Safety Seminar cum Workshop at D.E.Society Technical Institute on Emergency First Aid

Excerpt: The safety of industrial workers is the main focus of all industrial activities as they are backbone and main asset of the organization.

A FULL day workshop on "Emergency First Aid' was held on 15th December 2018 at D.E.Society Technical Institute Auditorium. Industrial safety has assumed paramount importance today. The safety of industrial workers is the main focus of all industrial activities as they are backbone and main asset of the organization. To create awareness of safety, avoid recurrence of accidents and in case any accident happens to decide which type of first aid to be given to avoid further complications, first aid training is essential. First aid is the assistance given to any person suffering a sudden illness or injury, with care provided to preserve life, prevent the condition from worsening, or to promote recovery It is mandatory as Provisions of rule no.77 of MFR, 1963 prescribed under Section 45 Of The FA, 1948.

This workshop was organised for the target group workforce, manpower & students who deals with safety. The workshop commenced with welcome speech of Prof. V R Bhide(Senior Safety Professional) who elaborated the background concept to organise this workshop & its significance for working professional. Prof Bhide explained what is safety ? Why it is needed & what are topics & contents for first aid. In ADIS (Advance Diploma in Industrial Safety) syllabus, topic on First Aid is included.

After Prof.V.R.Bhide, Dr.Vijay Bade, qualified and approved certifying Surgeon gave training including practical & live demonstration of CPR.

The training covered the following areas:

Primarily life-threatening emergencies: CPR, bleeding, choking and other life-threatening medical emergencies, bandaging, burns; poisons, bites and stings; eye injuries; head and neck injuries; wound care; and multiple casualty management.

Dr. R.H.Dongre, Head TIP, felicitated Dr. Vijay Bade. Speaking on the occasion, Dr R.H.Dongare said that the knowledge gained today will be useful not only for the presnt but also useful all the way & all along the life. He appreciated & congratulated Dr.Vijay Bade for his excellent presentation & practical demonstration on First Aid

Such types of seminars are useful to managers, supervisors and workers working on shop floor said by Mr. Pankaj Shah, Spectrum Safety Council. He gave an appeal to give articles & writeups on safety in column "Safety Corner in PAINTINDIA

Certifying surgeon Dr. Vijay Bade & Dr. R.H.Dongre, awarded Certificates to all participants which is valid for three years. Mr Sangawar B.S. coordinated the event.

The workshop was much appreciated by all safety students, professionals & delegates who enjoyed the program with live demonstration.

The programme concluded with vote of thanks by Prof.V.R.Bhide and with interaction among the delegates.

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