOCIATED CHEMICALS’ R&D team at Mumbai has developed a non-Silicone Based depth Enhancer viz. Xtrablue-Plus/Conc Xtrablue-Plus/Conc is specially designed to impart an excellent durable colour deepening effect to various kinds of fabrics a Distinct blue tone effect. It has excellent effect on 100% cotton & cotton rich substrate. The product highlights are:

  • Used as a colour deepening agent Primarily for Cellulosics, specially cotton.
  • A Non Silicone Based Depth Enhancer.
  • Allows the fabric to be dyed with shades lower than their saturated concentration (especially & blues) as it enhances depth of the shade to the desired level without affecting its wash or rubbing fastness. In other words Xtrablue-Plus/Conc helps in correcting the depth of the shade.
  • Improves the brightness of the fabric remarkably.
  • Imparts outstanding colour deepening effects. The colour depth can increase by 15-25% compared to the untreated fabric that has dark, navy blue or green colour.
  • Provides reasonable good softness.
  • Does not impair wet or dry rubbing fastness.
  • Achieves durable colour yield and softness properties that have higher resistance to washing, dry cleaning and rubbing. Does not cause uneven colour shade on fabrics.
  • Does not impair fabric physical properties, especially tear strength and abrasion resistance.
  • Good compatibility with finish bath components such as durable press resins, various types of other finishing adjuncts. For further information, please visit Associated Chemical’s website:

Nano Textiles to analyze sweat for health monitoring

A collaborative research at University of Pennsylvania and Drexel endeavors to develop wearable textiles that monitor wearer’s health by analyzing sweat.

The project incorporates nano yarn structures that can be knitted to form comfortable fabrics. The nano yarns in the fabric, by chemically analyzing the sweat from the wearer changes its color as a way to monitor the wearer’s health condition. According to the researchers, the nano yarns should resemble spiracles which are in the abdomen of insects or xylem in plants. These tiny pore structures modeled after biological beings will enable transport and make the fabrics comfortable. Nano structures are coated on their inside with chemistries which can change color based on sweat analysis.

The team envisions using fluorescent dyes and coloring changing liquid crystals to impart functionality.

The project involves the groups of Professors Shu Yang and Randall Kamien from University of Pennsylvania and Genevieve Dion from Drexel University. The Keck Future Initiative has supported the work, which has so far resulted in hand knitted braid involving function nano yarns to analyze sweat.

It is becoming apparent that wearable textiles is a multidisciplinary field and more and more such developments are coming from nontraditional textile R& D base.

Tanatex launches clay based scouring & bleaching agent

TANATEX Chemicals has launched what it calls the ultimate sustainable and natural product, Tannex Tergeo, a clay based scouring and bleaching agent for bleaching of cellulosic fibres and blends.

Tannex Tergeo is a high performance mineral that offers detergency, wetting, sequestering, stabilisation, and lubrication in one single product, while enabling low substrate loss. “Tannex Tergeo offers pretreatment performance for H2O2 bleaching that reaches the highest standards by using very gentle treatment,” the Netherlands based company said. “This results in the same or even better degree of optical bright by minimal loss of weight and strength, while offering lubrication and running properties that enable unheard of uniformity,” it observed. According to Tanatex, clay is a natural product that replaces a significant amount of chemicals and excavating and processing it costs just a fraction of the energy that’s needed for producing oil-based products. “Textile producers that demand top class hydrophilicity can now reach this standard with gentle treatment and an eco- friendly natural product,” CEO Marco de Koning said.

Nanotex partners Cotton Inc. to develop Dry Inside technology

SUPPLIER of nanotechnology based textile enhancements Nanotex has partnered Cotton Inc. to develop and launch

Nanotex Dry Inside technology for cotton apparels. Nanotex Dry Inside applies a technical application to the back of the fabric, allowing moisture to move away from the body through invisible channels. “Once moved from the inside to the outside of the garment, the moisture spreads and evaporates more readily; leaving the wearer dry and comfortable without clogging the fabric weave,” Nanotex explained. The patented technology enables effective moisture transfer away from the skin, eliminating dampness and chaffing in 100 percent cotton apparel.

“This is done, while maintaining the additional comfort aspects of garments made from the natural fibre,” the US based company said. “The processing technology enables cotton to effectively compete with synthetic fibre made clothing in the active and athleisure markets,” it added. According to Nanotex, extensive testing at Cotton Inc. laboratories showed that Nanotex Dry Inside outperformed 100 percent polyester and untreated cotton in one-way moisture transport and cling.

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