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Excerpt: Here are the latest product news and updates or launches in paints and coatings industry

Troy showcases new technologies at CHINACOAT 2018

Troy Corporation exhibited its advanced products and unique value-added services available at recent CHINACOAT 2018 Exhibition in Guangzhou, China.

Set a Course for More Solutions

Visitors to the Troy exhibit learnt how Troy can deliver optimum performance and value through exceptional technical service and the use of advanced products, some of which have been developed specifically for humid climates in Asia.

“Troy is dedicated to manufacturers in China, Asia, and beyond. We will continue to develop the products that enable our customers to succeed in their markets,” says Don Shaw, Senior Vice President, AMEAI & Regulatory Affairs. “With a broad line of innovative, high performance dry-film preservatives, wet-state preservatives, and performance additives, Troy offers manufacturers the opportunity to exceed their performance goals and achieve cost savings at the same time,” continues Shaw.

Premier Portfolio of Preservatives

Troy showcased its latest preservatives technology. “Troy is a global leader in 'green' chemistry, offering sustainable, zero VOC, low carbon footprint products which complement the ongoing initiatives in China for an improved environment,” says Shaw. Troy has a full portfolio of advanced preservatives that comply with the New China Green Label requirements, including Mergal 786, Polyphase PW40, and Troysan V662. These innovative preservatives are highly efficient, highly concentrated products featuring optimum efficacy at very low use levels, offering formulators low cost-in-use and minimized carbon footprint.

Performance Additives

Troy also featured its new Troysperse ZWD 'green' pigment dispersants for aqueous systems. Troysperse ZWD dispersants promote excellent pigment dispersion at low use levels for optimal cost-in-use, and are environmentally friendly. The full line of Powdermate powder coating additives engineered for a wide range of applications – from automotive and clear coats to general industrial – was also displayed..

World-Class Technical Services

Troy is also known for its unique technical services. The company's extensive worldwide field testing service, which puts Troy preservatives to the test in diverse microbial and climatic conditions. Troy maintains numerous field testing sites worldwide, including many sites in Asia, to ensure dependable film protection in end-use coatings. Sartomer Asia develops new polyester acrylates for Coatings and Inks

Sartomer, a business unit of Arkema developed a new polyester acrylate which are ideal for UV/EB inks and coatings applications because they promote high reactivity, excellent pigment wetting and advanced adhesion.

"Polyester acrylate oligomers offer enhanced performance in UV/EB curing applications when compared to epoxy acrylate oligomers and are cost-effective alternatives to urethane acrylates," said Julie Zhou. "Polyester acrylates allow for a low yellowing, high-quality UV/EB resin, and they have the added benefit of being easier to handle." UV/EB curing specialist Julie Zhou from Sartomer, gave a technical seminar on the properties of newly developed polyester acrylates at the recent Chinacoat 2018.

Julie Zhou joined Sartomer Asia in 2013 and manages UV-cure technology for applications including electronics, inks, adhesives and various coatings.

Sartomer experts also feature latest advancements in UV/EB curing solutions for adhesives, specialty coatings, graphic arts and 3D printing at Arkema booth.

BYK Team wins ALTANA innovation award 2018 for new additive product line

The specialty chemicals company ALTANA presented the ALTANA Innovation Award for the seventh time. This year, the redevelopment of specific additives was awarded. As an international team of the BYK division, Byungdu Bae, Dr. Marc Eberhardt, Mark Heekeren and Dr. Guillaume Jaunky developed a new family of hydrophilic additives based on advanced technologies and, most notably, brought the flagship BYK-3560 from the lab onto the market. The product series is highly innovative due to the fact that it offers completely new solutions for recoatability in multilayered systems.

“We are pleased to honor outstanding teamwork and state-of-the-art technology with the ALTANA Innovation Award again this year. Taking a completely new approach, the winners were able to establish an innovative product family of hydrophilic additives on the market. As a result, BYK's leading position in this segment is further supported,” said Dr. Petra Severit, CTO ALTANA AG.

Various unresolved issues with recoatability were the drivers and motivation for developing new products with new technical solutions. With BYK-3560 the team took a new, innovative path by drastically increasing the surface energy of coatings and thus significantly improving the adhesion of subsequent coats. “We are proud to have secured a further competitive edge for BYK with our innovative additive product series and thus successfully positioned ourselves for the future,” said Dr. Guillaume Jaunky from the winning BYK team.

From left to right: Dr. Juergen Omeis (ALTANA AG), Dr. Marc Eberhardt (BYK-Chemie GmbH), Mark Heekeren (BYK-Chemie GmbH), Dr. Petra Severit (ALTANA AG), Dr. Guillaume Jaunky (BYK-Chemie GmbH), Jeong-sik Shin (BYK Korea LLC), Dr. Horst Sulzbach (BYK-Chemie GmbH) (Mr. Jeong-sik Shin representing the Korea team in the absence of Mr. Byungdu Bae)

The BYK Team prevailed against 14 strong teams from the four ALTANA divisions. The submitted projects were evaluated based on different criteria. The innovative strength of the projects played a role, as well as the economic advantage that the company can gain from the implementation.

