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Excerpt: Here are the Product updates from the textile Industry across the world

Reathick-PDR from Sarex

Reathick-PDR from Sarex is a sodium alginate substitute available in powder form for Reactive printing on cellulosic substrates. It exhibit prints with high brightness, high brilliance and high permeability. It has excellent permeability with uniform colour yield. It gives much better and cleaner print than sodium alginate. It is suitable for both, Flat and Rotary screen printing.

Unique features:

 Excellent permeability  High brightness, high brilliance with uniform colour yield

Recommend procedure

Reathick-PDR : 3-5%

Sodium bicarbonate : 4%

Super R Salt : 1-2%

Water : balance quantity

Reactive dye Solution : As per the requirement

Note: The dosages of thickener and auxiliaries can be adjusted according to actual practice.

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Beaulieu Fibres International UltraBond finalist for prestigious essenscia Innovation Award 2019

Beaulieu Fibres International, Europe's largest producer of polyolefin fibres, was nominated for the 2019 essenscia Innovation Award for its recently introduced UltraBond fibre.

The Award

The biannual award is the most prestigious prize for industrial innovation in Belgium. Created by essenscia, the Belgian Federation for Chemistry and Life Sciences industries, it aims to promote innovations in the Belgian industry and encourages companies to invest even more in innovative and sustainable products and applications. During the evaluation of the nominated innovation projects, the jury assesses their link with chemistry, life sciences and materials, their contribution to sustainable development, their intellectual property management strategy as well as their added value for the economy.

The Product

Formally introduced in early 2019, UltraBond is a patented polyolefin bonding staple fibre that eliminates the need for latex or other chemical binders to bond nonwovens. It enables carpet manufacturers to create 100% PP needlepunch carpets that meet the same performance requirements as traditional constructions, while also reducing end-of-life environmental impact.

UltraBond helps manufacturers make a significant contribution to the circular economy through the production of 100% recyclable carpets. In addition to making recycled PP available for the plastics production chain and reduced waste generation, their total lack of water use and reduced energy use result in significant environmental advantages and financial savings. There is also a reduction in the VOC level of the carpet. This all leads to a significant reduction in a needlepunch carpet's ecological footprint to the tune of a 35% reduction in CO2 emissions during the full production process.

Karena Cancilleri, Vice President Engineered Products for Beaulieu International Group, commented: “We are extremely proud to be nominated for this award, and I would like to thank essenscia for formally recognizing our efforts to introduce this significant change for our industry. Innovation is a key focus for our business to differentiate and to remain competitive on a global scale. This is also why we have invested €10 million in new production capacity and employment opportunities in Belgium.”

Ms Cancilleri added: “Today's carpet industry is looking for a greener, more cost-effective production process, without reducing performance levels. We see textile flooring as just the beginning. Together with our customers, we look forward to exploring the potential of this unique thermal bonding fibre in other applications such as laminated nonwovens or as an alternative to dry powders.”

Further information from: Valérie Bouckaert Beaulieu International Group Tel: +32 477 82 05 13

New X-Rite Color iMatch release accelerates color formulation for textiles

X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science and technology, and Pantone LLC, announced a new release of Color iMatch formulation software that accelerates color development for the paint and coatings, plastics and textile industries through better initial matches and fewer corrections.

The new version features a smarter multi-flux matching engine with a revolutionary new search and correct algorithm that enables better utilization of legacy data. With Color iMatch, lab managers and formulation professionals can streamline complicated workflows and deliver better color matches in fewer steps for faster formulation times, cost savings and reduced waste.

“In today's just-in-time manufacturing environment, the first plastic, coating or textile supplier to deliver the best color match to a customer's bid often secures the business,” said Richard Knapp, Product Manager, X-Rite and Pantone. “Speed and accuracy are essential – even as larger color palettes, complex materials and effect finishes add time to the formulation process. We have redesigned the formulation engine in Color iMatch to significantly improve initial match and correction performance, which can cut the number of steps in half to get an approved color match. This provides a significant competitive advantage to resin, colorant, pigment and dye suppliers helping them to submit bids quickly and win new business.” The new version of Color iMatch release features: Industry-leading multi- flux formulation engine that identifies the best candidate formulas, provides specific formulation guidance, and incorporates leftover materials to work off waste. This increases the initial match rate by up to 50 percent, cuts correction steps in half and reduces waste.

New Search and Correct algorithm that uses proprietary search metrics to more accurately identify candidate formulas containing the most likely colorant combinations for more rapid formula convergence. Optimize legacy data with colorant performance indicators and history-based dynamic correction factors to improve formulation and reduce the number of correction steps.

Aprolube – TSIM

Tear strength improver

Aprolube - TSIM is a speciality finishing chemical from Associated Chemicals for improving Tear Strength of the woven and knitted fabric. It is a synthetic lubricant based finishing Agent. It is an extremely economical alternative for the currently available synthetic polymer emulsion


  • Can be effectively used in resin finishing bath for tear strength & DP improvement.
  • Non-yellowing.
  • Improves tear strength of the knitted/woven fabrics.
  • Imparts much higher tear Strength to the substrate compared to the contempary available products.
  • Can be used by Pad & exhaust method as well.

For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:


Ascodye-LDML from Associated Chemicals is a Combo of low Foaming, Leveling, Dispersing, Migrating and Lubricating Agent for Polyester and Its Blends. It is a all in one product for dyeing of polyester and its blends


  1. Simplifies the process of separate additions of Leveling ,Dispersing & Lubricating Agent.
  2. Enhances dye migration and levelling leading to uniform dyeing.
  3. Accelerates dye diffusion specially at temperatures above 100°C.
  4. Promotes coverage of material induced barriness.
  5. Enhances removal of oligomers from fibre surface.
  6. Helps migration of dye from dark dyed areas to lighter dyed areas on fabric leading to uniform and level dyeing, normally termed as Relevelling.
  7. Retards dye uptake in initial stages of dyeing leading to level and on-tone build up of dye.

For further information, please visit Associated Chemical's website:

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