Excerpt: The event also marks the start of a collaboration which is expected to significantly accelerate sustainable chemical management uptake across the Asia region.

China InterDye 2019 and Collaboration with the Asia Dyestuff Industry Federation (ADIF)

DURING the 2019 China InterDye exhibition the China Dyestuff Industry Association (CDIA), the Asia Dyestuff Industry Federation (ADIF) and ZDHC organised a joint information event, which included the announcement of ADIF joining ZDHC as Contributor.

The event also marks the start of a collaboration which is expected to significantly accelerate sustainable chemical management uptake across the Asia region.

The new partnership between ADIF and ZDHC will centre around a standardised way to manage input chemistry in the textile and leather sectors and to reinforce the importance of harmonised tools and implementation approaches on sustainable chemical management across the supply chains. Other key aspects of the collaboration will include awareness raising and knowledge exchange, as well as innovation and best practice showcases from the dyestuff producers in Asia.

ADIF is the representation of dyestuff associations and manufacturers in the Asia region, which accounts for 80% of the dyestuff production capacity worldwide.

ZDHC Partners with Kingpins Show on Exhibitor Criteria

ZDHC has deepened its collaboration with Kingpins, the leading denim sourcing show. Kingpins announced earlier this year that all exhibitors of the Show would have to meet or exceed certain specified sustainability standards by the end of 2020. ZDHC will be the required approach for sustainable chemical management, and they will jointly define the required progress levels of ZDHCconformity and ZDHC tool usage, such as the Gateway and Academy, for denim exhibitors. The collaboration with Kingpins extends to practical improvement support for the sector through the Implementation HUB and showcasing best sustainable and innovative practices.

ZDHC Gateway Demo Webinars

ZDHC willcontinuouslyhost a series of webinars for formulators and suppliers about the ZDHC Gateway - Chemical Module and the Wastewater Module, and for brands, suppliers and labs the Wastewater Guidelines, in Chinese.

The schedule of the webinars and registration links is as follows:https://www.roadmaptozero.com/events/webinars

The Open Apparel Registry has launched!

THE Open Apparel Registry (OAR) is an open source tool which maps garment facilities worldwide and assigns a unique ID number to each. To view the map of garment facilities worldwide and/or contribute a supplier list, visit www.openapparel.org !


Early Bird Discount extended: SAC & ZDHC Manufacturer Forum at ITMA

FOLLOWING Mexico City, the next SAC & ZDHC Manufacturer Forum will be held in Barcelona. The Forum will take place on Friday, June 21, and all interested industry stakeholders and supply chain partners are welcome to participate. The focus will be on the value and implementation of chemical and environmental management.

Important Note: The Manufacturer Forum will be held during ITMA and All participants Must have a valid pass for ITMA 2019 in order to access the Manufacturer Forum. As a SAC & ZDHC Forum attendee, you will receive a discount of 60% for your ITMA pass at just €50. This pass is valid for 7 days of ITMA. Sponsorship packages are available! Please contact meetings@zdhc.org.

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