Wires and Cables ... a huge opportunity for our Polymer Industry

Excerpt: There are multiple end-use segments that are shoring up the fortunes of our polymer industry.

There are multiple end-use segments that are shoring up the fortunes of our polymer industry. These range from varied sectors like automotive, packaging, white goods and the larger infrastructure chunk, which in turn comprises of sub-segments like pipes, profiles, etc. One of the vastly under-leveraged segments here is the wire and cable segment.

Accompanying the growth in both the residential and commercial segment, as also the cross-country infrastructure segment is the wire and cable segment. It is not merely the volume need but also the need for materials with better quality and special properties like flame-retardancy etc which makes this a segment that our industry needs to pay special attention to. It is also the diversity of materials that find application here right from PVC to XLPE, and from TPEs to Nylons which makes the potential growth in this sector for our polymer industry multi-dimensional.

This is a segment that we at Popular Plastics and Packaging have addressed at various times as a function of other subjects like PVC, Construction, Flame-Retardant Polymers, etc. However, this industry now deserves its own stand-alone importance and it is something we have been working hard towards developing. We are now pleased to share that our maiden effort in this direction now has a concrete shape. This comes in the form of our conference on Polymers in Cables and Wires (PCW). This conference will be held concurrent to the Wire and Cable 2016 Exhibition (the leading one of its kind in India) on 7th October 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Centre on the same show-floor, and is an effort jointly conducted with Messe Dusseldorf India, the organisers of the Exhibition. The event is conceptualised and designed to harbour an interaction across the entire cables & wires polymer supply chain. We will have expert speakers from across the globe addressing subjects on innovation and commercial relevance to the polymer industry as a function of their application, usage and value-addition in the wire and cable space.

The timing and co-location of the event will ensure a closer connect to the event with the relevant audiences from across the country. We will continue to keep you posted on this, and look forward to your keen engagement and support on this, as has been the case with all our other efforts.

Dilip Raghavan Publisher

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