10-May-2022 01:36

Procurement in the Chemical industry

The chemical industry is a critical sector of the global economy. It is responsible for producing a wide range of products used in manufacturing, construction, Healthcare and other industries. The raw materials required for making these products accounts for a large proportion of the total cost of producing chemicals.

Processes are streamlined based on the purity and impurity profiles of the raw materials, and small deviations can lead to poor quality of the finished product. So, supply sources have to be carefully chosen. It is therefore important to connect with the right suppliers and manage your entire procurement process well to make sure you get the right materials in time and at the best possible prices.

This can be difficult to do when you are doing it offline as you will have to interact with hundreds of suppliers for hundreds of products you need to buy every month. You need an efficient and transparent system to manage the process.

A well-functioning procurement process can save companies time and money. It can also help them to build better relationships with suppliers, which can lead to increased innovation and collaboration. It enables businesses to get the best prices for their products, while still ensuring that they meet all safety and quality requirements.

Chemarc's procurement platform is designed to help chemical companies get the best deals from suppliers. It is a transparent system that helps to manage the process efficiently and can reduce procurement costs by 8%.

The Chemarc automated secure and confidential Procure-to-Pay solution enables you to:

- Get your own secure buying dashboard

- Send inquiries to multiple suppliers and get competitive quotations

- Negotiate better prices and terms with suppliers

- Place orders and track material delivery

- Pay suppliers in a secure and confidential manner

- Data capture at each stage for analysis

This entire process happens in one place providing not only the best price discovery but also complete supply chain visibility.

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