Spectrum Safety Council Seminar: Risk assessment in Paint & Coating Industry

Excerpt: A full day seminar cum workshop on the theme 'Risk Assessment in Paint & Coating Industry' was organized by the Spectrum Safety Council at TIP Auditorium, Pune.

A full day seminar cum workshop on the theme 'Risk Assessment in Paint & Coating Industry' was organized by the Spectrum Safety Council at TIP Auditorium, Pune. The Seminar was the contribution of Spectrum Safety Council towards generating safety awareness & safety management strategies in the industry.

Dr R.H.Dongre ( Head TIP) welcomed the delegates at the inaugural function & felicitated chief guest Dr.S.T.Lonkar.(Director-Pune Envirocare). Later the safety oath was given by Prof.V.R.Bhide (Senior Safety Counsultant) to all dignitaries & delegates

In his welcoming lecture Dr.R.H.Dongre(Head TIP) talked about the importance of risk assessment in paint & coating industry. Risk analysis is necessary to be done in a systematic manner by considering all aspects covering men, machine and all event related to hazards due to human error or failure of any of operation essential to eliminate accidents.

Hon.Chief Guest Dr.S.T.Lonkar (Director-Pune Enviro-care), in his keynote address focused on environment protection & pollution control by industries. He also discussed about impact of industries and the need for preventive maintenance thro risk assessment. He specified that safety is of prime importance whether the industry is small or big. He appreciated Spectrum Safety Council for its efforts and contribution towards safety awareness.

Mr.Pankaj Shah (Convener) briefed about Spectrum Safety Council's present activities & future perception to develop safety culture in industry & focus on Zero Accident and to know about accident prone areas as also to create safety awareness. Risk Assessment & Risk Analysis is very much essential to achieve this motive.

In pre lunch session, Prof V.R.Bhide (senior Safety Counsultant) mentioned in his speech about the Risk assessment thro the valuable concept of Layer of Protection Analysis( LOPA). He explained about what is LOPA? Layers of protection analysis (LOPA) is a powerful analytical tool for assessing the adequacy of protection layers used to mitigate process risk. LOPA builds upon well-known process hazards analysis techniques, applying semi-quantitative measures to the evaluation of the frequency of potential incidents and the probability of failure of the protection layers.

Mr.Satish Chavan(ex D.M. Tata Motors Ltd) explained in his presentation about Behavioral based Safety thro graphical presentation. He told about what is behavioural safety & how does this safety works? He explained Henrich's Law for Behavioral Based Safety(BBS)

This pre lunch session was very much appreciated, due to actual case study by Mr.Sanjay Angel (senior manager-Tata Motors-supplier quality) & Mr. Appa Patil (DM-supplier Quality).They explained about safety measures and related preventive maintenance. Mr.B.S.Sangwar(safety professional) & Mr Milind Dolhare & Mr. Kishore Jere (senior paint professionals) expressed their views about safety & risk assessment involved in paint manufacturing.

The post lunch session was also equally interesting because of Audio Video presentation related to personal protective equipments, behavioral safety, fire safety, laboratory safety etc.

Mr Hemant Marathe(Voyave Air Purification System & Equipments) in his lecture discussed about VOC Analysis and air purification with equipment demonstration.

Mr.Subhash Randive (ex Joint Director-Department of Health & Safety-Maharashtra govt.) gave excellent talk on Safety Rules, Regulations and Factories Acts. A safety quiz was conducted among the participants & token of appreciation given to winners. Certificates of participation was issued by Council.

Dr.R.H.Dongre proposed the vote of thanks to chief guest, delegates, organiser & coordinators. Mr.Satish Chavan thanked all delegates for their active participation & was encouraged to organise such remarkable event for safety awareness.

The Seminar was concluded with safety wishes & networking.