BYK-Gardner user meetings 2018 The Insider Tip for CLASS A quality control of automotive exterior finishes

On November 7/ 8, 2018 BYK-Gardner known for innovative QC solutions for color, appearance and physical properties conducted its 9th US User Meeting in Dearborn, MI and two weeks later on November 25 / 26, 2018 its 12th European User meeting in Heidelberg, Germany. The theme of both meeting was "Color and Appearance Harmony" using BYK-Gardner's measurement solutions to achieve Class A surface quality.

Over 100 participants from the automotive industry including paint and part suppliers exchanged their experience with best practices and new approaches to visually evaluate and instrumentally control Color and Appearance of solid and effect finishes. Speakers from several automotive companies and their entire supply chain presented a variety of topics:

Objective data analysis to optimize color & appearance quality

  • Influences on effect pigments in coating systems. Examples based on several experiments by Werner Rudolf Cramer, Consultant
  • How Black is Black – Jetness analysis by BYK-Chemie, Dr Jörg Achterkamp and Brent Laurenti
  • Dissecting Orange Peel – A Process Oriented Approach by Mike Bonner, St. Clair Systems
  • Don't generate a wave – Effect pigments and wave-scan by Dr. Andrea Fetz, Eckart GmbH
  • Use of the Fingerprint Method to test for application robustness of coatings by Dr. Karl Dössel, Orontec GmbH

Visual and instrumental color and effect control

  • Color Differences in Standard Gray Scales for Color Change: Influence of the Viewing Angle by Dr Manuel Melgosa, Departmento de Óptica, Facultad de Ciencias, Universidad de Granada, 18071 Granada
  • Visual and instrument assessments with discussion of new color systems BASF Coatings, Dr Carlos Vignolo and BYK-Gardner GmbH, Konrad Lex
  • Practical considerations for visual and instrumental analysis by Stuart Kendall Scott and Maika Spreeman, BASF Coatings
  • The Creation of Total Color Appearance, Masayuki Osumi, Office Color Science Co
  • Definition of a measurement scale of graininess from reflectance and visual measurements by Dr. Esther Perales and Dr. Francisco Martínez-Verdú, University of Alicante

New Understanding of Appearance

  • A new method to analyze wave-scan raw data with FFT provides numbers that are in very good agreement with perceptional data derived from various visual assessments, Thomas Dauser Audi AG

Digitalization to CLOSE THE LOOP

  • Challenges for automated quality measurements and intelligent ways for modern paint processes by Hans Jürgen Multhammer, ASIS GmbH
  • Color Harmony through Data Share by Mary Brooks and Jeana Chinn, Ventra and Shawn Dvonch, Ford Motor Corporation
  • Smart data acquisition and transformation into Information to support Optimal Decision Making: Mike Coulthard, General Motors Corporation
  • Statistical Process Control of Color by John Seymour, John the Math Guy LLC
  • Integrative coating concepts in the context of digitalization by Fabian Müller, Karl Wörwag Lack- und Farbenfabrik

New mobility concepts

  • The Future of transportation mobility and its effect on coatings, color, and pigments by Chris Seubert, Ford Motor Company

Working as a team – benchmark studies

  • Mission Accomplished through Team Work – It Takes a Team…to Coordinate a Benchmarking Survey, Linda Gerhardt, GM Vehicle Systems, Tracey Moorer, Fiat Chrysler Association and Rae Roby, BYK-Gardner USA

BYK-Gardner presented their latest product developments, which were developed in partnership with key players from the automotive industry and their supply chain:

  • New byko-spectra pro: Light boot with CLASS A daylight D65
  • New spectro2guide: Color spectrophotometer with smallest fluorimeter integrated to predict color stability
  • New project to objectively measure color, gloss and surface texture

A combination of practical applications to consider for correlating visual and instrumental data, real new developments in the field of color and appearance and the opportunity to meet and exchange information with experts make this event a real insider tip in the automotive industry.

Further information is available from BYK-Gardner GmbH, P.O. Box 970, 82534 Geretsried, Germany: By fax: +49-8171-3493-140, the free service no. 0-800-gardner (0-800-4273637) or on the Internet at

Coatex showcases its new waterborne additives

With other BUs of the Arkema Group, Coatex highlighted its thickeners and dispersing additives at the recent CHINACOAT. Coatex, a specialist in rheology, revealed its solutions for low VOC waterborne formulations.

The design of new rheology additives is driven by the growing trends of the downstream industries, automotive & industrial, furniture & flooring or architectural coatings. Coatex offers a full range of waterborne rheology modifiers for formulating a wide variety of these high-performance coatings. The team presented its new solutions including:

New wetting dispersant

  • Coadis 790, a new non-ionic polymeric dispersant for industrial coatings, inks and pigment pastes
  • Coapur 2501, newtonian for improved leveling and high gloss systems Coapur 520 W, balanced for low spattering decorative paints, enamels, inks and adhesives
  • Coapur XS 83, pseudoplastic to improve sag resistance and pigment compatibility in industrial coatings

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