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Excerpt: The detailed report on all the newly invented and the current ongoing research and development on products in chemical industry

Hydrosoft-HVF from Sarex

Silicone emulsions are known to produce far superior handle than any other organic softeners. Polysiloxane backbone modification using methyl, hydroxyl group imparts varying softness with different comfort properties. Enhanced requirements of retailers were fulfilled by amino silicones introduced decades ago.

Keeping the future quest of retailers for supersoft touch, Sarex's innovation cell has introduced a new silicone backbone to fulfill this need and for a platinum touch i.e. Hydrosoft-HVF.

This product offers better bending length, superior gliding and pliability, and better reduction in rigidity of the fabric with the added advantage of better evaporation rate. It yields superior touch than liquid cotton finish, besides imparting a cool touch to the fabric.

Recent tests

On neutral evaluation, Hydrosoft-HVF imparted lower crispness(SHARI) and higher drapability than conventional aminosilicones as per Kawabata evaluation system. It also imparts maximum fullness and softness(Fukurami). Hydrosoft-HVF finished fabric gave Total Hand Volume (THV) much higher than conventional aminosilicone finished fabrics.

Unique features of Hydrosoft-HVF

  • Shear stable hence spot free

  • Hydrophilic- comfort wear

  • Imparts excellent Inner softness as well as surface smoothness to the fabric

Ascojet-DRT from Associated Chemicals

Associated Chemicals has introduced silicone based defoaming agent Ascojet-DRT


  • Based on non conventional technology for preparation of siloxane defoaming emulsions.

  • Stable to high shear forces leading to suitability for jet / soft flow m/c's .

  • High temperature stable.

  • Stable to high wide range of pH. (Manufacturer would assist you in the related data on request)

  • Superior to conventionally made siloxane defoamers in terms of better shelf life / better stability to wide range of shear forces, temperature and pH.

  • Works effectively as a defoamer and anti-foaming agent , depending on sequence of its addition.


  • ASCOJET-DRT is suggested for processes where foaming leads to M/C stoppages, Scouring, Dyeing and Fabric entanglements.

  • ASCOJET-DRT is effective in a wide variety of industrial processes, like textile finishing, latex processing, petroleum refining, and leather finishing and so on.

  • ASCOJET-DRT can be added in calculated amounts when the batch is prepared and it effectively prevents the formation of foam. It is also effective in breaking the already formed foam.

  • ASCOJET-DRT being inert and effective in small quantities, minimizes possibilities of fabric and M/C contaminations.

For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:

Ascocat-DYG from Associated Chemicals

Associated Chemicals has introduced a cotton modifier for salt free dyeing the pathbreaker

Ascocat-DYG can be applied through most of the commonly used m/c's and methods such as Jet, liquor Circulating Dyeing Machines, package dyeing machines, and by cold pad batch, pad steam and exhaust application techniques.

Knits, wovens, yarn, cotton staple fibers, raw cotton, garments and terry towels can be modified with Ascocat-DYG.

Environmental advantages

  • Leads to salt free dyeing resulting in negligible salt content in effluent.

  • Helps to eliminate the use of dye fixatives depending upon chemistry of dyestuffs.

  • Lower colour content of effluent simplifies effluent treatment.

  • Biodegradable and practically non-toxic to aquatic organisms.

Product highlights

  • Pretreatment with Ascocat-DYG results in deeper, fuller shades to be dyed, with 25%–35% less dye.

  • Practically 100% dye bath exhaustion achieved.

  • Cost advantages with reference to machine clean-up (lower or negligible staining of machine parts by dyes).

  • Consumes less energy and water through lower washing off cycles due to higher fixation of dyes and lower amounts of unfixed dye in exhaust liquor.

  • Cotton pretreated with ASCOCAT-DYG requires fewer rinses, resulting in significantly lower water consumption, lower colour content of effluent, and increased productivity followed by possibilities of reuse of processed water.

  • Automatic reduction in the effluent load.

  • Does not contribute to TDS(lower TDS due to low or negligible amount of salt)

For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:

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